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Installation and Operation
1. Assemble the FPC computer to the rack-mountable panel. Refer to the
FPC 5000 manual, 68-556-05.
2. Rack mount the FPC 5000 assembly.
3. Connect a Category (CAT) 5e or higher cable between the Net port and either
the Matrix 12800 (direct connection) or an Ethernet LAN on which the Matrix
12800 system resides. To properly wire the cable, refer to the Cabling and RJ-45
connector wiring paragraph in the FPC 5000 manual, 68-556-05.
Direct connection — Wire the cable as a crossover cable and plug it directly
into the BME 0 Ethernet port. A 10-foot Ethernet crossover cable is supplied.
For Ethernet connection — Wire the cable as a patch (straight) cable and plug
it into the Ethernet LAN (switch, router, or hub).
4. Connect an IEC power cord. Turn on the FPC and Matrix 12800 BMEs.
Reset button — If necessary to reboot the computer, use a tweeker to press the
Reset button.
Software update — Touch on the blue Admin>purple Misc>gray Re-Install FPC
Software buttons. Gently snap the program CD onto the tray spindle with the
unlabeled (program) side facing into the tray. Close the CD drive and follow the onscreen instructions. When the installation is complete, remove the program CD.
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