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iPBridgeTM 2700R/D
iPBridgeTM 2700R/D
Product Features
Blazing Fast Performance
• Allow storage devices to
operate at near-native speeds
with throughput of over
1.2 TB/hr
• Reduce backup windows with
multiple concurrent backups
Smooth Data Streaming
• Increase write performance
with SpeedwriteTM, an ATTOdesigned technology which
efficiently queues outstanding
write commands
• Increase availability with
Multipathing, the ability to map
the same storage to multiple
iSCSI ports
One Click Installation
• Simplify configuration and
management of FibreBridges
with ExpressNAVTM, ATTO’s
easy-to-use web-based GUI
• Reduce time spent on initial
set-up with features such as
automatic LUN mapping
• Quickly and easily integrate
additional bridges into SANs
with the ability to save and
restore bridge configurations
iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel Bridge
Ideal for connecting Fibre Channel
Storage Networks to an IP SAN
As the amount of data generated by users in organizations continues to increase, managing traditional direct-attached methods of storing data becomes a more difficult and time-consuming task.
The ATTO iPBridgeTM 2700C helps address this
growing issue by providing high-performance
iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel connectivity. Since iSCSI
technology utilizes existing Ethernet infrastructures
already supported natively by many servers, decoupling Direct Attached Storage (DAS) from individual servers and reaping the benefits of networked storage is a simple task. Servers can now
utilize an organization’s Fibre Channel SAN for purposes such as backup and resource consolidation.
The iPBridge 2700 is the leading choice for highperformance iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel bridging available today, thanks to industry-leading support for 4Gigabit Fibre Channel. Support for both FC and
iSCSI protocols allows storage devices such as
disk drives, tape drives and libraries, and CD jukeboxes to easily attach to IP networks. The included
graphical user interface (GUI) makes set-up and
maintenance a breeze, while other ATTO-designed
features help boost performance and increase
Technical Highlights
• Four independent
Gigabit Ethernet ports to
two independent 4
Gigabit Fibre Channel
• Near wire speed (99.5%)
sustained throughput—
120 MB/sec. per Gig-E
• Support for leading
iSCSI initiators, including Microsoft iSCSI Initiator v2.01
• Gigabit Ethernet connectivity auto-negotiates to
10/100 Ethernet
• ExpressNAVTM
browser-based GUI for
remote administration
and diagnostics
• Configuration,
management, and
monitoring via Ethernet
and serial console port
• RoHS Compliant
• 2-year standard
product warranty
SAN Connectivity
• Interconnect Fibre Channel
and iSCSI SANs
• Single point of management
for storage behind the bridge
For More Information:
Technical Specification
iPBridgeTM 2700R/D
iSCSI Bridge
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iPBridgeTM 2700R/D
Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel
Gigabit Ethernet Interface
Fibre Channel Interface
Four independent 100/1000 Gig-E RJ45 Ethernet ports
Supports Microsoft iSCSI initiators
Supports IP v.4
Compliance with IEEE802.3ab Gig-E
Compliance with IEEE 802.3x flow Control
SNMP MIB 2.2 support
Auto-negotiates to 2.125/1.0625-gigabit devices
Two Optical SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) Fibre Channel Ports
Full support for direct connect for F-port fabric switches
Class 3 and intermix ANSI Fibre Channel Specifications
PLDA, public loop login (NL-ports) and fabric connect (N-port)
Full-duplex transmissions
Operating Environment
Local and Network Management
Operating system independent
Supports all SCSI devices including hard disk drives, tape drives, RAID controller, DVD, MO and CD libraries
Integrated web server for remote configuration, management and diagnostic capabilities
Local diagnostics supported through CLI, SNMP, Telnet, FTP and SCSI Enclosure Services (SES)
Command line and menu-based ASCII text management access via Ethernet
Dedicated Ethernet Management Port
MultiTarget Mode allows each Fibre Channel device to have its own Target (LUN) name
Access Control Lists (ACLs)
Virtual LAN (VLAN) support
Multiple levels of password protection
Ethernet link and activity
FC activity
Agency Approvals
Safety and Environmental
FCC Class A
CE EN55022
CE EN55024
RoHS Compliant
Environmental & Physical Specifications
Operating Environment
Rack/Desk Enclosure: 1.7” (1U) H x 17” W x 8.94” L
Operating: 5-40° C
Temperature: user configurable integrated thermal sensor data for automatic shutdown Default 70° Celsius
Air Flow: Recommended 11 CFM Ambient Air not to exceed 40° Celsius
Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing
8 lbs.
Ordering Information
Model Number
For More Information:
Technical Specification
iPBridgeTM 2700R/D
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