Back when it all began…
Cleaning has been
our family tradition
since 1876
it easy to enjoy your
l iving space and
focus on your family.
The Bissell family have been developing
cleaning products since the 1800s, when Anna and
Melville Bissell owned a small crockery shop in the
US state of Michigan. According to family folklore,
Anna became so frustrated with trying to clean up
sawdust embedded into the shop’s carpet that she
asked her mechanically-minded husband to come
up with a solution.
Melville designed and constructed the world’s first
carpet sweeping machine – a revolutionary product
that quickly grew in popularity. The BISSELL Carpet
sweeper was patented in 1876 and the first BISSELL
manufacturing plant was built in 1883.
When Melville died in1889, Anna took control of
the company and, in doing so, became America’s
very first female CEO. A natural innovator, Anna
took BISSELL in a new direction by expanding
the business to every continent and increasing its
product range.
During the 1950s, the company created a new
multi-purpose formula and shampooer to ease the
drudgery of carpet cleaning. BISSELL went on to
make deep carpet cleaning readily available to the
domestic market, with the introduction of products
featuring built-in heaters to optimise performance.
Over 130 years since Melville took to the drawing
board the company is still proudly run by the
BISSELL family, with CEO Mark Bissell ensuring that
BISSELL continues to create exceptional cleaning
products for easy living.
a deeper
Tough on stains, easy to use and designed to clean
upholstery, rugs, and carpeting, BISSELL’s ProHeat®
2X 9400 is a sleek and convenient cleaning machine
y washing deep into
carpet and upholstery
with a hot cleaning
mixture, the ProHeat® 2X 9400
gently massages and grooms
fibres before powerfully
extracting dirt and banishing
stains. The ProHeat® 2X 9400’s
smart design makes it a breeze
to clean upholstery and all types
of floor coverings – even stairs
can be negotiated with ease.
Easy peasy
The ProHeat® 2X 9400 is the
ultimate high-tech cleaning
system – it’s conveniently easy
to operate thanks to large
wheels and calls on the power
of edge-to-edge suction to
remove deep-down dirt. Also
with the powerful TurboBrush™
it is ideal for cleaning hard to
reach carpet sections, stairs
and upholstery.
the Bissell Solution
Natural Orange Extract combines
Scotchgard™ technology with the
powerful cleaning ability of natural
orange extract to revitalise carpets
and provide soil and stain protection.
Wash & Protect breaks down stubborn
dirt, removes odours and provides stain
protection for your carpet.
Scotchgard™ Protector maximises
protection so your carpets, rugs and
upholstery can enjoy lasting cleanliness.
Special features
Built-in Heater
The ProHeat® 2X 9400
features a built-in heater
that heats hot tap water
up to 25º to penetrate
carpet fibres and optimise
cleaning power.
Dual Brushes
BISSELL’s Dual DirtLifter™
Powerbrushes have 12
cleaning rows and rotate
just like the brushes in an
everyday vacuum cleaner
providing a thorough yet
gentle clean.
Easy Handling
Large wheels and a centrally
located Easy Carrying
handle ensure that you can
access every nook and
cranny around the home.
Scotchgard™ Protection
Scotchgard™ Protection,
enables the ProHeat® 2X
9400 to custom-clean and
protect the various surfaces
within the home to the
highest standards.
By deeply cleaning spots, spills and high-traffic areas you can
prolong carpet l ife and create hygienic surfaces for the entire family.
Deep cleaning means
you can kiss goodbye
to dirt and stains
the natural
Created with the environment in mind, the
BISSELL Steam Mop provides an all-natural,
chemical-free cleaning solution for your
hard floor surfaces and carpeted areas
his 100% chemical-free Steam Mop
works on demand – simply push the
trigger on the handle and the mop
will convert to steam mode. Steam serves as
a natural disinfectant and the Steam Mop is
eco-friendly, safe and effective for use on
marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate,
linoleum and sealed hardwood floors.
Refresh your floors
Ready to use in just 30 seconds, the Steam Mop
is ideal for quickly cleaning up sticky spots and
spills – simply add water and you can steam clean
for up to 15 minutes! It allows you to safely clean
and sanitise your floors without fumes and residue.
the Bissell Solution
Carpet Refresher Kit includes two White
Deluxe Microfiber Mop Pads and a Carpet
Refresher Attachment so you can revitalise
your carpets and rugs when necessary.
Deluxe Microfibre Mop Pads - are safe
for hard surfaces and are reusable.
Steam Mop Eucalyptus Mint - calls on
the natural cleaning ability
of eucalyptus to effortlessly
remove dirt and stains.
Special features
Quick and easy
The Steam Mop features
a removable water tank,
which can be quickly refilled
so you can continue
cleaning with ease.
Filtering system
The water tank includes a
filter, which keeps minerals
and other impurities away
from your floors.
Ready for action
The Ready Light lets you
know when it’s time to
steam clean – simply push
the trigger on the handle
and you’re good to go!
Flat design
With its swivel mop head,
the Steam Mop allows you
to quickly and efficiently
clean around the kitchen
table and get into those
hard-to-reach areas.
Ideal for freshening up hard floors and carpets –
it’s steam cleaning without the fuss or expense.
Clean every inch
of the kitchen
floor with ease
BISSELL’s innovative PROHeat® All Rounder is a complete
cleaning system for use on every surface in the home.
iving up to its name, the
PROHeat® All Rounder is
the ultimate multi-purpose
home cleaner. It comes with
a variety of attachments that
allow you to either vacuum or
deep clean every surface in your
home – there’s even a Crevice
Tool and a Drain Cleaner! This
hi-tech product even helps dry
your floors so they are ready to
walk on in a flash!
No stone unturned
An array of cleaning tools ensure
that you can clean everything
from rugs, carpets to upholstery
and stairs with the PROHeat®
All Rounder. Featuring BISSELL’s
unique Quick Dry Hard Floor
Tool, which uses a combination
of gentle scrubbing action and
strong suction to clean and dry
hard floor surfaces in only a
matter of minutes.
the Bissell Solution
Multi-Allergen Removal™ Formula
helps clean and remove dust-mite
waste as well as any pet and
pollen allergens.
Fiber Cleansing Formula combines
deep-cleaning performance with
Scotchgard™ Protector to defend
your carpet against dirt and stains.
Tough Stain Precleaner safely
penetrates and loosens tough stains
and embedded dirt. It’s ideal for
high-traffic areas.
Special features
Deep cleans
By going deep into carpet
and fabric fibres and applying
Scotchgard™ Protector, the
PROHeat® All Rounder keeps
surfaces in pristine condition.
Water filtration
When in water-filtrated
vacuum mode, the PROHeat®
All Rounder helps to purify
the air by using the filter to
trap dust and dirt particles.
When lighter cleaning is all
that’s needed this multipurpose machine can be
used as a vacuum.
A dry finish
The ProHeat All Rounder
has the power to dry floors
instantly, leaving no residue.
Built-in heater
BISSELL’s patented built-in
heater heats tap water up
to 25º to maximise cleaning
efficiency. It can be turned
on as needed.
Being able to wash every type of floor in the
modern-day home makes dirt and stains
a thing of the past.
Ideal solution for
high-traffic areas such
as stairs and hallways
your space
With a range of accessories designed for cleaning up after
all creatures great and small, BISSELL’s Pet Hair Eraser™
Compact ensures that your home is pet-friendly yet hair-free!
mall and easy to store,
the Pet Hair Eraser™
Compact canister vacuum
calls on the power of 2000 watts
to remove dirt and pet hair from
every corner of your home. It
cleans carpets, rugs, bare floors
and furniture, with a charcoal
odour absorbing packet to help
eliminate odours.
Stay pet-friendly
Convenient and easy to use,
the Pet Hair Eraser™ Compact
gives you the ability to reach
tough nooks and crannies that
pet hair can often be found. It
also has a 1.8 metre flex hose
and you can adjust the height
of the metal extension rod to
suit individual requirements.
Special features
the Bissell Solution
The Pet Hair Eraser comes with
a handy range of accessories
for all surfaces, including:
Contour Tool PET bends, flexes
and works like a magnet to
remove dirt and hair. It’s great
for beds, stairs and your pet’s
favourite place on the lounge.
Wide TurboBrush™ PET
extracts dirt and hair from
hard-to-reach areas.
Combination Crevice Tool/
Dusting Brush gets into tight
creases and corners. It’s perfect
for use on stairs and upholstery.
Pet Hair Lifter
Vacuum as you normally
would and allow the Pet
Hair Lifter to grab pet hair
when you pull back, then
release and suction it as
you push forward.
High Filtration
Powerful suction and a highfiltration dust bag captures
99.9% of dust mites/pollens
and pet dander to provide a
better clean.
HEPA Media Filter
The machine’s high-tech
filtration system ensures
that only the freshest air
returns to the room.
Dual Edge Cleaning
The dual-action floor tool
ensures that you don’t miss
a thing when it comes to
creating a hygienic home
When mal ting season comes
around, rely on the cleaning power
of the Pet Hair Eraser™ Compact.
Enjoy the plush feel
of your rugs as much
as your pets do
l iving in
With BISSELL’s Petwash™ PowerBrush, you can deep clean
the areas your pet loves to lounge in. The perfect solution
when sharing your living space with four-legged friends!
ightweight and ready to use when you are, the Petwash™
PowerBrush works by spraying, lifting and removing tough
pet stains and odours. The cleaner features BISSELL’s
Dirtlifter™ PowerBrush, which picks up pet hair and gently
grooms your carpet and rugs for a spotless finish.
Clean living
Ideal for high-traffic areas and spots and spills,
the Petwash™ PowerBrush washes carpets,
rugs and hard floor surfaces such as marble and
tile. The water-based solution also means that
your pets are safe to roam around your home
immediately after your surfaces have dried.
the Bissell Solution
Pet Odor and Soil Removal
features an advanced formula
that helps to remove dust mites,
dust-mite waste allergen and pet
and pollen allergen from carpets,
rugs, upholstery and mattresses.
Pet Stain & Odor Removal
can be used on any spot or spill
with undesired odour or residue.
Its enzyme action breaks
down residue,
leaving treated
areas clean
and fresh.
Special features
Clean Water/
Solution Tank
Simply add one of the
BISSELL cleaning formulas
and water to the tank and
you’re ready to go.
Deep Cleaning
By deep cleaning spots
and soils caused by pets
you can prolong the life
of carpets, rugs and
upholstery and create a
hygienic living space.
Collection Tank
Once the affected area
has been gathered up
you can empty dirty water
with ease.
Wrapped Up
The machine’s Quick
Release Cord Wrap™
means you can react to
soils and spills as soon
as they happen.
Ideal for quick clean-ups, the Petwash™ PowerBrush also
helps to remove hair ball stains from carpet and rugs by
using Bissell Pet Stain and Odor Remover.
don’t let the stains
and odor spoil your
fun with a new puppy!
a clean
First invented way back in 1876 to pick up sawdust from
the BISSELL store’s carpet, the Natural Sweeper allows
you to quickly collect everyday dirt the easy way
s the original Bissell carpet sweeper, the
Natural Sweeper has been refined over the
years to cut down cleaning time. Simple
but ingenious, this sweeper features Dual Rotating
Brushes and Twin Dirt Pans, making it easy to
collect everyday dirt, pet hair and lint from carpets,
rugs and hard floor surfaces.
Swept away
The Natural Sweeper is free of motor cords and
batteries and the handle lies flat when you are
sweeping underneath furniture. This smart sweeper
also automatically adjusts to all floor surfaces and
folds flat for easy storage, so there is no fuss when
you’re in a hurry.
the Bissell Solution
For quick and convenient cleaning, pick
up the Natural Sweeper – it’s strong yet
flexible, allowing you to clean under and
around furniture. Once your floor surfaces
have been cleaned, simply empty all dirt
and debris into the bin for easy disposal.
New feature The Professional
New to BISSELL’s range
of mechanical sweepers is
the Professional line, which
includes three models –
Special Edition, Classic and
Select. Sturdily constructed to
offer an effective, eco-friendly
cleaning alternative to the
commercial marketplace, each
Professional sweeper has a
wide cleaning path and four
corner brushes to make edge
cleaning manageable.
The Special Edition features
dual rubber rotors, making it
great for wet and dry cleaning.
The Classic is designed
for bare floors and low-pile
carpets, while the Select is
ideal for tight spots.
With one clean sweep
you can freshen up
carpets and rugs
Quiet and motorless, Bissell sweepers are a great al ternative for
touch-ups between vacuuming – they offer convenience at your fingertips!
on the
bright side
The clever BISSELL Rug Stick™ provides you
with a new and revolutionary way to deeply
clean rugs and carpeted areas in a flash
pecifically designed to target high-traffic
areas in the home, BISSELL’s Rug Stick™
provides powerful cleaning action to treat
carpet, rugs, stairs and pet areas. It works in
conjunction with BISSELL Heavy Traffic™ foam by
gently but effectively lifting up matted fibres and
ground-in dirt. The result is instantly visible, with
carpets and rugs appearing fresh and revitalised.
Carpet solutions
Designed to be used on a regular basis, the Rug Stick™
is revolutionary thanks to its ability to deep clean spots
and stains. The BISSELL Heavy Traffic™ can snaps
into the foot of the Rug Stick™, allowing you to apply
the foam and brush carpet and rugs in one simple
process. It’s both convenient and a breeze to use.
the Bissell Solution
BISSELL Heavy Traffic™ contains
Scotchgard™ and provides
foaming action, allowing the
Rug Stick™ to deeply clean
and protect carpets,
rugs and upholstery
against stains and
soils. It also helps
to eliminate tough
household odours.
Special features
Lifts dirt and stains
By cleaning deep down
into carpet fibres, the
Rug Stick™ is able to lift
dirt and stains for a
thorough clean and
spotless appearance.
Revitalises carpet fibres
Powerful cleaning action
allows matted carpet fibres
and ground-in dirt to be
lifted, so your carpet looks,
feels and smells fresh.
Great for rugs!
Use the Rug Stick™ to
deep clean and refresh
rugs regularly, stairs and
high-traffic areas around
the home. It’s the quick
and easy answer to your
cleaning needs.
Easy-to-use, highly effective and fast-drying, the Rug Stick™
is ideal for use on all of the high-traffic areas in your home.
Breathe new life into
rugs and carpeted areas, and
keep them smelling fresh
When you need to clean up spots and spills in a hurry,
look to BISSELL’s compact and convenient SPOT Lifter
2X™ – it’s ready for action at the flick of a switch!
owerful, portable and
cordless, the SPOT
Lifter 2X™ is ideal for
use on stairs, carpets, rugs,
upholstery, and countertops, also
great for helping to keep your car
clean and odourless. This smart
unit provides powerful suction to
effectively remove spills before
they have the chance to penetrate
deep into carpet and upholstery.
Helping Hand
The SPOT Lifter 2X™ features
double the run time, so you
can quickly and effectively
tend to spots and spills. It
also includes a built-in Spray
Nozzle and Deluxe Brush, so
you can spray, lift and remove
tough stains and pet odours
from carpet, rugs and upholstery
in one go.
Special features
Solution/Clean Tank
Store the SPOT Lifter
2X with formula and
water in the tank so you
can clean up spots and
spills as they happen.
Collection/Dirty Tank
Watch the Collection/Dirty
Tank fill up as spills and
stains are removed. Simply
rinse after use.
When fully charged, this
portable cleaner will give
you up to 15 minutes of
running time.
the Bissell Solution
By adding BISSELL Pet Odor and Stain Removal solution
to the SPOT Lifter 2X™, you can remove tough stains and
eliminate pet odours from your home and car.
Quick and convenient
Compact, cordless and
easy to operate, the
SPOT Lifter 2X™ is the
perfect cleaner to have on
hand for quick clean-ups.
Having the abil ity to remove small stains and clean up spots and spills as soon as they occur
makes everyday l iving a l ittle easier.
Keep your car in
prime condition wherever
you may travel
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