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Phono Preamplifier
User's Manual
This symbol, whenever it appears,
alerts you to the presence of
uninsulated dangerous voltage
inside enclosure-voltage that may be
sufficient to constitute risk of shock.
This symbol, whenever it appears,
alerts you to important operating
and maintenance instructions in
the accompanying literature.
Please read the manual.
Read Instructions: Retain safety and operating instructions for
future reference. Heed all warnings printed here and on the
equipment. Follow the operating instructions printed in this user
Do not open: There are no user serviceable parts inside. Refer
any service work to qualified technical personnel only.
Grounding: Only connect the unit to equipment with properly
grounded mains power. Do not defeat the grounding and
polarization means of the power cord plug of the connected
equipment. Do not remove or tamper with the ground
connection on the power cord of the connected equipment.
Environment: Protect from excessive dirt, dust, heat, and
vibration when operating and storing. Avoid tobacco ash, drink
spillage and smoke, especially that associated with smoke
Handling: Protect the controls from damage during transit. Use
adequate padding if you need to ship the unit. To avoid injury to
yourself or damage to the equipment, take care when lifting,
moving or carrying the unit.
Servicing: Refer servicing to qualified technical personnel.
Installation: Install the unit in accordance with the instructions
printed in the user guide.
Thanks for purchasing Applied Research and
Technology’s DJPRE II™, a high quality Phono preamp
designed for your home and studio. It acts as an
interface between your turntable and your audio
recording system. The analog input capacitance can be
switched between 100pf and 200pf to optimize your
phono cartridge response. A switchable low cut filter
removes turntable rumble while leaving the audio
pristine. The front gain trim control and signal/clip LED
allow you to optimize the preamps gain for a wide range
of input sources. The built-in low noise Phono preamp
circuitry is highly accurate and precisely conforms to the
RIAA standard. The Line Output jacks are low
impedance and can work with any sound card.
Housed in an aluminum anodized case, the DJPRE II
can be powered by a wide variety of external supplies. If
you need to amplify and EQ your vinyl records to
interface with an audio workstation, sound card, or
monitor system, the DJ PRE II gives you flawless audio
reproduction in a rugged and reliable package.
High accuracy/low noise preamp
Switchable low cut rumble filter
Variable preamp gain
Signal present/clip indicator
Selectable cartridge loading
RCA preamp outputs
Heavy duty extruded chassis
Designed and developed in the USA
The Facts About Turntable Preamps
Phonograph Records Have Three Basic Problems
1. It is physically impossible to press them with ridges
that allow low frequencies to come out at the same
reproduction level as mid and high frequencies. Bass
compensation is therefore needed during playback.
2. Records produce a certain amount of hiss which is
covered up in post-production by boosting the gain of
the high frequencies before pressing. Counter-EQing
during playback compensates for this.
3. Magnetic cartridges produce a weak signal, which
must be boosted to match the rest of the amplification,
and this too is done during playback. In the mid-1950s,
the Recording Industry Association of America
established compensation standards. The resulting
RIAA preamp has been built into every hi-fi and stereo
amplifier with phono or turntable inputs since then. A
separate RIAA preamp is necessary when you are
connecting a turntable to a mixer that does not have one
built in.
1. Connect the AC adapter to the Power Input on the
DJPRE II and plug the other end into an AC power
outlet. If you are using the unit with a home stereo, see
if your receiver or other component has a "switched"
output, which will power the unit on and off with the rest
of your system.
2. Connect the turntable leads to the Input connectors
on the DJPRE II.
3. If the turntable has a separate ground wire, attach it
to the Ground terminal on the DJPRE II to reduce hum.
4. Connect the RCA or outputs to the appropriate
inputs on your mixer or stereo receiver (Aux input, or an
unused tape input). If the mixer does not have RCA
inputs (on any of the channels) a stereo RCA to dual
mono 1/4” male cable may be needed to connect to the
mixer line inputs.
5. Adjust the gain control so the indicator briefly
indicates clipping (red) during the loudest portions of the
music. If the sound is distorted and the led is red
constantly, turn the gain down.
6. Select the input capacitance that sounds best to
7. Use of the low cut filter rolls off deep bass to
eliminate turntable rumble and "skipping" in heavy feet
traffic areas
Perfect for: Portable recording, home recording, project
The DJPREII may be used in a wide variety of
applications and environments. Self-contained in an
extruded enclosure, the Phono preamp is designed for
continuous professional use. Because the unit is
compact and lightweight, mounting location is not
Frequency Response:
Phono EQ Standard:
Hum and Noise:
Input Impedance:
10Hz –50kHz, +/-.5dB
Conforms to RIAA Curve
.01% Typical @ 1kHz
>90dB below clipping
47k Ohms in parallel with
either 100pF or 200pF
Maximum Input Level: 40mVrms @1kHz
Maximum Gain:
45dB @ 1kHz
In / Out Connections:
Maximum Output Level: +6dBu (1.4Vrms)
Filter Type/Response:
Switchable, Low Cut,
-3dB @ 22Hz
Power Requirements:
7-12V DC or 9-12V AC
Dimensions HxWxD (in): 1.85 x 4.6 x 4.5
HxWxD (mm): 47 x 117 x 114
Weight (lbs/kg):
1.25 / .57
Limited Warranty (USA only)
Applied Research and Technology will provide warranty
and service for this unit in accordance with the following
Applied Research and Technology, (ART) warrants to
the original purchaser that this product and the
components thereof will be free from defects in
workmanship and materials for a period of three years
from the date of purchase. Applied Research and
Technology will, without charge, repair or replace, at its
option, defective product or component parts upon
prepaid delivery to the factory service department or
authorized service center, accompanied by proof of
purchase date in the form of a valid sales receipt.
This warranty does not apply in the event of misuse or
abuse of the product or as a result of unauthorized
alterations or repairs. This warranty is void if the serial
number is altered, defaced, or removed.
ART reserves the right to make changes in design or
make additions to or improvements upon this product
without any obligation to install the same on products
previously manufactured.
ART shall not be liable for any consequential damages,
including without limitation damages resulting from loss
of use. Some states do not allow limitations of incidental
or consequential damages, so the above limitation or
exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you
specific rights and you may have other rights, which
vary, from state to state. The warranty terms listed
above are only valid within the United States of America.
For units purchased outside the United States, an
authorized distributor of Applied Research and
Technology will provide service. For information on
warranty and service policies outside of the U.S., please
contact your local distributor.
Please fill in the following information for your reference:
Date of purchase: _________________________
Purchased from: _________________________
The following information is provided in the unlikely
event that your unit requires service.
1. Be sure that the unit is the cause of the problem.
Check to make sure that the unit has power
supplied, that all cables are connected correctly,
and that the cables themselves are in working
condition. You may want to consult with your dealer
for assistance in troubleshooting or testing your
particular configuration.
2. If you believe that the ART unit is at fault, go to Select "Support", then
"Return Authorization Request" to request a return
authorization number.
3. If you are returning the unit for service, pack the
unit in its original carton or a reasonable substitute.
The original packaging may not be suitable as a
shipping carton, so consider putting the packaged
unit in another box for shipping. Print the RA
number clearly on the outside of the shipping box.
Print your return shipping address on the outside of
the box.
4. Include with your unit: a note with the RA number
and your contact information, including a return
shipping address (we cannot ship to a P.O. box)
and a daytime phone number, and a description of
the problem, preferably attached to the top of the
unit. Also include a copy of your purchase receipt.
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