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for every occasion
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There’s nothing quite like the Citroën C3 Pluriel. It’s the car that dares
to be different. The car that asks, why have one car when you can
have five cars in one? The fun and flexible Pluriel is the perfect car
for everyday driving, and for enjoying life’s unexpected pleasures.
What car do you fancy driving today? Citroën C3 Pluriel can
be a sophisticated Hatch, a pillarless Panoramic, stylish Cabriolet,
sporty 4-seater Convertible, or practical Mini Ute. The choice is yours.
Enjoy all the possibilities of life with Citroën C3 Pluriel.
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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your outlook
C3 Pluriel adds a new dimension to vehicle
design. The appeal is instantaneous; its unique
personality is alluring.
While it’s the ultimate ‘good times’ car, the
C3 Pluriel is – first and foremost – the perfect
car for everyday driving. Not just because of
its ingenious design but because you can drive
a different car everyday. The C3 Pluriel slots
into the tiniest parking spaces.
C3 Pluriel redefines functionality and design.
Elegant wheel arches, the absence of a central
pillar and an expanse of glass define the C3
Pluriel’s confident styling, while opening up
panoramic views of the world.
Unique design touches create a strong visual
link between the vehicle interior and exterior.
The dashboard features co-ordinated digital
displays, easy-to-read instrumentation and
aluminium coloured air vents. The aluminium
theme is carried through to the individually
designed selector for the brilliant SensoDrive
gearbox. Loving attention to detail extends to
the curved door handles, door catches and
elliptical bins in each door.
Jump in, see where the
C3 Pluriel takes you.
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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1> Automatic climate control
Automatic climate control ensures
driving comfort, whatever the weather
or the position of the roof. C3 Pluriel
provides air conditioning with pollen
filters, outside temperature display
and a heat reflecting windscreen.
2> RDS stereo with
stalk-mounted controls
C3 Pluriel is equipped with a 6-speaker
radio/CD system. For added safety and
convenience at your fingertips, stalkmounted stereo controls are standard.
In-dash 5-stack CD player optional.
3> Variable power-assisted steering
Light and manoeuvrable when parking
and progressively firmer at speed, it
ensures optimal driver control at all
times. A height- and reach-adjustable
steering wheel makes creating your
ideal driving position easy.
4> Power windows
Electric front windows with
one-touch down operation and
electric rear windows.
5> Front and rear lights
Pluriel offers individual and stylish
lighting – characteristic headlamps,
positioned high on the wings, indicators
comprised of ‘drops of light’, and striking
'techno' style rear lights featuring an
'aluminium' effect background.
6> Multi-function trip computer
Journey information is easily accessible
with C3 Pluriel’s multi-function trip
computer. An easy-to-read digital screen
displays the distance to next refuel, fuel
consumption figures and average speed.
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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How much comfort and space can a small car possibly
provide? Leg room, headroom, storage room… C3 Pluriel is
the perfect compact car, carrying four adults.
One of the tallest vehicles in its class, the C3 Pluriel
measures a heady 1.56m. Four ergonomic seats in a raised
position provide the driver and passengers with a clear view
of the road ahead and the surrounding scenery.
A car with total versatility, C3 Pluriel’s electric soft top is
completely retractable, with eight pre-programmed positions.
At the touch of a button, transform from urban Hatch to
Panoramic sun-roof and complete open top mode.
The entire roof and back windscreen easily withdraw
under the boot, leaving plenty of available load space.
Plus, the C3 Pluriel’s intelligent design ensures
protection from buffeting air currents when
the car is in an open configuration.
1> Retractable multi-layer soft top
The strong multi-layer soft top,
with aeroacoustic deflector provides
superb insulation and a watertight fit.
Astonishingly, the entire full-length roof,
glass rear window and rear hatch fold up
and into a space under the floor of the boot.
2> Convenient storage
Enjoy generous and convenient storage
spaces. Doors have two stowage bins, able
to hold 1.5 litre bottles and the backrests
are fitted with handy mesh map pockets.
3> Ingenious and roomy boot
C3 Pluriel has a boot capacity of
approximately 266 litres, making it one
of the biggest in its category. The boot
can be accessed in two different ways:
via the rear window (the parcel shelf
retracts automatically) for quick access
in tight spaces, or via tailgate access to
the entire boot.
4> Flexible glove-boxes
Practical and ingenious, C3 Pluriel has two
glove-boxes, including a lockable glove-box
and a chilled lower glove-box to keep your
drinks cool in summer.
5> Fully-adjustable seats
Make yourself at home. Ergonomically
designed driver’s seat is height-adjustable,
tilt-adjustable and slide-adjustable. Relax
in the renowned comfort of Citroën seats
finished with chic Techno Trim.
6> Door interior colour
C3 Pluriel’s interior styling creates a
strong visual link between the vehicle
interior and exterior with colour inserts
on door panels.
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your direction
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C3 Pluriel Hatch – Take off for the weekend, rain or shine
C3 Pluriel Panoramic – Reveal new possibilities
A statement in style
that combines five
types of car in one
ingenious design.
Now you can match your car to your mood and the
day ahead. In a few easy steps the C3 Pluriel can
morph from a spacious and comfortable hatch
to a sporty convertible – the choice is yours.
C3 Pluriel Cabriolet – Drive with the
wind in your hair
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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C3 Pluriel Convertible – Enjoy the open road ahead
C3 Pluriel Mini Ute – Pack more into your day
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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when you need to
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C3 Pluriel offers a powertrain that is as
different and advanced as the body that
covers it. The 1.6 litre, 16-valve engine
develops 82kW. But how the power is
delivered is the truly unique part - Citroën’s
SensoDrive gearbox is fitted as standard.
This revolutionary gearbox offers the
ease of an automatic combined with
the performance and economy of a
manual gearbox. It responds to your
input automatically – unless you choose
to shift manually in fractions of a second,
without a clutch pedal!
C3 Pluriel’s light, strong and flexible engine
provides all the power you need... enough to
sprint from zero to 100kmh in 11.6 seconds.
The result? C3 Pluriel combines driving
pleasure with excellent fuel economy,
while reducing environmental impact.
All this is protected with a 3 year
warranty* and a 24 hour roadside
assistance programme.
*3 year warranty, 3 year 24 hour roadside
assistance, 12 year corrosion warranty and
3 year paint warranty.
1.6 litre 16v engine
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
1> ABS
ABS with Electronic Brakeforce
Distribution (EBD) and Emergency
Brakeforce Assistance (EBA). EBD controls
brake pressure individually for each wheel,
while EBA reduces stopping distances
under emergency braking.
2> 3-point inertia-reel seat belts
C3 Pluriel has four, 3-point seatbelts
fitted with force limiters. The front
seatbelts are also equipped with
pyrotechnic pretensioners.
3> Four airbags
Reassuringly, C3 Pluriel has four airbags two adaptive front airbags (driver and
passenger) and two front lateral airbags.
In the event that an accident occurs,
the deployment of an airbag automatically
cuts off the fuel supply.
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4> Central locking
Remote control central locking includes
a locating function and transponder
immobiliser. If accidentally opened after
locking, C3 Pluriel automatically relocks
30 seconds later. There is also a central
locking control on the dashboard that
can activate the central door locking, and
(when programmed) the automatic locking
of the doors and boot when you drive off.
5> Auto rain-sensitive wipers
If it starts to rain, when programmed, the
water-sensitive windscreen wipers turn
themselves on automatically. Wiper speed
varies with road speed.
6> Safety lighting
In the event of rapid deceleration,
hazard warning lights are automatically
activated. Pluriel’s powerful halogen
headlights have adjustable beams and
turn on automatically in the dark.
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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for the better
C3 Pluriel’s design strikes the best possible
balance between active safety and comfort.
A proven MacPherson Strut front suspension
delivers reliable and responsive roadholding.
In the event of impact, C3 Pluriel has been
reinforced with special high-strength steel,
shock-absorbing front bumpers and protective
side mouldings. It also has reinforced tubing
inside the windscreen pillars, roof arches and
in the backrests and headrests for added
roll-over protection.
Four airbags and front pretension seat belts
add to the C3 Pluriel’s safety. Fuel supply
shuts off at the instant of impact.
Further protection comes from the
programmable ‘over-speed’ warning,
programmable ‘guide-me-home’ headlights
that remain alight as you leave your car, and
‘black panel’ instrument lights that dim to
minimise driver distraction. Plus, C3 Pluriel
is well protected against theft and break-ins.
Immobiliser and remote control central
locking come as standard.
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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the flavour
Be inspired. C3 Pluriel “Cabriolet of the Year
2003” is open to all sorts of possibilities.
C3 Pluriel’s body colours are a perfect match
for its innovative and stylish design. Outside,
it’s a statement in style. Don’t be shy: choose
from light, bright colours (after all, there
couldn’t be a better car to be seen in).
Or opt for classic elegance with
timeless shades.
Inside, we introduce “sportswear for cars”.
C3 Pluriel’s new fabric, Techno Trim – a 3D
honeycomb mesh, is directly inspired by
the latest textiles used for sports clothing
and equipment.
As an optional extra, the Citroën C3 Pluriel
also comes with an Elegance Pack featuring
the luxury of leather upholstery and steering
wheel, electrical folding exterior mirrors,
silver roof arches, silver side mouldings and
bumper strips.
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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C3 Pluriel Colours & Trim
Bleu Lucia
Silver roof arches
Orange Aerien
Dark grey roof arches
C3 Pluriel Elegance Colours & Trim
Bleu Paname
Silver roof arches, silver
side mouldings and
bumper strips
Gris Fulminator
Silver roof arches, silver
side mouldings and
bumper strips
Gris Aluminium
Silver roof arches, silver
side mouldings and
bumper strips
Gris Aluminium
Dark grey roof arches
C3 Pluriel Trim
Gris Fulminator
Silver roof arches
C3 Pluriel Elegance Trim
Leather upholstery
Rouge Ardent
Dark grey roof arches
Vert Lentz
Silver roof arches
040486 Citroen C3 Pluriel Brox
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