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Visikom Telephone Visitation System
Telephone Intercom System
PVP-24 / PVP-6. Modular telephone intercommunication system
accommodates up to 24 independent telephone conversations of two or
more telephone stations each for use where physical separation between
communicating individuals is desired. Typical applications include customer
telephones and visitation areas of detention, correctional and penitentiary
facilities. System is comprised of PVP-24 control unit, PVP-6 plug-in interface
module and standard telephone stations with two form “C” (DPDT) hook
switches including Atlas Sound CE Series. A Surface-mounting control unit
includes power supply, four 3⁄4 " cable access holes and ports for installation of
up to four PVP-6 modules. Each plug-in module will control up to six isolated
telephone circuits for a total system capacity of 24 circuits. Chassis and
lift-off cover are constructed of 18-gauge CRS and finished in textured black
epoxy. Wiring requirements are two conductor, telephone type. For complete
wiring and installation information, see
Telephone Intercom Stations & Accessories
Wall Mount Handset / Hookswitch Assembly
600Ω Impedance Matching Transformer
CE-2A. Economical handset assembly provides clear
and crisp speech reproduction for intercom and paging
functions. It includes a “500" style handset and two form
“C’’ (DPDT) hook switches mounted to a 2-gang plate
with rear mounted terminal strip, color coded leads and
spade lugs. Model features a chrome hanger hook switch,
neutral handset, flexible coil cord and stainless steel
plate for mounting directly to a standard E.O. Box.
LT600-VC Versatile unit for matching telephone-type,
600Ω line circuits with HI-Z circuits. It can also be used
as a 600Ω to 600Ω isolation transformer. Recommended
for coupling of telephone-type lines into amplified
sound systems, background music and paging systems,
recording equipment, or studio electronics. Built-in
potentiometer provides optional adjustability for the 25K
output level. The 600Ω input may be matched to 600Ω,
10KΩ and 25KΩ circuits. All components are mounted on
a printed circuit board. Steel chassis includes mounting
ears and “insta-mount” tape. Transformer is shielded
to minimize induced hum. Unit includes a phono jack on
the output side for convenient connection to amplifier
or other equipment circuitry. Jack can be connected
to various transformer taps via barrier strip jumper.
(Factory-installed jumper connects jack to potentiometer
PT Option. Factory-installed push-to-talk handset
button provides for relay control and a variety of switch,
communication, and signaling functions. Contact switch
arrangement is SPDT wired as normally open. Option is
available on CE Series telephone stations as noted.
AC Option. For telephone vandal protection, this 25”
stainless steel armored cable securely fastens the
mounting plate and handset for service-free operation in
public access areas.
Telephone Intercom Enclosure
TS302A. Surface-mount 2-gang enclosures designed
for CE Series intercom stations. CRS unit is finished in
neutral gray epoxy
Telephone Power Supply
TPS24-05. A combination 24VDC/ TALK voltage power
supply engineered to power most common-talk telephone
intercom systems (Section 8). Includes 6’ power cord
and black epoxy finish. For information on common-talk
intercoms, see SL8-1433 at
75 Years of Excellence
General Purpose Generator
TheA A-GPN1200featuresavariablebalancedoutputviaPhoenixconnectorandwilldelivera1Vbalancedoutput
effectivegeneratorcanbeusedstandaloneorrackmounted(rackmountkitincluded),withuptothreeA A-GPN1200
⁄3 Octave Equalizer
The ISO centered 1⁄3octavebandwidth-constantQfilterdesignminimizesinteractionbetweenfiltersyetisstillwide
enough for creation of correction curves.
WhenusedwiththeAtlasSoundA A120MmixeramplifierandA A-SMGsoundmaskingmodule,theEQM131canbe
used to create a 1⁄3octavemaskingspectrumwhichisfeddirectlytotheA A120Mamplifiersection.Pagingormusic
inputscanreceivehighfrequencyshelvingequalizationforbetterintelligibilityfromtheA A120Mfrontpanelcontrols.
The page / music inputs and masking module output can then be summed without affecting the masking source
Sound Masking Generator & Graphic Equalizer
A A-GPN1200isananalogmaskingsignalsourceandgenerator.Itiscapableofproducingbothwhiteandpink
noise for basic masking systems or audio equipment testing. It is designed to help eliminate the auditory distraction
associated with open office plan environments as well as providing conversation privacy in facilities such as schools,
churches, restaurants, and offices when used with appropriate masking loudspeakers and amplifiers.
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