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Using the ATI
All-In-Wonder Card
Your PC comes with the
ATI All-In-Wonder® Radeon™ 9000
card. This pre-installed TV tuner,
video capture, and graphics card
comes with the necessary cables
and remote control located in the
ATI kit included with your PC.
Your All-In-Wonder card also
comes with the ATI Multimedia
software, which is pre-installed
on your PC.
Important: The ATI kit includes an
adapter to connect a VGA
monitor to the digital video input
port on your All-In-Wonder card
on the back of the PC. You
cannot connect a standard VGA
monitor without this adapter.
The All-In-Wonder card and the
ATI Multimedia Center software
provide 2- and 3-dimensional
graphic capability with multimedia
features that allow you to:
Watch and pause live TV, DVDs,
and videos on your PC.
Capture, record, and play back
analog video from your TV,
VCR, and camcorder.
Organize video and audio files
into a media library.
Play games and music CDs.
When you connect your PC to a
television or to a TV signal source,
the ATI All-In-Wonder card
provides several features you can
operate with the ATI remote
control, such as: TV-On-Demand™,
zoom-in control, scheduled
viewing, channel scanning, an
interactive program guide, and
closed captioning.
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Note: Scheduled viewing, closed
captioning, and the interactive
program guide are not available
in all countries/regions.
Please refer to the information in
the Quick Setup Guide (cable
installation) poster that came with
your ATI All-In-Wonder card for
information about how to install
the correct audio and video
Enabling the
Television Display
After you attach all the required
video and audio cables between
the TV and PC, you need to restart
your PC. If you choose to connect
your PC to a TV, the default
display setting is to have the TV
and monitor display the Windows
desktop simultaneously. TV Out is
an optional feature.
To enable your TV and PC
the ATI Software
1 Click Start on the taskbar.
5 Click the Settings tab, and
then click the Advanced
Your PC is pre-installed with all
the necessary ATI drivers and
software to be able to use the
ATI All-In-Wonder card. If you need
to reinstall the ATI All-In-Wonder
programs, refer to the Application
Recovery information in the printed
documentation that came with
your PC.
6 Click the Displays tab, and
then select the TV option.
Getting Help
2 Click Control Panel.
3 Click Appearance and
Themes, if it is present.
4 Double-click Display.
7 Click OK.
Important: If the TV option is
dimmed, your TV may not
be connected to the PC properly.
For the TV option to appear, you
may need to restart your PC after
you connect the video cables.
The ATI All-In-Wonder card comes
with an online user guide.
This guide describes advanced
features and provides information
about using your TV, VCR, and
other video input sources with your
TV tuner card and remote control.
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To view the ATI Online User
Manual, click Start on the
taskbar, choose All Programs,
ATI Multimedia Center, and
then click MMC7.
For instructions on how to set
up your PC with your TV, refer
to the ATI Online User Manual
(ATI Multimedia Center 7.7 User’s
Guide) and the cable installation
For instructions on how to play
DVDs or audio CDs on your PC,
refer to the printed documentation
that came with your PC.
Note: A DVD-ROM drive is an optional
Download PDF