AT power
Socket 370 PIII/Celeron PCI™
Half-size CPU Card with VGA/LAN/CFC
The High Speed PCI Bus
The PCI-6870 is Advantech's latest effort to provide new PCI based
solutions to their customers. This SBC is based solely on the PCI
bus standard.
The advantage of using the PCI bus standard is the higher
performance of 32-bits at 33 MHz compared to the ISA buses'
standard 8/16-bits at 8 MHz. This increased performance makes
PCI cards especially attractive for communication applications. PCI
bus cards also provide for easy expansion. For example, adding
another Ethernet port could easily be done on a PCI bus card.
Also, other high-speed add-on cards need a PCI interface. High
speed Add-on communication cards are good examples of this.
Socket 370 Flexibility
The PCI-6870 supports both 0.13 micron and 0.18 micron socket
370 Pentium III/Celeron processors. It supports 100/133 system
bus. Using Intel 815E chipset, it can support a Pentium III/Celeron
CPU up to 1.24/1.2 GHz. PCI-6870 uses the VGA controller in the
815E chipset and supports Direct AGP. The VGA memory is UMA
shared memory and can be further upgraded to 4MB with an
optional module. There are 2 serial ports, one RS-232 and one
RS-232/422/485. The PCI-6870's USB interface is USB rev.1.1
compliant. There is a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface as well as
SIR IrDA compliant infrared support. The PCI IDE interface has two
2010687000 MN9i
Compact Flash Type II
(back side)
IDE channels and supports 4 IDE devices with Ultra DMA33 with
Bus Mastering up to 33MB/sec. In addition, Channel one IDE
supports ultra DMA 33/66/100.
• Supports Socket 370 for Intel® Pentium III/Celeron™
processor up to 1.26/1.2 GHz
• High speed Direct AGP for VGA display (815E built-in) with an
optional video module supporting DVI, and TV out
• 10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet (IntelR 815E built-in and Intel
82562ET onboard)
• USB interface compliant with USB rev. 1.1
• CompactFlash Type II card
• System overheat temperature control
• Watchdog timer, jumperless on-line setup supported
• Supports wake-up on LAN
• Supports PCI interface compliant with PCI rev. 2.1
• Supports four* PCI Bus masters
* up to six PCI Bus masters with special backplane
• CPU: Socket 370 for Intel® Pentium III/Celeron™ processor up to
1.26/1.2 GHz
Solid State Disk
• Support CompactFlash Type II
Keyboard/Mouse connector
• 6-pin Mini-Din header connector for keyboard and PS/2 mouse
• BIOS: 2 Mbit Flash BIOS, supports Plug & Play, APM 1.2
Supports Ethernet Boot ROM
Supports boot from CD-ROM
Supports boot from LS-120 ZIP™ Drive
Optional customer icon
• Chipset: Intel® 815E PCI set, FSB 100/133 MHz
• 2 level cache: 128/256KB on Celeron/Pentium III™ Processor
On-board Security
• CPU over temperature
Mechanic and Environmental Specifications
• Standard Mode Power Consumption
Typical 5V @ 6.68A (w/ PIII850,256MB)
Max. 5V @ 8A
• System memory: One DIMM socket, supports PC100/133 up to
• Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60° C (32 ~ 140° F)
• PCI IDE interface: Two Enhanced IDE interfaces, supporting 4
IDE devices Ultra DMA33 with bus mastering up to 33 MB/sec.
Channel one supports Ultra DMA 33/66/100.
• Weight: 0.26 kg
Packing List
• USB interface: Two USB ports
! PCI-6870 SBC
• Floppy disk drive interface: Supports up to two FDDs (360 KB/1.2
MB/720 KB/1.44 MB/2.88 MB)
• Size: 185 mm x 122 mm
! Jumper pack
! Startup manual
! Driver and utility CD
• Parallel port: One parallel port, supports EPP/ECP
! Warranty card
• IR port: One 115 kbps IrDA compliant serial infrared
! 1700060202 PS/2 KB & Mouse cable
• Serial ports: 2 serial ports
COM1: RS-232, COM2: RS-232/422/485
! 1700100250 COM port cable
• Audio: AC97 compliant, Mic in, Line in, Line out, Speaker out
• Watchdog timer: 62 levels timer interval, setup by software,
jumperless selection, generates hardware reset
! 1700260250 LPT cable
! 1701400452 EIDE cable
! 1703080101 Power cable
! 1703340400 FDD cable
AGP SVGA/Flat Panel Interface
Ordering Information
• Chipset: Intel 815E (Direct AGP)
• Display memory: Share system memory up to 4MB (max.)
• Display type: Supports CRT
• Interface: 2x AGP, Accelerator Graphics Ports 1.0 compliant
• Display mode:
CRT display supports up to 800 x 600 @ 24 bpp, 1024 x 768
@ 24 bpp
Ethernet Interface
• Intel 82562ET chip
PCI Ethernet controller, IEEE 802.3 protocol compatible
Supports 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Power Management
• Supports Advanced Power Management
Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice
* Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation
PCI bus socket 370 815E half-size CPU card with VGA/LAN/CFC
Optional Accessories
4-PCI Slot passive backplane
4-slot IPC chassis & 80 W power supply
IrDA adapter
USB cable
Fan/heatsink module
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