PMR446 W
alkie T
• UHF/FM 500mW Output Power Ultra-clear long distance
reception. The maximum allowed by law.
• Up to 3km Range Range will vary depending on terrain
and conditions.
• 8 Channels Front panel push buttons give you easy
access to all 8 PMR channels.
• 38 CTCSS Privacy Codes Known as Coded Tone
Controlled Squelch System, it provides for a total of 304
“sub-channels” when combined with the 8 PMR channels.
• Call Alert Provides an easily recognizable call alert tone
for incoming calls.
• Roger Beep Tone Confirmation tone indicates the
completion of your transmission, and signals to others it’s
clear to talk. This feature is selectable and may be turned
on or off.
• Keystroke Tone Signal Confirms key activation.
• Key Lock When activated, provides key pad security
eliminating accidental channel changes.
• Power Saver A unique circuit extends the life of your
batteries. If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds,
• the unit will automatically switch to battery saver mode.
• Maximum Range Extender Provides extended range
• Auto Squelch Automatically shuts off weak transmissions
or unwanted noise due to terrain or range constraints.
• Backlit LCD Maximum ease of use even at night.
• Speaker/Microphone Jack Allows use of earphone
speaker/microphones and VOX accessories (not included)
for “hands-free” operation.
• Charge Jack Allows charging of optional FA-BP NiMH
battery pack using optional PA-CW Rapid AC Wall Mount
• Multilingual Manual Includes a 16 language instruction
• No Licence or Service Fees High quality band
frequencies with no fees.
• Belt Clip/Wrist Strap Secures your microTALK radio
while on the go.
• Unit Dimensions:
153.5 mm H x 62.8 mm W x 40 mm D
• Unit Weight 97.8 g
• Batteries 4 AAA alkaline batteries per radio (not included)
Cobra Rapid AC
Wall Charger
REF 34011
Cobra Handsfree
Voice Activated
REF 34012
Cobra Battery
Pack NiMh
REF 34013
Cobra Earphone
with PTT
REF 34014
Cobra Speaker
REF 34019
dectel Motorbike
Private Mobile Radio
No licence required
No line rental – No call charges
PMR446 is a European standard licence-free radio
service utilising 8 12.5khz spaced channels in the
446mhz band.
Due to the considerable uptake of the service,
PMR446 radio sets can now be bought a pair. The
Radio Agency requires that radios have a maximum
of 500mw (1/2 watt) ERP (Effective Radiated Power)
to an internal antenna. This limites range to,
realistically 1/2 to 1 mile around town and up to 2
miles in open country. In line of sight conditions and
at altitude ranges of over a hundred miles have
been obtained.
CTSS (continuous tone squelch system) is
incorporated in most radio sets as a means to prevent
interference with only 8 channels available - the
radio ignores all incoming signals except those that
are also transmitting this sub-audible tone.
There are eight 12.5 kHz simplex frequencies which
can be used anywhere in the United Kingdom. The
frequencies have been harmonised (but not
necessarily authorised) for use across Europe. The
channels centre frequencies are as follows:
1. 446.00625 MHz
2. 446.01875 MHz
3. 446.03125 MHz
4. 446.04375 MHz
5. 446.05625 MHz
6. 446.06875 MHz
7. 446.08125 MHz
8. 446.09375 MHz
The frequencies are shared and users may, under
local heavy use conditions, experience interference
and problems with sharing channels. These may be
reduced by changing frequency and/or CTCSS tone
and/or DCS code. PMR 446 is not suitable for safety
of life use or for users who need to have access to
frequencies at particular locations and times.
As a licence exempt service, PMR 446 is unprotected
and the Agency will not become involved in
interference or channel sharing disputes between
Before speaking you should check that a frequency
is free by either listening or using the channel busy
indicator. When you speak you should identify
yourself and the person you are calling. The radios
allow communication in only one direction at a time
so you will find it helpful to identify when you have
finished speaking. It is expected that the frequencies
will become particularly busy in cities or where large
numbers of people gather such as large sporting
events. All users will benefit if messages are kept
PMR 446 radio equipment can be used in CEPT
member countries that have implemented the ERC
Decisions listed above.
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