AD-40 Sail
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The AD-40 Sail indoor amplified antenna receives standard and HD digital terrestrial TV
signals and DAB radio signals on the UHF and VHF (band III) band. Moreover, thanks to
its built-in 4G LTE / GSM filters, the antenna is also protected against interference from
unwanted signals.
Positioning the antenna
If possible, position the antenna near a window or outer wall and at a safe distance
from metal objects, electrical equipment and reinforced concrete walls to ensure optimum
The AD-40 Sail is designed to receive digital signals – using a standard and HD digital
terrestrial decoder or a TV with built-in digital tuner.
- Make sure that the TV and the decoder are switched off before making any connections.
- Connect the Meliconi antenna cable to the socket at the back of the digital terrestrial
decoder or the television (figure 1). If the antenna socket on the decoder is of the F
socket type, use an F-plug to IEC-socket adapter (not included).
- Use the AC/DC adapter included in the kit to power up the antenna. Insert the cable
in the antenna power supply input and connect the adapter to the mains power supply
(figure 2).
- Turn the antenna ON by pressing the ON/OFF button located on the power feeder plug
and turn the knob at the back of the antenna to adjust gain.
- Check that the red LED on the front of the antenna is switched ON. This means that
the antenna is powered up correctly.
- Switch ON the digital terrestrial decoder and the television and select the channel
required. If necessary tune the antenna to suit the TV or decoder, as instructed in the
relative appliance manual.
Improving reception
If the quality of the image is poor or if no signal is received, proceed as follows to
improve reception:
- increase/decrease amplification using the knob on the back of the antenna, bearing in mind
that maximum amplification does not necessarily correspond to optimum signal quality. To
increase/decrease the level of amplification turn the knob as shown on the symbol located
next to it.
- Change the position of the antenna.
NOTE: If the signal is too strong, to avoid image interference we suggest you
reduce the level of amplification.
- If the antenna is not working make sure it is powered up correctly (red LED ON) and that
the adjustment knob is in the maximum gain position.
- Keep away from water: the antenna must not be exposed to drips or water spray. Do not
use in a damp atmosphere.
- Only use the power supply unit supplied with the device.
- The power supply unit must be easily accessible to enable the electric separation of the
device from the network.
The product complies with the following directives:
2011/65/EU (RoHS II)
2006/95/EC, (LVD)
2004/108/EC (EMC)
2009/125/EC (ErP)
2 YEAR WARRANTY - The warranty is declared null and void if the product is tampered with
or used improperly.
- Indoor amplified digital antenna
- 230 Vac 50 Hz mains power input via an adapter included with the antenna
- 5 Vdc 50 mA power input (via antenna connection) from decoder (if decoder includes this
- Reception of digital terrestrial TV signals (DVB-T) and DAB radio signals
- Reception range: VHF + UHF (174~230 470~790 MHz)
- Anti-interference filter 4G LTE / GSM
- Antenna amplification adjustment: up to 40 dB
- Antenna
- Instruction booklet
- AC/DC power supply unit
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