MRC M4200
Wells Manufacturing: Model M4200-3S, M4200EU
Check Calibration
CAUTION: During these checks, HOT SURFACES will be exposed.
Use the OVEN MITT when unclamping and removing the oven probe.
Oven interior and oven probe will be HOT. Hot surfaces will cause burns.
OV 000
Wells Convection Oven
1. Verify power cord is plugged in to appropriate power supply.
2. Open the oven door and clamp the oven probe in the center of the middle rack.
A. Pass the oven probe wire between the door and the door gasket. Close the door.
B. Plug the temperature probe into the digital thermometer.
3. Place the OFF/ON/FAN switch in the ON position.
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Information: Corresponding
chapter of Equipment Manual
4. Allow the oven to warm up for 30 minutes.
NOTE: All product cooking timers must be in
the IDLE mode (low intensity display) before
calibration can begin. If not, press the
associated button to cancel.
5. Press and hold the TEMP button for 10
seconds. The display will flash CALb.
6. Press the product timer buttons sequentially
(1 – 6). The display will read “ - - - -”, and
will remain that way until Step 8.
Digital thermometer with
oven probe.
Oven mitt.
7. When the amber HEAT light goes OFF, the
audible alarm will sound, and the display will
show the temperature of the oven at that time.
Note the readings on the display and on the
digital thermometer.
8. The temperature display should read within
±3ºF (±1ºC) of the temperature on the digital
thermometer. If the temperatures are within
3ºF (1ºC) of each other, this calibration
procedure is complete. If the difference
between the temperatures exceeds 3ºF (1ºC),
proceed to Step 9.
9. Use the SET buttons to set the displayed temperature so that it is the same as the
temperature reading of the digital thermometer. Use the right-most SET button to
increase the displayed temperature, and the left-most Set button to decrease the
displayed temperature. A maximum of 50ºF (33ºC) correction can be made to the
original temperature reading.
10. Press the TEMP button to enter the new value into memory and to exit the calibration
11. Place the OFF/ON/FAN switch in the OFF position.
CAUTION: The oven interior and probe are hot. Use the oven mitt when
unclamping and removing the oven probe.
12. Open the oven door and remove the oven probe.
Procedure is complete
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Clean the Fan
1. Disconnect the power cord
Caution :
Fan blades are sharp.
Use caution when
cleaning/wiping. Sharp
blades will cause cuts.
2. Remove the racks and rack supports.
3. Remove the fan baffle.
Caution: Fan blades are sharp.
Use care when cleaning and wiping
fan blades. Sharp blades will cause
4. Brush the fan wheel and wipe it with a
moist towel. Wipe out all loose particles.
5. Reinstall the fan baffle, rack supports and
Procedure is complete.
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