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KIV Vial Coding Machine
KIV Vial Coding and Verification
Clean and simple
Providing clean and simple design is part of what sets
Bosch apart. The clean and simple design philosophy
provides for machinery that is easier to maintain and
provides for increased output without sacrificing the
quality you have come to expect from Bosch.
XX Vials are fed to the KIV in a single line from the
side by conveyor or scroll from an upstream machine
XX The vials are imprinted on the top of the cap, and/or
the cap lip with either alphanumeric or 2-D matrix
XX The code is verified in-line to assure code integrity
on each vial by a high speed vision system.
XX Nonconforming vials are ejected to a reject tray.
XX Good vials continue to the next step of the
packaging operation.
Figure 1 — Front view of the KIV
The KIV series of machines are designed to meet the
current and upcoming demands of track and trace. The
KIV with its compact footprint is an in-line solution that
can be integrated into existing lines providing vial coding
and verification after the capping operation or with an
integrated capping station.
Figure 2 — High speed
Figure 3 — Control Cabinet
vision system
You will find your local partner at:
KIV Vial Coding Machine
8/2010 | PAUR/MKT | Bosch Packaging Services (subject to alterations)
KIV Vial Coding Machine
40 [1006]
XX Vial size range of 2 ml to 500 ml.
XX Vial Diameter, 13 mm to 100 mm.
XX Up to 150 mm vial height.
XX Machine speed up to 400 vials per minute.
XX Minimal size parts.
XX Touch screen controls.
XX Standard or invisible(florescent) ink options
Your Benefits
73 [1848]
38 [793]
XX Space saving design allows insertion into new
or existing production lines.
XX Clean and simple design for easy cleaning and
Figure 4 — Technical drawing, top and side view
XX Plexiglas cabinet keeps the working area clean
and keeps offers operator protection without
A: Printer Cabinet
B: Electrical Cabinet
C: Conveyor option
D: Eject Station
obstructing view.
XX Touch screen control panel offers convenient
access to controls.
XX Right or left hand infeed/outfeed options
XX Top and side coding including alphanumeric
and 2-D matrix coding. (bottom print optional)
XX Multiple camera and printer options available.
XX All stainless steel and pharmaceutical grade
plastic materials.
XX Open to unidirectional air flow
XX Standard Safety enclosure
Note: Illustrations and specifications contained in this
XX Latest cGMP design
brochure are for general information only. All dimensi-
XX Base footprint 28” by 40” (700mm x 1150mm)
ons and specifications are subject to change without
XX Minimal change parts to vary vial size
You will find your local partner at:
KIV Vial Coding Machine
8/2010 | PAUR/MKT | Bosch Packaging Services (subject to alterations)
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