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Control Pad
USB/MIDI Percussion Controller
The Control Pad is the ultimate electronic percussion device for musicians. Now drummers or
anyone that wants to play drums can use their computer or any MIDI module for sounds. Just
plug in the Control Pad to your PC and get realistic drum sounds with more flexibility and control
over your sound than was previously possible.
What to Talk About
8 High-Quality Velocity-Sensitive Percussion Pads
8 highly sensitive gum rubber pads.
Each pad can be set to a specific MIDI note number and channel.
Pads can be globally adjusted for individual sensitivity, velocity curve and threshold
settings for each players taste.
BFD Lite Software
The Control Pad comes with a custom DVD of BFD Lite from Fxpansion. This program
works on PC and Mac.
BFD is a software Drum Module program that has collection of drums with different
mic’ing and ambience selections that can be mixed for a custom sound of each drum kit.
Users can change out the drums and setup their own custom mixes per kit.
BFD can be upgraded by the customer to a full version. There is a special website for
Alesis customers at
Control Pad works with most software programs as well (Reason. Battery, softsynths,
Customizable User Configuration
All Presets are customizable and can be stored as individual Kits.
There are 20 Kits in the Control Pad. All are programmable.
Each Kit remembers the MIDI Channel, note number and a program change that is sent
out when the Kit is recalled.
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Control Pad
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Built-in USB jack for plug and play compatibility with Mac and PC. No drivers required.
USB bus-powered (no power supply necessary when connected to a computer.)
The Control Pad can also be used as standalone (AC adapter included ) MIDI controller
with a MIDI device - Synth Modules, drum modules, samplers and keyboards.
The MIDI input allows users to connect another Control Pad to the input and send MIDI
note information into a sequencer as a separate MIDI device so you can have two
Control Pads working in one digital audio application.
You can expand your trigger inputs by connecting pad on the 2 ¼” jacks on the backCompatible with the Alesis Drum pad and Cymbal accessories.
There are also 2 footswitch inputs for a kick pedal and hi hat controller.
You can change your kits remotely using a standard up/down pedal with the ¼” TRS jack
What to Show
With a Computer
Playing Sounds with BFD
1. Install the BFD software on your Computer. Don’t start the program yet.
2. Plug in the Control Pad into your computer. Allow for a few seconds for the computer to
recognize it.
3. Start up BFD.
4. After BFD loads, Press the Function button to select the Green “KIT” LED. Make sure you are
on Kit “00”.
5. Strike a pad. You should hear a sound come out of your computer*.
* Depending on your computers sound card you may need to adjust the audio settings for latency. There is a
whole section in the Control Pad manual for this on page 7.
Using a SR16 Drum Machine
Playing Sounds with a SR-16
Plug the AC adapter into the Control Pad and turn on the power.
Plug a MIDI cable from the MIDI out of the Control Pad to the MIDI in of a SR-16.
Use the Function button to select the green “KIT” LED.
Change the KIT to “005” with the Value Up / Down buttons.
Strike a pad on the Control Pad. You should hear a sound coming out of the SR-16*.
*If you don’t hear a sound being triggered on the SR-16 the MIDI channels may need to be adjusted to
match the pad setting. Try initializing the SR-16 to factory setup by initializing- turn off the SR-16’s power
and wait a few seconds. Press and hold the PLAY and ERASE buttons while turning on power.
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Control Pad
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