EverFocus | EDR920 | EDR 920 – 9-channel duplex MPEG

EDR 920 – 9-channel duplex MPEG-4 digital video
Delivery includes IR remote control!
• Fast network video transmission through Internet Explorer or optional PowerCon
4.x software
• Cascading of DVRs in remote keyboard applications
• Network operation independent from local operation
• E-mail alarm
• Network alarm with optional PowerCon 4.x software
• Speed dome control via network
• Optional RS-485 remote control (EKB 500)
• Free EverFocus DDNS service: DDNS account registration directly from DVR setup
Built-in MPEG-4 compression / decompression with configurable quality
Variable recording speeds up to 200 IPS
Duplex operation for simultaneous recording and playback
Data archiving via USB 2.0 port
Programmable motion detection area (30x24) for each channel
Colour, brightness and contrast setting per channel
Individual recording settings for each channel
On-screen menu operation with multi-language support
Real time audio recording at any video recording speed
Ethernet interface for remote network viewing and controlling
Technical data
Video format
Display format main monitor
1, 4, 7, 9x multiscreen, 2x2 zoom, PiP (live) // 1, 4, 7, 9x multiscreen, 2x2 zoom (playback)
Video input
Video compression
9 inputs 1 Vp-p composite PAL, BNC, automatic 75 Ohm termination // 1 cascade input, 1 Vp-p composite PAL, BNC
9 loop-through outputs, 1 Vp-p at 75 Ohm, BNC
1 main monitor output, 1 Vp-p at 75 Ohm, BNC
1 S-video output mini DIN, for main monitor
1 call monitor output, 1 Vp-p at 75 Ohm, BNC
4 matrix monitor output, 1 Vp-p at 75 Ohm, BNC
1 cascade output, 1 Vp-p at 75 Ohm, BNC
Display resolution
720 x 576
Harddisk storage
2 x 3,5” SATA HDD
Recording resolution
Full D1 size: 720 x 576 / Half D1 size: 720 x 288 / CIF size: 360 x 288
Recording rate
1 ~ 200 IPS (360 x 288) // 1 ~ 100 IPS (720 x 288) // 1 ~ 50 IPS (720 x 576)
Recording modes
Continuous, timer, schedule or event recording
Playback search
Via date/time or event
Video pause
Video loss detection
Motion detection
Yes, with configurable detection area (30x24) and sensitivity
Event log
Yes (10.240 entries per HD)
Alarm input
9 alarm inputs
Alarm output
4 alarm outputs
4 mono (line) input / 1 mono (line) output
on-screen display
front panel control with jog/shuttle, IR remote control; optional: mouse control, network, RS-485 keyboard EKB 500
Built-in real time clock with automatic time synchronisation via global NTP server through Internet
12-characters title generator for each camera
USB 2.0 interface
RJ45 network connector
1 x RS-232 (9-pin Sub-D) // RS-485: 2 x RJ 45 connector for remote control and PTZ
Password protection
3 levels
Watchdog function
For processing, cooler fan, HDD temperature and HDD activity
Power source
100 ~ 240 V AC
Power consumption
185 W max.
Ambient temperature
0°C ~ +40°C
Dimensions (WxHxD)
430 x 88 x 300 mm, 19” 1U
6,24 kg
Video output
Remote control devices
EKB 500 – multi-function keyboard
Technical data
3D PTZ function control
DVR control
LCD 2 lines with 20 characters each
Baud rate
1.200 ~38.400
Serial interfaces
RS-232 (service) / 2 x RS-485
Pelco-P / Pelco-D / EverFocus / ED 2200 / ED 2250
Control of speed dome, DVR and EQ 2700 motorzoom camera
Up to 8 keyboards addressable
Wiring box
Power source
12 V DC, via included power supply 230 V AC
Power consumption
10 W max.
Ambient temperature
0°C ~ +40°C
Dimensions (WxHxD)
360 x 110 x 200 mm
1,5 kg
PowerCon 4.x – network management software
• Unlimited number of managed systems (DVRs, Megapixel / network cameras, video
• POS module for retail applications (optional)
servers, 3rd party applications)
• GPS module for object tracking (optional)
• Live and playback view
• Network alarm reception and management
• Local storage and printout of video data or single pictures on client PC
• Multi-monitor support (depending on PC configuration)
• Multi-window design with scalable video windows
• Advanced access rights management with individual user rights for
• Freely definable multiviews with up to 16 DVR systems or network cameras, also mixed
functions and system access
display of different DVRs (max. 256 cameras in 1 multiview with 16 x 16-channel DVR*)
• Network monitor for visualisation of network traffic
• Mapview: visualisation of CCTV system in areas or buildings with freely scalable maps,
• System checker: integrated background port checker with alarm function
graphics (BMP or JPG format) or active symbols
for availability of DVRs, cameras and video servers in network
• Remote DVR configuration (EDR DVR series only)
• Support of external program starts
• Remote configuration of EverFocus network cameras and video servers
• Basic feature support for browser-based 3rd party applications
• EKB 200 joystick control
* function requires specific PC + network preconditions – please contact your sales partner for further details!
Ordering information
EKB 500
9-channel MPEG-4 digital video recorder, w/o harddisk, 100 ~ 240 V AC
Harddisk storage: optional up to 2 x 3,5” SATA HDD in a removable HDD tray
Multi-function keyboard for speed dome and DVRs, with 3-axis joystick and jog/shuttle, 12 V DC (230 VAC power supply incl.)
PowerCon 4.x
PowerCon 4.x single client version with CM stick (current version: 4.2)
PowerCon 4.x update
PowerCon 4.x update version for PowerCon Pro and PowerCon station (serial number of existing version required)
EDR 920 NH
Please order your MPEG-4 DVR as follows:
DVR Series Model / No. of harddisks / Size of harddisks / Example:
Ordering code:
You’ll receive:
9-channel MPEG-4 DVR with 1 built-in 320 GB harddisk
9-channel MPEG-4 DVR with 2 built-in 1000 GB harddisks
920 / 1 / 320
920 / 2 / 1000
If you prefer to receive the DVR and HDDs separately, please order the respective “NH” DVR model and separate harddisks in the requested size. If you
prefer to receive the DVR without any harddisks, we’ll provide you with a list of suitable harddisks which have been tested and approved for your
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