Robertshaw | 9500 | 955620 Term.Digital ``ROBERTSHAW`` 9500-1et.F/C-gas

955620 Term.Digital ''ROBERTSHAW'' 9500-1et.F/C-gas
• Etapas : 1 Frío + 1 Calor
Rango de Temperatura de 7°C a 32°C
Modelo Digital – 24 V, Una alternativa a los
termostatos mecánicos tradicionales.
El Display de LCD permite una lectura de la
temperatura fácil y exacta.
Calefacción: Gas, Resistencia y Bomba de calor
No Programable
Modelo 9500
Display de fácil lectura
Protección para ciclos Cortos
Automatic Compressor Short Cycle Protection
A system safeguard. Reduces wear
and tear of HVAC equipment.
Weekly 5 - 2 Day Programming
Set your weekly program once with four time and
temperature settings. The four set points are followed
for 5 consecutive days. On the weekend, both mid-day
settings are automatically eliminated for all day comfort.
Adjustable Temperature Differential
Maintains optimal customer comfort.
Diferencial de Temperatura ajustable
La instalación es rápida y fácil.
When you select a Robertshaw thermostat, you’ve made
the choice of an industry partner that’s been making quality
products for 100 years. Come home to affordable comfort.
Come home to RobertshawSM.
Temporary Program Override
Allows for manual temperature adjustment.
Low Temperature Protection
Heat automatically turns on when temperature goes
below 40˚F. Protects pipes from freezing.
Toll-Free Assistance
Toll-Free Technical Service number printed right
on the thermostat provides immediate assistance.
Quick Wire Terminal Block
Fast and easy installation. Uses sturdy wire clamps –
no wrap-around of screws.
Technical service available:
M-F 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CST
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