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Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series
Advance the way
communication works
Documents are at the heart of business communications, connecting people with
information and each other. They inform, influence and inspire.
Introducing the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series, powerful new black-and-white
multifunction devices with exceptional output speeds, improved image quality and workflow
efficiency for the bottom-line results that are so critical in document heavy environments.
The devices are ideally suited to a wide range of sectors, that demand high volumes of
black and white documents, including public sector, education, legal, sales administration
and finance.
Transforming Document Communication
Complementing the Document Lifecycle
In today’s highly competitive global workplace, it’s
imperative that documents can be securely stored yet
shared and published quickly and efficiently within
The modern, sleek and compact styling of the
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series sets
each device apart from its contemporaries. Beneath the
surface lies a depth of innovative thinking that redefines
the role of a multifunction device.
With the ground-breaking Canon imageRUNNER
ADVANCE 6000 Series, document communication
significantly advances the way organisations interact.
The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series is a
fully integrated document solution designed to
complement every stage of the document lifecycle from
creation to management and output to archive, while
support your security and environmental goals.
in all areas
Ease of Use
Scan Functionality
Achievement in
Ease of Use
The Can
Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series
delivers exceptional quality, high productivity and
unbeata value for money.
Achievement in
Scan Functionality
“According to Gartner’s report, “In your office environment, leverage the
buyer’s market to your advantage by upgrading to more effective smart MFPs
that reduce costs, improve productivity and enhance business processes.”
Source: Gartner, Digital Printing 2010: Commoditization Presages Major Market Changes, 20th January 2010, Pete Basiliere,
Federico De Silva, Vishal Tripathi, Sharon McNee, Ken Weilerstein
Reduce Costs
All organisations strive to reduce and control costs without damaging
performance. Canon provides you with practical and powerful tools to
give you greater control over your processes and help reduce costs. It
also helps identify both tangible and intangible costs you may not have
considered, like reduced need for service or increased uptime.
Integrated Workflows
An integrated workflow plays a critical part in improving workplace
efficiency and productivity. Canon helps you address the practical
requirements needed day to day, in order to get things done more
quickly, accurately and of better quality.
Improved Infrastructure
Without a supported document and print infrastructure, an
organisation cannot function effectively. Canon works to review your
existing print and document infrastructure, and integrate solutions that
will help address immediate needs while keeping overall improvement
and service support top of mind.
Holistic Vision
The actions and ideas that work best in a busy office environment are
those that work in perfect harmony. Canon strives to move your
organisation forward with easy-to-use, advanced technology, whilst
never losing sight of the bigger picture.
Cost Control
Document Efficiency
Image Quality
Device Efficiency
More productive
Unrivalled Productivity
When you have multiple divisions faced with intense workloads, high volume printing and
conflicting deadlines, your organisation needs fast access to secure information, and highly
efficient workflow capabilities to present documents of the highest quality. You also need the
capacity to electronically share crucial data with colleagues.
The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series delivers powerful performance and
versatility to meet the most complex office environments.
Powerful Performance
Create personal workflows
Office environments with everyday pressures demand the
very best. And the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE
6000 Series is just that.
Each device within the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE
6000 Series incorporates a full colour high resolution Thin
Film Transistor (TFT) Control Panel, allowing users to
create their own custom favourites buttons to transform
time-consuming, multi-step tasks into a single step
workflow at the touch of a button.
Native support for PCL and Genuine Adobe PostScript 3
ensure productive processing, even when multi-tasking.
Single pass duplex scanning means scan speeds actually
exceed engine speeds. And whether you’re printing,
copying or scanning, every device maintains optimum
speed for maximum productivity.
These personal workflows speed things up dramatically,
enhancing productivity and reducing the risk of error. So
now you can scan, email, fax and archive in one operation.
don t even need training to set them up.
And you don’t
“Canon is right up there with understanding
connectivity issues in the corporate environment.”
Mr Jeffereys, IT Procurement Manager, Boral Limited.
Start up. Get your documents scanned, printed and
finished faster with shorter warm-up and faster first copy
Scanner. Rapidly convert paper documents from
multiple sources into digital files with Canon’s 300-sheet
capacity, ultra fast single pass duplex document feeder or
auto duplex document feeder.
Send. Move files around the network at an outstanding
pace with Universal Send as well as formats such as High
Compression PDF/XPS that significantly reduce file sizes.
Processing. Rapidly and easily process complex print
Printing and Scanning. Achieve stunning black-andwhite quality at exceptional speeds, and scan documents
in a moment with the high-speed single pass duplex
scanning unit.
Finishing. Create professional finishes using a choice of
modular in-line accessories.
Easily integrate and Maximise efficiency. Readily
save or retrieve files from networked devices. Share
scanners, printers and fax devices within the network to
reduce costs, save time and maximise device output.
Remote ordering. Time critical and high-volume jobs
can run without interruption
on thanks to remote notification
of low-supply inventory and
nd “on-the-fly” paper or toner
“Our Canon imaging solution has saved our staff an incredible
amount of time on data entry. We’ve reduced the workload
significantly and released staff to other work”
John Digby, Stud Book Manager, Australian Jockey Club
More efficient
Produce Documents Efficiently
Maintain the prestige of your corporate brand by producing the highest quality presentations,
reports, manuals and newsletters cost effectively in-house. With the Canon imageRUNNER
ADVANCE 6000 Series, the possibilities are endless. Produce accurate images, consistent
quality and crisp black-and-white results on demand. Then choose from an extensive range of
paper stocks and weights, sorting and insert options, and specialty finishes to meet your needs.
Effective scanning, routing and
collaboration. With the touch of a button,
you can securely digitise paper documents,
store and send them to multiple destinations,
such as email, fax, ftp, Microsoft Sharepoint
and the iW360 Document Server.
Easy retrieval. Store documents for easy
retrieval using Therefore® Document
Management system. You can also easily
control document access, enforce storage
rules, and create digital document workflows
with this easy to use application.
Cutting edge creativity.
Use the powerful iW360 software to
effortlessly combine information from various
sources and formats to create the highest
quality documents.
Create different formats. Produce
documents using a variety of paper weights
and sizes, and create multiple finishes
including booklet making, document insertion,
z and c fold documents and staple finishing.
Office Open XML
Document transformation. Easily access
content within scanned documents for use in
other applications and business systems using
the latest Office Open XML file formats.
Adobe functionality. Share, review and
comment on documents electronically using
the powerful functionality of Adobe Reader
Extensions - without the need to purchase
software licenses.
Advanced Box. Manage simple shared
libraries of documents like forms or brochures
using Advanced Box, the on-board, ready-touse document repository.
Easy integration and maximise
efficiency. Enhance communication with
existing systems and integrate with those you
acquire in the future. Save or retrieve files from
a network PC or another Canon imageRUNNER
ADVANCE 6000 Series model. If that device is
busy, scan or print documents from another
model on the network. Share the fax function of
another Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000
Series system to reduce the cost of maintaining
multiple fax devices and lines.
Adobe Reader Extensions
Office 2007 Reuse text, images
- PPTx
etc and combine with
existing documents
“The increase in productivity for all users,
including mobile workers, can be achieved by
deploying specific workflow applications tailored to user
profiles. Smart MFPs will help in automating paper-based key
business processes like invoice processing, expense report management,
prescription processes in hospitals, automatic test-grading and publication, among others.”
Source: Gartner, Competitive Landscape: Smart Multifunction Products, North America, 7th Jan 2010
More user-friendly
Ground-breaking Device Efficiency and Unparalleled Usability
Efficient, user-friendly devices that offer the capacity to do more within less time, are increasingly
vital in organisations where multiple, autonomous divisions share limited resources, produce high
volumes of print work and juggle conflicting interests and deadlines.
The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series is designed to offer exactly that. User-friendly
functionality and design, combined with efficient services will ensure employees across your
organisation can easily manage print processes – and advance your productivity.
Advanced imageCHIP
system architecture
“Everything is now managed remotely across
the three offices following what was a very simple
installation of the new software and hardware.”
Fintan O’Mahony, TressCox.
U i t
t d productivity.
d ti it Stay
St ahead
h d off the
th game
with status notifications to advise you when you need
toner and paper on-the-fly. If a job cannot be completed
due to paper size or stock availability, the Canon
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series will automatically
move on to the next job, ensuring no hold-ups on the
Multi-task. With two processors in the new Advanced
imageCHIP system architecture you’ll experience
outstanding multi-tasking performance.
d service
i options.
T k advantage
d t
off remote
monitoring to trigger service alerts and relay advice to you
when toner and paper needs to be replaced with Canon
eMaintenance. Moreover the device’s innovative
technologies include more durable drums and fuser units
that demand less service.
Flexible Service offering. Canon lets you choose the
service level that you are comfortable with depending on
the size, workflow and operation of your organisation.
Image processor board. The new image processor
board works with the scanner, adjusts image size, ensures
superior image quality and super fast processing. It also
controls the user interface and coordinates device
networking and connectivity.
“Demand for SMFPs is increasing from users who are integrating
unstructured paper-based documents directly into their existing
structured applications, in a secure mode.”
Source: Gartner, Competitive Landscape: Smart Multifunction Products,
North America, 7th January 2010
More intuitive
Simpler, More Intuitive Operation
As organisations become more complex, employees multi-task, and the costs of doing
business rise, it’s more important than ever before to choose devices that are flexible, intuitive
and easy to use.
Flexible operating panel. The large 8.4” Full Colour
high resolution Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Control Panel
boasts wide viewing angles and exceptional clarity.
Large monitor. The optional tilt and swivel huge 10.4”
full colour, high resolution Thin Film Transistor (TFT)
screen offers wide viewing angles, exceptional clarity and
a movable arm.
Menus. Access two menus with large familiar icons to
streamline your workflow. While the Main Menu gives
instant access to system functions, the Quick Menu
allows you to combine and access routine tasks at the
touch of a button.
Customisation. Organise onscreen buttons to suit by
determining their number, size and layout. You can even
select an onscreen background.
Tutorial. Seek simple step-by-step instructions using the
tutorial button on the screen.
Adjust the control panel
to a comfortable and
accessible position.
Main Menu
Customise the number,
size and layout of the
function buttons.
Quick Menu
Combine and access
commonly performed tasks
with just one button.
“Canon has raised the personalisation capabilities of the office
MFD to new heights with the introduction of Quick Menu.”
BLI European Laboratory and Research May.
Choose from a
palette of
background designs.
“As business processes become more integrated, the need to track, monitor and securely share enterprise data
across business units and individuals becomes an important task. Digitizing critical documents that require strong
security protocols, such as invoices, legal documents, school and medical records, which removes them from
paper-based workflows, gives organisations more control over critical information.
Using digital audit trails provides organisations with more tracking and
control over paper-based documents..”
More secure
Source: Gartner, Competitive Landscape: Smart Multifunction
Products, North America, 7th January 2010
The Forefront of Security
Threats to document and data security have never been higher. Both customer and
inter-departmental data needs high protection as network devices can be vulnerable.
The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series offers a suite of measures to protect
documents from internal and external sources throughout their lifecycle – from the moment
they’re scanned to the times they’re shared, archived and printed.
Document Security
Device Security
Secure access management. Limit access to users,
groups or even roles with passwords, logins and swipe
cards. You can also limit access for specific functions
such as Universal Send.
Prevent documents getting into the wrong hands with
easy to use identity checks for access to print, scan,
retrieve or send documents. This can be done through a
log-in procedure or a card system.
Document scan lock and tracking. Embed hidden
tracking information within documents to restrict
unauthorised copying or scanning and track the origin.
Protect Documents. Access to scanned documents is
protected throughout their duration via policy
specification and recipient authorisation.
Trusted Platform Module. Safeguard vulnerable
settings such as passwords with Canon’s new security
chip with tamper-resistant hardware.
Data encryption and erase options. Disguise information before its written to the hard drive then permanently
remove it by overwriting when the job is complete.
Removable Hard Disk Drive. Remove the hard disk
drive and place it in a secure location when it’s not in use.
Secure/Follow-me printing option. Follow-me
printing allows the user to print securely with
authentication from any device, regardless of where the
job was sent.
• Document Scan Lock and Tracking
• Adobe LiveCycle Rights
Management ES Integration
• Encrypted Secured Print
• Watermark/Secure Watermark
• Copy Set Numbering
• Encrypted PDF
• Digital Signature PDF
• Fax Forwarding
• Fax Destination Confirmation
Centralised Control
Control individual models. Use the intuitive Remote
User Interface to gain centralised control of your
networked devices from the desktop. With the easy to
use web-based interface you can check individual
devices, supply levels, monitor jobs and remain completely
A fleet of systems. Install, manage and control Canon
and third party networked devices from your desktop
using the highly scalable imageWARE-Enterprise
Management Console. Uptime is maximised by your ability
to monitor jobs and supply levels – you’ll even receive
e-mail notifications if toner is low or a tray is out of paper.
• POP Authentication before SMTP
• SMTP Authentication
• Trusted Platform Module
• HDD Data Erase and Encryption
• Advanced Box Security
• Mail Box Password Protection
• Job Log Conceal
• Removable Hard Disk Drive
Note: Some features may be optional.
• IP/MAC Address Filtering
• SSL Encryption
• Network Application On/Off
• USB Port On/Off
• Destination Restriction
• IPSec
• IEEE 802.1x (Wire/Wireless)
• Department ID/Control Card Systems
• Device Level Log-in (SSO-H)
• Access Management System (AMS)
• Function Level Log-in via AMS
• Authorized Send
• Smart Card Authentication
• imageWARE Secure Audit Manager
More impressive
Outstanding Image Quality
The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 is one of the first black-and-white devices to offer
1200x1200 dpi halftone screening capabilities, ‘image segmentation’, as well as full support of
Automatic Gradation Adjustment functionality in all PDLs. This intelligently partitions text from
tonal images to deliver sharper, clearer lettering without compromising image quality. It’s just
the edge you need to impress clients, win new business and grow your organisation.
Technology to enhance print
Take advantage of Canon’s new toner, drum and controller to achieve crisp, vibrant colour, sharp
details and smooth images without visible roughness. You’ll also be able to reproduce photo quality
dark areas, complete with reflections and shadow, and generate highlighted areas without flaring.
Can you see the details in her hair?
Canon’s new technology is able to hold fine
detail in darker areas, cleverly differentiating
between subtle tones of black. This allows
dark areas to retain density without filling in.
Reproducing solid black areas accurately
enhances the depth and life-like quality of
your image.
With pO toner, skin appears to graduate
smoothly from dark to light. Canon’s print
quality toner is oil free, utilising small
particles that contain microdispersed wax
so the toner fixes evenly and lies flat,
resulting in a smoother finish.
Can you see the details in her scarf?
The super-fine dpi will hold even the finest
detail, keeping the image sharper and
crisper than ever before.
Can you see the clarity of the text?
Intelligent functionality partitions the text from
the image for incredibly crisp, clear definition.
Drop shadows and special text effects are
reproduced with superb tonal graduation
and clarity, right down to the finest detail.
Smaller text and script typefaces featuring
fine lines retain crisp legibility for a
professional finish.
Though we travel the world over to fi nd the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we fi nd it not.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Work smarter
Sustainable Savings
In today’s challenging climate it’s important to take decisions that make sense now and in the
future. The progressive thinking behind the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series
embodies this philosophy. It unites a sensible financial outlay, efficient running costs, superior
levels of control and a new benchmark in environmental responsibility. Your organisation can
deliver on its environmental commitments by automating workflows, reducing your volume of
unnecessary output and choosing the new, more energy efficient devices within the Canon
imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series.
In doing so, you will also automatically improve your business bottom line.
Canon Product Life Cycle
Product Development
Procurement of Parts
Product Collection and Recycling
A greener way to work. Achieve a seamless platform
to share, store and distribute digital documents. Preview
files prior to printing to minimise error and wastage.
Duplex printing. Reduce your paper consumption with
duplex printing.
Reduced energy consumption. Capture superior
quality images at impressive speeds, the duplex image
reader uses less energy than ever. The combination of
Canon’s On-Demand Fusing Technology and new pO
toner reduce overall energy consumption by minimising
heat and power requirements. In sleep mode, power
consumption is cut down to just 1.5W or less, and noise
levels are reduced for a better working environment. Each
device conforms to the latest international environmental
standards such as Energy Star and ROHS.
“People are seeing the benefits of the new
print solution and are proud of their own role
in reducing their environmental impact.”
Kawa Farid, Hyundai’s Network Administrator.
Production at the Factory
Means of Transport
Product Usage
Maximum uptime. Enjoy communication that is fast
and reliable day after day. Even in the unlikely event of a
paper misfeed, innovative design means recovery is quick
and simple.
Space saving design. Save space in your office by
choosing the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000
Series. Each sleek device is incredibly compact for such a
powerful performer. An internal finisher residing within
the device’s main body saves further space.
Efficient Management with imageWARE
Management Console (iWMC). This powerful,
scalable software solution provides extensive capabilities
to speed up problem resolution, streamline device control
and automate common tasks, reducing the burden on
your IT resources.
An extensive range of optional accessories
In a high-volume corporate environment where quality and efficiency is paramount at the
lowest cost possible, the Canon imageRUNNER 6000 Series (which consists of 3 models –
iR ADVANCE C6055/6065/6075) presents an extensive range of optional accessories to cater
to the varying needs of the most complex organisation. Select the accessories your divisions
need today and add to them over time to further enhance flexibility, productivity and
professional capabilities.
Booklet Finisher
• 3-tray, 4,000-sheet capacity
• Corner and double stapling up to
50 sheets
• Booklet-making up to 16 sheets
Document Insertion/Folding Unit*
• Insert preprinted sheets
• Up to 11” x 17” (27.9 x 43.2cm)
• 1-tray, 100-sheet capacity
• Z-fold, C-fold
External Hole Puncher
• Choice of 3 options
2 hole
2 and 3 hole
2 and 4 hole
Staple Finisher
Insertion Unit
• Insert preprinted
• 3-tray, 4,000-sheet
• Corner and double
stapling up to
50 sheets
Paper Deck Unit (A4)
Paper Deck Unit (A3)
• 3,500-sheet capacity
• 3,500-sheet capacity
• Up to 11” x 17”
(27.9 x 43.2cm)
• 52 - 220 gsm
• 52 - 220 gsm
• Supports A4 paper
• 1-tray, 100-sheet
• Plain, heavy
• Supports up to 11” x 17”
(27.9 x 43.2cm)
PCL Printer Kit
Upright Control Panel
PS Printer Kit
Direct Print Kit (for PDF/XPS)
• 10.4” Thin Film Transistor (TFT)
high-resolution touch-screen
image PASS
• Tilt-and-swivel capability
• Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T2500 2.0GHz Processor
• Customisable UI screen
• 80GB Hard Disk
• Adobe PS 3/PCL 5e/PCL 6
Universal Send Advance
Feature Set
Universal Send Security
Feature Set
Universal Send Digital User
Signature Kit
Encrypted Printing Software
Document Scan Lock Kit
Remote Operator’s Software Kit
Data Erase Kit
Voice Guidance Kit
HDD Data Encryption
and Mirroring Kit
Barcode Printing Kit
ADF Access Handle
Removable HDD Kit
IPSec Board
Secure Watermark
* Requires Staple Finisher-B1 or Booklet Finisher-B1.
** UFR II standard.
Note: for additional options and specifications, please refer to product fact sheet.
™ All company product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufactures in their markets and/or countries.
Canon reserves the right to change specifications without notice.
More sustainable
Environmental Efficiency
At Canon we aim to reduce the environmental burden at all stages through a product’s
lifecycle with the aim of protecting the planet’s precious resources. That’s why we set out to
manufacture the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series - a series with a small
Your organisation can deliver on its environmental commitments by further automating
workflows, reducing your volume of unnecessary output and choosing the new, more energy
efficient devices within the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6000 Series. In doing so, you’ll
also automatically enhance your business bottom line.
Look to print technology providers to help
your organisation print smarter and in the
safest, most environmentally friendly and
cost effective way possible.
Gartner 13th Jan 2009. Don Dixon, Malcolm J Hancock
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New Zealand call:
1800 444 199
0800 222 666
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