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Portico™ TVA™ and Avaya IP Office
Company Perspective
Over two decades, Citel has evolved as The VoIP Migration Company™, building a reputation as a technology and
market leader in delivering innovative voice network solutions to organizations worldwide. Citel is a New York State
based, private company with a global presence, and the resources and partnerships to deliver value-enhancing
telephony solutions quickly and cost-effectively.
How can Citel benefit your enterprise? Organizations generally make technology purchasing decisions to
accomplish one or more of the following objectives:
• Grow revenue
• Reduce costs
• Increase productivity
• Enhance customer experience
• Improve core business focus
• Maintain or enhance competitive position
At Citel, we design and manufacture each of our products to align with an organization’s technology buying
objectives to create a seamless, scalable voice network.
Citel manufactures the Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adapter (TVA™), enabling deliver of VoIP services and
applications to digital (PBX), P phone (Centrex), and analog telephones already working and in place.
Avaya IP Office is a phone system designed for small and medium businesses, offering powerful communications
capabilities combining advanced, big business functionality with the ease of use and simplified management
that small businesses require. IP Office helps small businesses use communications to differentiate them
from their competition.
Together, Citel and Avaya IP Office accelerate VoIP deployment. IP Office provides the engine for VoIP’s
benefits, and Portico TVA makes the enterprise transition fast, easy, and affordable.
Avaya IP Office Overview
Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adapter (TVA™) Overview
Avaya IP Office unifies company communications, providing
employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business
communications on the device of their choice.
A very large amount of money (estimated at $20.6 billion over
five years back in 2006 according to a Gartner Research report) will
be wasted on IP screen phones. Smart enterprises will migrate to IP
telephony utilizing existing handsets and wiring infrastructure.
IP Office easily adapts to company goals and budget and
provides individual user productivity solutions to give each
employee just the capabilities they need - whether it is the
receptionist, sales or service representatives, home telecommuter
or on-the-go knowledge worker.
Helping small to large companies around the world use
communications to grow sales and lower operating expenses has
made Avaya the global leader in business communications systems.
If that is what you want for your small business, it is time to take a close
look at Avaya IP Office.
Avaya IP Office - key features
Lower mobile phone and long distance bills.
Built-in resiliency
No conference calling fees
Centralized administration
Legacy handsets are retained until they reach the end of
their effective life, and the enterprise avoids a questionable
investment in rapidly evolving IP endpoints.
Citel’s SIP-based Portico™ Telephone VoIP Adapter (TVA™)
enables digital (PBX), P phone (Centrex) and analog handsets
to connect directly to an IP platform over existing wiring.
The enterprise can apply up to two thirds of its existing
telephony investment towards a new IP platform, dramatically
reducing the expenditure and disruption usually associated
with IP telephony migration. Now enterprises can justify
migration to IP telephony even in the middle of the traditional
PBX “buy cycle”.
Product Descriptions
Portico TVA-D
Portico TVA-P
Portico TVA-A
For digital (PBX) telephone handsets
For P phone (Centrex) telephone handsets
For single line and analog handsets
• SIP-enabled digital terminal adapter
• SIP-enabled P phone terminal adapter
• SIP-enabled analog phone adapter
• 12- or 24-port configurations
• 12- or 24-port configurations
• 12- or 24-port configurations
• 0, 1, or 2 FXO ports for survivability
• 0, 1, or 2 FXO ports for survivability
• 0, 1, or 2 FXO ports for survivability
• Powers digital handsets locally
• Powers P phone handsets locally
• Powers analog phones locally
• Web configuration and provisioning
• Web configuration and provisioning
• Web configuration and provisioning
• Flexible QoS and compression options
• Flexible QoS and compression options
• Flexible QoS and compression options
• Connects to the Avaya IP Office
• Connects to the Avaya IP Office
• Connects to the Avaya IP Office
Avaya IP Office with Portico™ TVA™
Most enterprises are faced with a number of obstacles
when migrating to a VoIP platform. Existing equipment
investments, including LAN infrastructure, wiring, and
handsets, are often significant and still fully functional.
Concerns about high capital expenditures, migration
complexity, business disruption, and end user retraining
often negatively impact the perceived economic or
productivity benefits of VoIP services. These factors,
primarily about infrastructure, can keep your customers
from the benefits of your Avaya IP Office service - the real
value of your offering.
Add Portico™ TVA™ to your offering and shift the focus
of the value proposition back to high-value IP services.
Reduce or eliminate the most common IP telephony
objections with Portico TVA, thereby reducing migration
complexity and shortening the sales cycle.
Because Portico TVA connects your Avaya IP Office
platform to endpoints already installed and working in
the enterprise, it enables your sales force to close sales
that would otherwise be lost. Eliminating VoIP Migration Obstacles
Blends current investment with new technology Enterprises can utilize handsets and wiring already in
place, providing all the benefits of IP telephony at far
lower capital and resource investment than “rip and
replace” migration.
Drastically reduces VoIP migration CapEx - Enterprises
do not need to purchase new handsets or LAN
infrastructure to obtain the benefits of IP telephony.
Solidifies VoIP ROI & TCO - By placing focus on the VoIP
platform, rather than VoIP endpoints, enterprises can
be assured the operational expenditure reduction and
productivity gains of IP telephony outweigh the capital
expenditure of migrating over the long-term.
Minimizes business disruption & retraining - Users
already know how to use the devices on their desks.
In most cases, the transition to the Portico TVA is
transparent. New applications, such as web/database
integration, click-to-call, and enhanced directory services,
can be delivered to a web browser.
Requires minimal resources to deploy - Since handset
and wiring infrastructure are already in place, the Portico
TVA takes minimal resources to deploy, and can be up and
running in minutes.
Avaya IP Office
Compatible Handsets:
Avaya (Lucent) Definity
- Meridian 1
- Norstar
- P phone
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