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10. Marantz Recorder Settings
For Europeana 1914-1918 Roadshows
Summary of document:
- Instructions for Marantz PMD661 or PMD620 Professional Handheld Digital Audio Recorders.
You may use professional voice recorders during the submissions days to capture the contributors’
stories. If you do not have these then some mobile phones and some computers have voice recording
facilities which can give good enough results.
Instructions for Marantz Audio Recorders
These instructions are for the Marantz PMD661 Professional Portable Field Recorder. They apply, in
general, to the smaller PMD620 Professional Handheld Digital Audio Recorder:
Ensure this switch is set to ‘MIC’ ‘ON’
(This is the setting furthest to the left)
The following numbers relate to the numbers on
the diagram of the recorder:
1. Ensure there is an SD Card in the memory slot (left hand side
of unit). The unit accepts SD and SD HC;
2. Attach the power supply to DC IN on left of unit or insert 4x AA
batteries via panel on bottom of unit;
Slide the power button on the right to toggle ‘ON’;
3. If using external boundary mic, click this into socket on back of
recorder (labelled MONO near green remote input) until clicked in
either Internal Mic or External Mic:
4. Press menu button > Presets (select with ENTER button);
5. With up/down arrows > 1 select INT MIC (Internal Mic) or
select EXT MIC (External Mic);
6. Check display on right shows INT MIC (Internal Mic) or MIC
(External Mic);
7. To monitor the sound through the microphone, attach
headphones to front of unit and make sure HP/SPK VOL is turned
up full;
8. Press REC PAUSE button. This will allow you to monitor the
levels on the meter. When speaking, this should be around 12/10
in the green light.
Do not let the meter go into the red.
9. When you are ready to record, press the REC button (it will be flashing red when monitoring and steady light when
10. When finished, press STOP.
10. Marantz audio recorder settings
RunCoCo, University of Oxford Feb 2012
Settings for Marantz Audio Recorders
With the presets as recommended below sound will be recorded as high quality .WAV files which
will be stored on the memory card.
To create your own presets:
1) Turn the Marantz on.
2) Press menu
a) Select option 1 PRESETS
b) This will open the presets submenu, press enter on preset 1 then select option 2, EDIT.
c) This brings up the preset sub-submenu, use the direction keys on the Marantz to edit the
The recommended settings:
1) Internal Microphone (i.e. no external microphone attached)
a) Input - INT MIC
b) Rec format - PCM-16 (.wav format)
c) Rec Channel - Stereo
d) Sample rate - 44.1k
e) Prerecord - off [next page]
f) Level cont. [control] - manual
g) Auto track - off
h) Auto mark - off
i) Silent skip - off
j) Mic atten. - 0Db
2) External Mic
a) Input - Mic/Line
b) Rec format - PCM-16
c) Rec Channel - Mono (unless recording 2 microphones onto the same track, like in an
interview scenario with interviewer having separate microphone to interviewee, in which case
select stereo)
d) Sample rate - 44.1k
e) Prerecord - off
f) Level control - manual
g) Auto track - off
h) Auto mark - off
i) Silent skip - off
j) Mic atten - 0Db
Save the presets
Once this is done, press EXIT, it will ask you if you would like to store the settings, press YES. This
has saved the preset.
The Marantz will allow 3 preset configurations so you should have 1 setting for internal microphone, 1
for external microphone where only 1 microphone is set up (see above notes for more info) and
another external microphone for recording with 2 microphones.
On the roadshow
For help with interviewing the contributors, see “05. Work-flow for Europeana 1914-1918
Roadshows” and “06. Using an Audio Recorder for Europeana 1914-1918 Roadshows”.
Picture credits: Marantz instructions.
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