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Programming Set
for PMR 446 Radio
With this programming tool you can configure many settings of the Tectalk CONTACT 2 radio to your
special customer’s wishes. The software is able to read/write data to/from the radio. By the reading
feature it is very easy to clone radios for the same settings.
Please follow the national and European rules and regulations when configuring the radio. Even as
distributor or service partner you may be regarded as responsible for any action which can lead to an
unintended use of this radio, especially if you program frequencies or any setting, which is not covered
by the European PMR 446 regulations, and for which the user may not have any license.
1. Installation
The programmer software is only available for WindowsXP®! Put the CD in your disk drive and
start the installation by a double click on the EXE-file. Follow the instructions of the installation
After the installation was successful, click on the finish button.
2. Configuration
Connect the Programmer cable to your computer. Wait a moment that the cable is automatically
installed by your PC and open Start Æ SettingsÆ My computer Æ System the Device
Here is shown, which COM port is used
(automatically) by your PC for this USBadapter.
If your PC should need a special driver for
the USB-adapter, you will find some on the
Start the programmer tool by Start Æ
Program and control the selected COM
port. If it is different of the shown one in
the device manager, you will have to
change it.
3. Prepare the device for programming
Switch on the radio while keeping MON - and
MEM- buttons pressed at the same time. The
radio will show “Prog” (programming) in the
display. Now you can connect the cable to the
4. Reading the actual settings
You can use this feature to read the present
settings of the CONTACT 2. You can store
this settings on your PC, so it is very easy to
clone a lot of devices (with the same
settings). The reading status is shown as a
progress arrow in the programming window.
5. Programming the CONTACT 2
Attention! If the customer wishes that default
settings should remain in the radio under CH
locations 1 to 8, you will have to read the
default setting from the radio now. In this
case you have to start the programming of
additional settings from line 9 of the
programmer window.
There are 20 setting lines available for
individual customer wishes. It is a frequency
range of 446MHz to 448MHz with a channel
spacing of 6,25kHz for the frequency settings
Take care that you use a “dot” for the
frequency settings (i.e.: 446.00625)!
There are 38 CTCSS (analogue codes) or 104
DCS (digital codes) for each channel possible.
The device will start by this channel settings,
when you switch the radio on.
You have the choice between H (high) and L
(low) in the radiation power setting step. High
is the maximum technically possible power
(about 2,5W to 3W depending on the used
batteries). Low is the default power setting
(max. 500mW).
Take care! If the customer want to use the
full power option, the batteries will be
discharged much earlier than in the case of
the default Low radiation power. Please note
that the PMR 446 standard setting is L (500
mW) by European regulations.
In the step FIX you can fix CTCSS/DCS
settings by “Y” (yes), so that is not possible by
the user to change it. If you choose „None“ in
step CTCSS/DCS and fix it by „Y“, it will not be
able to set any code by the user.
6. Writing the programmed settings to the radio
A click on “Program Æ Write to Radio” will
start to transmit your programmed settings to
the radio. The writing status is shown by an
arrow in the programmer window.
Depending on your Windows version you may
get a note in a popup window. This note is a
reminder that you have not saved the
programmed setting on your computer yet.
You can also do it after transmitting.
7. Store the settings on the radio
The LED of the radio will be flashing during the transmitting procedure. You can switch off the
radio and disconnect the cable after the flash light is disappeared and the shown status arrow is
full. The radio need 3 seconds to store the new settings before you can switch on the radio the
next time.
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