CONCORD | QUIX | // A genuine spAce mArvel

 // 01/2012
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// A genuine
space marvel
Compact external dimension:
45 cm
Extra-long back rest:
Spacious internal dimension:
55 cm
36 cm
Compact and comfortable – the innovative CONCORD QUIX is
the first buggy to combine both advantages. The completely
new wheel concept with duo compact tyres allows narrow
external dimensions and yet generous internal dimensions.
This makes the smart buggy CONCORD QUIX the perfect town
runabout: compact and flexible, even in the smallest spaces,
but offering the child complete seating comfort. The narrow
wheels also offer parents a significant amount of legroom
when pushing.
Buggy weight: 8 kg / Capacit y: up to 15 kg
Size when open: L 76.5 x W 46.5 x H 105 cm
Size when closed: L 26 x w 36 x H 102 cm
quix quix
Flexible and secure
M aximum seating comfort
C omfortable lying are a
The very comfortable leg rest and the well-upholstered
The smar t buggy‘s extra-high back rest can be folded out
seating space ensure maximum comfort whilst travelling; the
to provide a vir tually flat lying area. Ideal for a shor t rest
seating position is infinitely adjustable with a single hand.
break when travelling.
L arge sunroof
SNUGGLE protective cover
The smar t buggy has a ver y large t wo-way adjustable and
Protects the inside of the buggy from wear and dirt; the
removable sunroof that is water-repellent and fit ted with
child also sits on a soft seat with even better cushioning.
UV 50+ sun protection.
// D uo compact t yres: all wheels
have ball bearings; front wheels
can be swivelled and locked
// H and brake simple to operate
and to be released again
// 5 -point belt system
including child lock
// At tractive appe arance
// p rotective cover SNUGGLE
The CONCORD QUIX is available in
four dif ferent designs; the covers
are simple to remove and machine
The practical protective covers are designed with great at tention to detail and available in four dif ferent designs.
Also suitable for the buggies CONCORD NEO and CONCORD FUSION.
// Design pepper
// Design sahara
// Design Robot
// Design DUMBO
// Design dragon
// Design birdie
// s leeping bag cocoon
The COCOON sleeping bag keeps the child warm even on cold winter days. Available in four dif ferent designs.
// Design dark night
// Design lime
Practical and beautiful
// Design Robot
// Design DUMBO
// Design dragon
// Design birdie
// Baby Changing bag BUGGYBAG
The practical BUGGYBAG and a rain cover are available as standard from CONCORD QUIX.
// V er y large luggage rack:
considerable storage space
for all impor tant things
// Snap ring on the handle, e.g.
for fastening keys
// Removable handle cover for
mini-vase or small container
(is supplied)
// Design DArk night
// Design sahara
// Design pepper
// Design lime
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