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If green mobility is your thing, then this next-generation gadget will save your day.
Christened the YikeBike, this exciting model runs on less than a 2 kW electric engine, and
is an amazing performer, even during rush hour. Another fascinating point about the bike
is its lightweight construction, thanks to the carbon fiber body frame.
The YikeBike also offers a convenient, easy-to-store solution. This is a
foldable bike that can be easily packed into your bag. Don’t worry: the
entire process can be completed in just 15 seconds! Another USP is
its weight, which is an unbelievable 10 kg.
Whether you want to store it in your closet or carry it around, it
is totally mobile. And it’s safe for driving, due to its electronic
brakes and specially fitted anti-skid system. Being announced
at Eurobike in early September 2009, the YikeBike will retail
for about US$ 4900.
The YikeBike also comes equipped with a special controller
instead of traditional chain pedal, levers and a gear box.
This is the first time a bicycle has used an electric anti-skid
system, while its zero-emission approach is a good choice
for all city commuters.
Additionally, the YikeBike incorporates lights for safe riding, indicators with brake lights, etc., making it a ready-to-drive vehicle.
Powered by a lithium phosphate battery, the bike takes up to 30 minutes to be fully charged.
- Yikebike.com
DVR Station
The DVR Station is the perfect bridge between your TV and
your Archos 5: record your TV programs and turn your TV
into a real multimedia platform connected to the Web. Just
insert your Archos into the DVR Station and enjoy all the
functions of your Archos tablet on your home TV.
With the Electronic TV Program guide, scheduling and
recording from your satellite receiver, cable box or digital
TV adapter is a snap. You can also surf the web or stream
web video to your TV while comfortably lying on your
couch, using the remote control as a keyboard and
mouse pointer.
You can also play back on TV in DVD quality through the
composite, S-video, RGB video outputs. And with HDMI
output, on compatible TV sets, you can watch films or any
content in HD quality. The DVR Station includes a remote
control with a built-in keyboard and a mouse pointer that will let you experience Internet on your TV just like on your PC. You can
navigate through the web directly, write and send emails without booting up your computer. Or pick your movie for the evening on
the Media Club.
- Archos.com
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