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Quick start guide
for model DS3101
Battery installation
1. Align the two holes of the battery plug with the
socket pins in the handset battery compartment,
matching the red and black wires of the color-coded
2. Place the battery with the label THIS SIDE UP facing
up and the wires in the lower right corner inside the
battery compartment.
3. Align the cover flat against the battery compartment
cover, then slide it towards the unit until it clicks
into place.
Battery charging
Adding your new handset
Replacing a handset
The battery may have enough charge for short calls.
For optimal performance, please charge the handset
for 16 hours. You can keep the battery charged
by returning the handset to the charger after each
use. When the battery power is fully depleted, a full
recharge takes about 16 hours.
For further information on battery, please see the
Battery section of the user’s manual.
The DS3101 handset will show NOT REGISTERED
on the screen when newly purchased. This DS3101
handset needs to be registered to the telephone base
before use. You can register up to five handsets to the
telephone base.
When you are replacing rather than adding a handset,
for your handsets to be numbered sequentially, you
need to delete all the handset registrations on the
telephone base and then register all handsets again.
The battery needs charging when:
•A new battery is installed in the handset.
•The handset beeps.
on the handset display is
•The battery indicator
Electrical outlet
not controlled by
a wall switch
Pl a c e t h e h a n d s e t i n t h e
charger. The CHARGE light is
on when the handset is properly
positioned in the charger.
Power adapter
To register a handset to your telephone base:
Before registering an additional handset, make sure
that the handset is installed and charged.
1. P l a c e t h e u n r e g i s t e r e d
handset in the telephone
base or charger. If PRESS
BASE does not appear on the
handset screen after a few
seconds, remove the handset
and place it in the telephone
base or charger again.
2. On the telephone base, press
and hold FIND HANDSET for
about four seconds (until the
IN USE light on the telephone
base turns on) and then release
the button. The handset will
show PLEASE WAIT... and it
will take about 10 seconds to
complete the registration. The
handset will show HANDSET
X REGISTERED and will beep
if registration is successful.
1. Press and hold FIND HANDSET on the telephone
base for about 10 seconds (until the IN USE light
on the telephone base turns on and starts to flash),
then release the FIND HANDSET button.
2. Press and release FIND HANDSET again. You must
press FIND HANDSET while the IN USE light is still
flashing. The IN USE light will flash for approximately
seven seconds.
3. All handsets registered to the same telephone
base will show CONNECTING... and it will take
about 10 seconds to complete the de-registration
process. All handsets will show NOT REGISTERED
if deregistration is successful.
After deleting the registrations of all handsets,
you will need to individually register each handset
with the telephone base. For complete feature
instructions, please refer to your user’s manual.
When the registration is complete, the newly registered
handset will be assigned the next available handset
registration number. For instance, if you already have
HANDSET 1 and HANDSET 2, the next registered
handset will be HANDSET 3.
To de-register all handsets
• If the de-registration process is not successful, you may
need to reset the system and try again. To reset: pick up the
registered handset and press the
/FLASH button, then
press the OFF/CLEAR button and place the handset back
into the telephone base. You may also reset by unplugging the
power from the telephone base, then plugging it back in.
• You cannot de-register the handset(s) if any telephone
connected to the same telephone line in use.
CHARGE light
NOTE: Use only the power adapter and battery (or equivalent)
supplied with your VTech telephone.
• If the registration is not successful, the display will show
NOT REGISTERED. To reset the handset, remove the
handset from the telephone base or charger and place it
back in. Try the registration process again.
• You cannot register a handset if any telephone connected to
the same telephone line is in use.
• If you experience difficulty registering a handset, see the
Troubleshooting section on page 9 of the user’s manual.
If your product is not working properly:
• Refer to the Troubleshooting section of the user’s manual.
• Visit our website at www.vtechphones.com. In Canada, go to
• Call our customer service at 1 (800) 595-9511. In Canada, call
1 (800) 267-7377.
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