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Casino Calculator Model No. 394-P-CS-WSOP
Casino Calculator
Model No. 394-P-CS-WSOP
Congratulations on the purchase of the Casino
Calculator. To have the most fun with your new game,
please read this operating manual thoroughly, paying
special attention to safety and care instructions.
Getting Started
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Casino Draw Poker
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Deuces Wild
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Slot Machine
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Using the Calculator
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Special Care and Batteries
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Limited One-Year Warranty
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The legendary King Arthur brandished a magic sword, Excalibur, from
which we take our company name. With this unique weapon in his hands,
he could not be vanquished.
Although Excalibur Electronics can’t claimthe magical secrets of Merlin,
King Arthur’s court wizard, sometimes our patented technology may
make it seem as if we could. The Casino Calculator is another unmatched
innovation of Excalibur Electronics.
We make you think.
Installing the Batteries
Your Casino Calculator uses two AA batteries (not
included). To install the batteries, carefully turn the
game over so the top side is face-down on a soft surface. Use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the
screw. Lift off the battery compartment lid. Install the batteries,
making sure to match the polarity
(+ and -) inside the battery compartment (see diagram). Place the
tab of the battery compartment lid in its slots and
close the compartment door. Replace the screw and
tighten gently.
Getting Started
Selecting Game Type
To play, press ON/OFF.
Enabling or Disabling Sound Effects
To enable Casino Calculator’s sound effects, press
MUTE until the symbol for two musical notes is displayed in the upper right of your LCD. To play silent4
1. Blackjack
2. Draw Poker
3. Baccarat
4. Deuces Wild
5. Slot Machine
After selecting the game, press START DEAL once to
continue the game.
No matter which game you select, you start off with
a bankroll of $2,000. To determine the amount of
your bet, press the BET keys until the amount you
want to bet is displayed. (After the first hand of any
game, you can repeat the amount of your initial bet
by pressing BET.) After each hand or spin, the
amount you have won or lost is briefly displayed.
Then your new total is displayed.
Starting the Game
Whatever the game, press START DEAL. If you are
playing Blackjack, Draw Poker, Baccarat or Deuces
Wild, Casino Calculator will begin dealing the hand. If
you are playing Slot Machine, your Casino Calculator
will “spin” the reels.
Game Rules
For the specific playing rules of each game, see sections below.
The game of 21, or Blackjack, has become the most
popular casino card game.
add up to 21, or as close to 21
as possible, without exceeding
21. The Ace is worth 11 points
unless this amount takes a hand
over 21, in which case the Ace
counts as 1. All other cards
count for their face value. You
compete only against the dealer.
How to Play
Just like a professional dealer, Casino Calculator will
deal you two cards and deal himself two cards, only
one of which you can see. You must then decide
whether to press STAND to draw no more cards, or
to press DEAL to take another card. Remember, if
you go over 21, you automatically lose! When you’ve
decided to stand, Casino Calculator finishes its hand.
If your final count is closer to 21 than Casino
Calculator’s count, while not exceeding 21, you win
an amount equal to your bet, and get your betting
money as well. If you hit a blackjack, you win twice
the amount of your bet. If your count is the same as
Casino Calculator’s, it’s a tie (or push) and nobody
wins, and you keep the money you’ve bet. If your
In Blackjack, you must decide whether to “stand”
(draw no more cards) or “hit” (receive another card
by pressing DEAL) until you feel that the total count of
your hand is closer to 21, without going over that
number, than the cards the dealer will draw.
Buying Insurance
Insurance is a protection side bet for the player and
pays 2-to-1. When a dealer has an ace showing, the
word “INSURANCE” will flash. At this point, you
have the option or each player has the option to take
insurance by placing up to half of his bet in the insurance square. This means you’re betting that the dealer has 21. (The bet gets its name from the idea that
the player is buying insurance against the dealer
having blackjack.) If a dealer has 21, you win the
insurance bet. You lose this side bet if he doesn’t.
(Tip: Professional Blackjack players consider buying insurance a bad strategy.)
Draw poker is one of the most
popular card games in the
The object of poker is to assemble a hand that is a pair of Jacks
or better.
How to Play
Casino Calculator will deal you five cards, showing
both the number (or, in the case of face cards, a letter) and the suit of each card. Above and to the left
of your hand, the words “DRAW or HOLD” are displayed. You have the option of replacing from one to
all five cards. Mark any cards you want to keep (for
example, any two of a kind) by pushing the HOLD key
that corresponds to the card or cards. HOLD 1 keeps
The hierarchy of winning poker hands, from best to
worst, and their payoffs, are given on page 9.
Deuces Wild is played the same as draw poker, but
the four 2’s (deuces) in the deck can be substituted
for any other card, for any rank, in any suit. For
example, a deuce of spades could be used as the fifth
card to complete a straight flush in hearts. In Deuces
Wild, you should never discard a deuce.
Royal Flush
1,000 times your bet
Because it is easier to put
4 Deuces
together hands to win, you
500 times your bet
must assemble a hand that
Royal Flush with deuces
is at least three of a kind.
100 times your bet
The payoffs are also differ5 of a kind
ent from draw poker (see
50 times your bet
chart on left).
Straight Flush
20 times your bet
4 of a kind
10 times your bet
Baccarat is originally a
Full house
French game and has fasci10 times your bet
nated players since the
1400s. It is played by two
6 times your bet
or more players using
cards, a betting mat and
4 times your bet
chips. Baccarat has rigid
3 of a kind
2 times your bet
rules; there is no skill
involved or choices to
make. The game is all
chance or luck. A beginner has as much chance as a
Ranking of Winning Poker Hands
Royal flush: AKQJ10, all in the same suit (spades, hearts, clubs or
diamonds), is the best poker hand possible.
You win 1,000 times your bet.
Straight flush: 5 cards of the same suit in sequence, such as
87654 of clubs. starting below the ace. The ace can also be used as
a 1 to make 5432A, the lowest straight flush.
You win 500 times your bet.
4 of a kind: 4 of the same rank and a kicker, like 6662. Ranked by
the 4 matched cards, so that a 66662 beats 5555K.
You win 500 times your bet.
Full house: 3 cards of kind accompanied by 2 of a different kind,
such as 555AA. Ranked by the triplets, so that 555KK beats 444AA.
You win 35 times your bet.
Flush: 5 cards of the same suit but not in sequence, such as KQ752
of hearts. Ranked by the top card, and then by the next card, so that
KQ752 beats KJ952. Suits are not used to break ties.
You win 8 times your bet.
Straight: 5 cards in sequence, such as 98765. The ace plays either
high or low, making AKQJ10 and 5432A.
You win 5 times your bet.
3 of kind: 3 cards of the same kind and two kickers of different
ranks, such as KKK75. Ranked by the triplets, so that KKK75 beats
QQQAK, and QQQAK beats QQQA9.
You win 3 times your bet.
2 pair: 2 of a kind, 2 cards of another kind and a kicker, such as
AA449. Ranked by the top pair, then the bottom pair, and finally the
kicker, so that AA449 beats KKQQA, AA33K, or AA448.
You win 2 times your bet.
1 pair of Jacks or better: 2 of a kind of at least Jacks, accompanied by 3 kickers of different ranks, such as KKQJ3. Ranked by the
pair, followed by each kicker in turn, so that KKQJ3 beats KKQJ2.
You win 1 times your bet.
How to Play
Casino Calculator will be the dealer (also called the
croupier). It will deal the player two cards. Then
Casino Calculator will deal itself (the bank) two
The object of baccarat is to predict whether the dealer or theplayer will win the hand, or if the hand will
be a tie. After selecting Baccarat (3) and pushing
A winning hand is the one that comes the closest to
the ideal total of 9 after play is finished. Face cards
and tens count for nothing. The ace counts as one, the
deuce two, the three as three, etc. If the sum of the
cards’ points is 10
Player’s Third Card Rules
or more, only
the last digit
Player must:
For First 2 cards total:
example, if a
1, 2, 3, 4, or 5
Receive a card.
hand shows a 9
6 or 7
and an 8, its
No third card.
total is 17, but
8 or 9 (natural)
No third card.
its score is only
7. A hand that
consists of a 7 and a 3 totals 10, so its score is 0.
Strict rules govern whether a third card is dealt.
(See chart below.)
Rules for the banker hand: If the banker's first two
cards total 7 or more, then the banker must stand
mined by the whether the player drew, and if so the
value of the player's draw card, as shown below. If
the player’s hand does get a third card, the six rules
below govern whether the bank’s hand gets a third
A. If the bank’s hand totals 2 or less, the bank gets
another card.
B. If the bank’s hand totals 3, the bank gets
another card—unless the player’s third card
was an 8.
C. If the bank’s hand totals 4, the bank gets a
third card—unless the player’s third card is a
0, 1, 8, or 9.
D. If the bank’s hand totals 5, the bank gets a
third card—if the player’s third card was a 4,
5, 6, or 7.
If you’ve predicted the right 3 Triple Bars
result, you win an amount equal to 500 times your bet.
3 Double Bars
your bet.
50 times your bet.
3 Single Bars
Slots is the easiest casino game to 10 times your bet.
learn and play. It's also one of the 3 Bars of Any Kind
most fun and most popular. After 2 times your bet.
determining your bet, simply
press START. There are three columns in the Slot
Machine display. If any bar— single, double, or
triple— appears in all three columns, you double your
Using the Calculator
The other side of your Casino Calculator is a fullfunctioning calculator. It operates just like any standard calculator functions. Please see the examples
Special Care
Avoid rough handling such as bumping or dropping.
Avoid moisture and extreme temperatures. For
best results, use between the temperatures of
39ºF and 100ºF (4ºC and 38ºC).
Clean using only a slightly damp cloth. Do not
use cleaners with chemical agents.
Battery Information
• Casino Calculator uses 2 AA batteries (not
• Do not use rechargeable batteries.
• To avoid explosion or leakage, do not dispose of
batteries in a fire or attempt to recharge standard
or alkaline batteries.
• Be sure to insert batteries with the correct polarities and always follow the toy and battery manufacturer’s instructions.
• Remove batteries and store them in a cool, dry
place when not in use.
• Always remove old and dead batteries from the
• The supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is
subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not
cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any
interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
N O T E : This equipment has been tested and found to comply
with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of
the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable
protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with
the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will
not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause
harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be
determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is
encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more
of the following measures:
• Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
• Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
• Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different
from that to which the receiver is connected.
INC., warrants to the original
consumer that its products
are free from any electrical
or mechanical defects for a
period of ONE YEAR from
the date of purchase. If any
such defect is discovered
within the warranty period,
INC., will repair or replace
the unit free of charge upon
receipt of the unit, shipped
postage prepaid and insured
to the factory address
shown at right.
The warranty covers normal
consumer use and does not
cover damage that occurs in
shipment or failure that
results from alterations,
accident, misuse, abuse,
wear and tear,
commercial use, or unreasonable use of the unit.
Removal of the top panel
voids all warranties. This
warranty does not cover
cost of
repairs made or
attempted outside of the
Any applicable implied warranties, including warranties
excluded. Some states do
not allow limitations on the
duration of implied warranties and do not allow
exclusion of incidental or
consequential damages, so
the above limitations and
exclusions in these instances
may not apply.
The only
authorized service center in
the United States is:
Excalibur Electronics,
13755 SW 119th Ave
Miami, Florida 33186
Tel: 305.477.8080
Fax: 305.477.9516
Ship the unit carefully
packed, preferably in the
original carton, and send it
prepaid, and adequately
insured. Include a letter,
detailing the complaint and
including your daytime telephone number, inside the
shipping carton. If your warranty has expired and you
want an estimated fee for
service, write to the above
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