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CAUTION: Save all packaging should you have to transport the T1200 in
the future or you will void any MobileDemand warranties.
Contents – xTablet T1200 Kit
After opening the kit, carefully inspect its contents for any missing or damaged
items. Contact your dealer if any found or for more information about other items
that may be included. The kit should contain the following:
One xTablet T1200
with hard disk drive
Auto adapter with
power cord (optional)
One AC/DC power supply
with power
xTablet T1200 User’s
Guide and Driver CD
(installed in main disk)
Two high-capacity Lithium
Ion batteries
Hand straps for the back
and for the side.
Calibrating the Touch Screen
The touch screen is a thin membrane on the top of the display that responds to
mechanical pressure on the screen’s surface. The cursor on the screen is
controlled by the stylus or your fingertip. If you notice the tip touch-point is not
matching up with the cursor, you can calibrate the touch screen.
Note: See “Calibrate the Screen” in the xTablet T1200 User’s Guide for more
To calibrate your touch screen
1. Select Start > Control Panel > Tablet PC Settings, then tap Calibrate to
activate the calibration.
2. Hold the pen and position your stylus as you normally do when working with
the xTablet T1200.
3. Use the pen tip to click on the center of the crosshairs. The wheel moves to
another location onscreen. Repeat this step until you have gone through all of
the crosshairs.
4. Tap Yes to accept the calibration.
5. Tap OK to close the Tablet PC Settings.
Adjusting the Brightness
Note: See the xTablet T1200 User’s Guide (installed in the main disk) for
information about features included with the xTablet T1200.
Before You Begin
(Optional) You can grasp a corner of the film and gently pull the top thin
layer off the display.
Use the following hot key combinations to adjust the brightness of the display:
- darkens the display
- lightens the display
1. Earphone Jack – Connect to
external speakers or
2. USB 3.0 Ports – Connect to USB
peripheral devices
3. PC Card Slot – Use to insert
Type II PC Card
4. SIM Card Slot – Not Applicable
5. SDHC Card Reader – Use to
insert SD memory card
6. Smart Card Reader – Use to
insert smart cards
Note: See “Function Keys” in the xTablet T1200 User’s Guide for more
Monitoring the Battery Power
Note: See “Monitoring the Battery Power” in the xTablet T1200 User’s Guide for
detailed information.
Corner of film to pull off the display (circled in illustration).
You can check the remaining battery power in the Power icon located at the
lower right-hand corner of the task tray. The Power icon only appears in the
taskbar while the unit is running on the battery power but not while the unit is
running off an external power source through the AC adapter.
(Optional) You can use the stylus (touch pen) like a mouse, a pen, or your
finger on the xTablet T1200 display to perform regular left-click and rightclick functions and to write in applications where applicable. When you are
not using the stylus, you should store the stylus in the stylus holder that is on
the right side of the xTablet T1200.
To view the available battery power
To perform a right-click function
Point and hold the stylus steadily on the display for about 3 to 5 seconds,
wait for the cursor to change to a circle, then lift the stylus away
from the display and the appropriate right click menu will show up. Note that
you can also perform this function using your finger.
Stylus pen with cord wrapped around upper end.
Tap the Power icon on the taskbar to view the available power for each
Note: If you do not see the Power icon in the taskbar, select Start > Control
Panel > Notification Area Icons, select the Show icon and notifications
behavior from the Power drop-down list, then tap OK.
1. Earphone Jack – Connect to
external speakers or headphones
2. USB 3.0 Ports – Connect to USB
peripheral devices
3. PC Card Slot – Use to insert Type II
PC Card
4. SIM Card Slot – Not Applicable
3 (Over)
Charging the Battery Packs
When you use the AC adapter to connect your xTablet T1200 to a power outlet,
the internal battery packs will automatically begin to recharge. While the battery
pack is charging, the
Battery Charge icons on the LED indicator panel will
be active after 6 to12 seconds:
3. Lift the depleted battery pack out of the compartment and remove it from
• Blinking Red – battery power is at slow-power (critical) state - time to recharge
• Steady Orange – battery pack is charging
• Steady Green – battery pack is fully charged
Upper left corner of front view of the xTablet T1200 with the LED Indicators – the Battery Status
icons are #2 and #3.
Rugged Tablet PC
4. Align the replacement battery into the battery compartment.
Power indicator
1 Battery status indicator
2 Battery status indicator
Built-in hard disk indicator
WLAN or Bluetooth indicator
Note: The xTablet T1200 can run on both fully-charged Lithium Ion batteries
for 8 to 10 hours with the Hi-Brite LCD panel, or 10 to 12 hours with
standard LCD panel.
If your xTablet T1200 is turned off, the fully-discharged batteries will take about
three hours per pack to recharge. Refer to the following:
5. Push completely until battery locks into place, and slide the latch to the
LOCK position to secure the battery.
Replacing the Battery Pack
Over time, battery pack capacity gradually decreases. MobileDemand
recommends that you replace your battery packs when you notice that they begin
to store significantly less charge.
To replace the battery pack
1. Turn off the xTablet T1200.
2. P r e s s a n d h o l d t h e b a t t e r y l a t c h r e l e a s e b u t t o n , a n d s lide the
latch to the UNLOCK position to release the depleted battery pack
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