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Configuration Guide
for HP Trim Connector
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HP Trim Connector
This document covers the installation, configuration and usage of the Trim connector for eCopy ShareScan 5.
The Trim Connector for eCopy ShareScan allows documents to be scanned directly from a multifunction device or
dedicated scanner into Trim System using eCopy ShareScan 5.
By using this connector you can authenticate with your existing Trim account and allow users to select which Record
Type they are creating an instance of, along with being able to populate the fields associated with that type.
In this section:
1 - Prerequisites
2 - Connector installation
3 - Connector settings
3.1- Configuration tab
3.2- Licensing tab
3.3- Activating licenses
4 - Usage
4.1- Authentication
4.2- Document Type Screen
4.3- Document Properties Screen
4.4- Object Search Screen
4.5- Send Result
4.6- Demoware
1 - Prerequisites
Trim 6.x
.NET Framework 3.5 or better must be installed on the ShareScan Manager Server.
The Trim Workgroup Server must be reachable over the network from the ShareScan Manager.
The Trim Desktop Client for the appropriate version of Trim must be installed on the ShareScan Manager.
2 - Connector installation
1. Run the installer MSI installer package and click Next to start the installation wizard.
2. Either use the default installation location or choose an alternative location.
3. Click Next to confirm the setting and proceed with the installation
4. After the installation is finished, start the ShareScan Administration Console to configure the connector.
5. Navigate to the folder where the Trim Client software is installed (typically C:\Program Files\TRIM Context).
Set the permissions on the ServerData and ServerLocalData to full permissions for the account the
ShareScan Manager service is running under, and also full permissions for any domain user (or group of users)
using the connector.
3 - Connector settings
The following sections outline the various connector settings that apply to the HP Trim connector. To configure the
connector, click the Edit button of the Configure tab.
3.1- Configuration tab
The configuration tab allows the administrator to set the access properties to the HP Trim Database.
Field Name
Trim Server
Displays the Server name and Database properties of the chosen Trim
Field Name
Choose Database
Click this button to open up the standard Open TRIM Context Dataset dialog.
From here you can add/select the database that you wish to connect to. Once a
database has been selected, the Server Name and Database boxes are
automatically populated.
Logon Settings
Allows you to enter logon credentials and specify the logon mode. The following
logon options are available:
Runtime: uses the ShareScan session credentials to logon to Trim.
Default logon: the credentials set in the username/password/domain textboxes
in the Administration Console are used.
You can check the Search while typing checkbox to enable autocompletion of
the logon fields on the client forms.
Click this button to test the access credentials you entered.
3.2- Licensing tab
After running the installer, the connector needs to be licensed with Paper River Consulting.
Field Name
Machine Key
Displays the machine key.
Activate License
Click this button to start activating your Sage license. For more details, see
Allowed Devices
Displays how many devices are allowed by the license to be running with the
connector enabled at any one time..
Currently Licensed Devices
Displays the current devices that are running the Sage 50 Accounts connector
that are licensed. To remove the license allocation from a particular device,
select it in the list, and click Remove. This will allow the license slot to be taken
by another device.
3.3- Activating licenses
When the connector has just been installed, and no license has been applied, the connector runs in Demonstration mode
where calls to HP Trim are replaced with static lookups used for demonstration purposes only. When the connector is
running in Demo mode, both Allowed Devices and Expiry Date will display Demo.
1. To activate the license, click the Activate License button.
2. The License Activation screen is displayed. You have three options to choose form on this screen:
1. Fill in the required information, and activate online.
2. Fill in the required information, and activate by email (For servers without Internet access).
3. Use an activation file received by email to activate your license.
3. After clicking Online Activation, the connector will attempt to connect to the Licensing Server.
4. Once the license has been successfully activated, a Close button will appear.
5. If the connector is unable to connect to the licensing server, an error message is displayed, and an Email
Activation button is displayed. Click this button will take you to the email activation screen, where it instructs
you how to email the license request.
6. Compose an email to the email address specified. Click on the Generate License Request File button and
save the license request file, then attach it to your email.
7. The license activation file is emailed back to you.
8. To use a license activation file, click on the Apply Activation File button. This will prompt you for the location
of the activation file sent back to you by email. Select the correct file, and it will be applied.
4 - Usage
In this section, you can find information on various client-side forms.
4.1- Authentication
Depending on your connector settings, you may need to login to Trim before you can start indexing.
4.2- Document Type Screen
Your administrator may have pre-selected a Document Type for scanning. However, if they have not, and Trim has more
than one Document Type available, the Document Type selection screen is displayed.
This screen enables you to simply select the type of document that you are scanning into Trim. All you need to do is
select one and press Next.
4.3- Document Properties Screen
If the selected Document Type has fields associated with it, these are displayed for you to fill out.
Use the scroll buttons on the right hand side to see more fields if there are too many to fit on one page. Each tab within
Trim is shown as a different page, and the name of the tab is added to the page title.
Mandatory fields are marked, and if you press Send before populating all mandatory fields, you are prompted to fill them
If a field is an object, for example, a Classification / Location, a button is displayed to the right of the textbox for the field.
You are unable to modify the contents of the textbox directly, but must press the Search button to bring up the Search
4.4- Object Search Screen
After pressing search next to a Lookup or a User field, you the object search screen is displayed.
Enter your search string in the search box at the top. Pressing Search runs the search on the Trim server, and returns
the results to the main list box shown on the screen.
You can now select one of the items and press OK to store it in the field.
You cannot press OK unless one is selected.
Pressing Cancel takes you back to the Document Properties screen without updating the field.
4.5- Send Result
Once the document has been sent to Trim, a result screen is displayed giving you the Record number, then the
ShareScan Redirect screen is displayed.
4.6- Demoware
When unlicensed, the connector reverts to a demonstration mode. This is indicated by the word Demo in the Allowed
Devices box on the Licensing tab. In the Upload result page of the connector, Demo is also appended to the Upload
Successful message.
When in Demonstration mode, there is no communication with the Sage Accounts Server as it is intended for
demonstration purposes only.
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