Workflow Tools
Fluent makes a Switcher a Live Integrated Production System
Fluent makes a Broadcast Pix Slate system into an integrated production system. Two worlds of technology are combined. Traditional production switcher
technology provides the powerful switching engine that layers many streams of real time video, and the fast action control panels needed manage it.
Contemporary information technology provides the file-based and network based workflow tools, and Broadcast Pix has developed an entire suite of
these called Fluent. The Broadcast Pix Slate Series combines a great switcher and these exceptional Fluent workflow tools to create the world’s leading
live integrated production systems,. It is the easiest and most cost effective way to create compelling live video.
Fluent Workflow Tools
Many Fluent workflow
tools are contained in
every Broadcast Pix Slate
system. Fluent clips and
graphics provide the
foundation, and these
are fed from all over the
studio via Fluent WatchFolders, and content
is then combined with
switcher moves in Fluent
Macros. The Fluent MultiView goes way beyond
conventional multi-views
to display file-based
information, and Fluent
control network out to
control robotic cameras,
servers and audio mixers.
Create Compelling Live Video
Fluent Clips
Every Slate system include a powerful Clip store, which holds up to 200 hours of clips and
animations. It’s a great place to keep opens, closes, bumpers, or any clips. It can import
QuickTime clips (.mov files encoded in DV, DVC PRO, H.264, ProRes). It can also record
and play digital uncompressed clips. And in addition to clips, the clip store can also play
animations for intricately moving graphics or spinning logos. Clips can have a key (alpha)
and audio. Fluent Clips is highly integrated with the rest of the Slate system, and content
can flow into it from your favorite editing and graphics systems with Fluent WatchFolders.
Thumbnails of the clips are tiled on the Fluent Multi-View on the system’s computer
monitor. As shown at the right, the system can have two independent channels of clip
stores. For example, the second channel could hold additional clips and some animations.
Fluent Graphics
Fluent Graphics is includes with every Slate system, and includes 5 channels of
Graphics and a Harris Inscriber TitleMotion CG (Character Generator. Use the CG to
prepare graphics before going on air, or even edit them during an on-air production.
Or import graphics, with key(alpha), from your favorite graphics system, including
.tga, .jpg, .png and other formats. Fluent Watch-folders streamlines the import of
graphics, even during the middle of a live production. You can also attach a
conventional external CG to the Broadcast Pix system, with optional external
key support, which is standard on the Slate 5000.
The names and numbers of each title appear on the panel’s PixButtons for rapid
recall, such as the PixPad shown at the right, which indicates that the title “Men’s
Crew” is on the air. The name of each title also appears on the panel’s PixButtons for
each keyer and source, so you always know what title you get when you take it to
air. You can open up multiple title stores, to use two or three titles simultaneously.
For example, use three at once for a lower third, a logo, plus crawling text along
the bottom. All standard on a Broadcast Pix system. And when you want a
dedicated graphics operator, just add a second monitor.
Fluent Watch-Folders
Unlike conventional switchers that take only video inputs, Slate
systems can input video and files. This greatly streamlines live
production workflow, by enabling clips and graphics to be sent
over a network from edit stations or graphics systems to the
Slate system, even during the middle of a live production. No
need to wait to record a clip onto a server. No need to have a
separate clip operator cueing the clip. The clip just appears on
Slate’s multi-view and its name appears on the control panel’s
PixButton, and it can be set to auto-start upon going to air.
Slate uses innovative Watch-Folders, which automatically adds
content to your show. For example, you might have one WatchFolder for the 6 o’clock news program, and one for the 9 o’clock.
Editors simply send the content over a network into the correct
Watch-Folder and it is automatically added to that show, even
late breaking news that comes in during a news cast. Data flows
in without taking time to do file conversion, as Slate handles
many HD and SD native formats. With more than 1 TB of storage
capacity, Slate accepts large clip files.
Macro Creator makes editing easy.
Create Compelling Live Video
Fluent Macros
Powerful Macros recall a sequence of moves, which can include every
switcher move as well all the integrated devices. Fluent Macros even
remember file names, while conventional switchers cannot remember names of any graphics or clips. For example, with one press you
can select a camera on preview, change its preset position, bring it to
air, fade on its specific title from the CG store, and fade off the title.
Record Macros by pressing the sequence of desired buttons, and
then fine tune them on the comprehensive graphical user interface
Macro Creator makes editing easy.
Fluent Multi-View
All Slate systems include Fluent Multi-View, which provides more
comprehensive monitoring than any multi-view system. Unlike conventional
multi-views that only provide monitoring of sources and program and
preview outputs, Fluent Multi-View also includes a wide variety of
file-based and other workflow tools.
Unlike conventional multi-views, Slate provides unprecedented feedback to
the switcher operator. No other multi-view monitors the contents of keyers.
Thumbnails of any channel of clip or graphics store are displayed in a PixPad
that corresponds to the control panel’s PixPad, and attributes are shown like
whether a clip has been set to auto-start. There are clocks, a stop-watch clip
counters and title safe zone overlays. And you are notified when new content
arrives in Slate’s watch-folders from other parts of your studio.
Fluent Teams
Slate is exceptional for solo use, and also gracefully expands to team use. Some
productions, like live sports, have so much spontaneous action that a separate
graphics operator is needed. All Slate systems support two monitors. The switcher
operator can use one monitor for the multi-view with panel, and the graphics
operator can use the other with keyboard and mouse. For more team members
add the quad monitor option, and more SoftPanels which can open in a browser on
a PC or Mac. The panels can be independent so one person can be on a clip store,
while another is on a still store, another on a CG, etc. Operators can be anywhere
on the network – in the studio, in the back room, even thousands of miles away.
A 2 M/E SoftPanel can even be added to a 1 M/E system for a compact affordable 2
M/E system (option 105).
Fluent CG Connect - Option
CG Connect links an Inscriber CG template to a
database. Just create the template you want, and tie
its elements to a database on the Slate system, or to
another computer on the network. Then select the
data you want and it will automatically and instantly
fill the CG page, even when on-air. Now when you
have a database of names and titles, you do not have
to re-key them. It’s also great in all live sports
applications, to keep score, or select a player and get
all his or her stats and related graphics. You can even
insert a clock into a CG page, and it will update on-air
automatically. CG Connect works with XML or
Microsoft Access databases (.mdb).
Automatically fill a CG template from a
database. Just click on the name, and
both the name and title will fill, even on air.
Create Compelling Live Video
CG Connect is great for
all sports, and can do
scores, and graphics
Fluent Camera Control - Option
Now you can add camera control to any of the Broadcast Pix Studio systems, including all
our 1 M/E and 2 M/E versions. The Fluent Camera Control options enable the Broadcast
Pix control panel to control camera position and lens. The entire range of Slate systems
can control of up to 9 or more robotic cameras directly from the Broadcast Pix panel,
simplifying single-operator control of the entire studio.
The panel’s PixButtons can control preset positions and the name of each preset position
can be on the button. These buttons can also set the speed and movement range of
panning and tilting. The panel’s 3D joystick manually control a selected camera’s pan,
tilt and zoom. And its knobs can control focus, iris and other settings.
Fluent Audio Control - Option
For the ultimate one man band, add optional Fluent Audio Control software to the Slate system to
enable it to automatically control an audio mixer.
This Audio-Follow-Video software enables an audio mixer to automatically follow all action on the
Slate video switcher. Unlike conventional switchers that utilize antiquated ESAM2 protocols for
audio follow, Slate uses MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), so it works with most audio
mixers including Yamaha and Roland, and is more affordable and yet much more powerful. As each
video source goes to air, it triggers commands on the mixer to turn on various audio inputs. It can
even trigger an entire mixer scene memory, including volume, fade, pan and effects like echo and
Fluent Server Control - Option
The Fluent Server control option can control video server, including
the System 360 and the Harris Nexio. Each channel in the sever can
be controlled from Slate control panels device controls. The names of
each clip in the sever appear on the PixButtons, so you always know
what clip you are getting. And these names appear in the panel’s
PixPad and in the source and key buttons. You can use the control
panel’s motion button to play, start and stop each clip. It uses a VDCP
powerful protocol.
Fluent Shared Router - Option
Two systems can share a central router by adding a Slate G 1000
or 100 to a Slate G 3032 or 5032 (as shown) switcher, and adding
optional software (option 150). For larger facilities, this greatly
simplifies wiring and lowers cost.
This workflow configuration provides separate control points with a
common group of cameras and other sources, for example for
simultaneously producing TV and internet shows. These kinds of
multi-mode productions typically create different size shows, which
require different graphics approaches. Other examples are TV and
projection, and Internet and mobile, and TV and mobile (shown).
Create Compelling Live Video
Create Compelling Live Video
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