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Elmes GSM alarm notification module is designed to operate with Elmes CB32 (firmware v. 2.10 and up) wireless control panel
and can be used in any 900/1800/1900 MHz cellular telephone network depending on applied SIM card. The module communicates
with the control panel over cable interface included with the module. By sending SMS messages and CLIP calls to up to two predefined cell phones it notifies alarm system owner or monitoring station operator of occurred intruder alarms, system failures and
system arming and disarming. The module uses embedded multi-band GSM network transceiver and is powered by cell phone 3,7V
lit-ion or polymer type battery charged by Elmes CB32 control panel. The battery secures module power supply backup in case of
control panel mains supply failure. Simple installation procedures and practical notification features are advantages of the module
for its application in alarm systems.
IMPORTANT! To proceed with module installation active cellular phone SIM card subscribed or pre-paid type should be made
available with obligatory PIN 1234. The required PIN 1234 can be adopted with the help of any ordinary cellular phone operated
in the network to which the SIM card is designated. PIN requesting must be set to on.
The use of SIM card with PIN number other than 1234 may result in the card blocking!!!
The module should be installed in dry place and connected to Elmes CB32 control panel by included interface cable. Places with
low cellular phone signal levels of selected operator should be avoided. With the use of two supplied screws install bottom part of
the module’s plastic case to wall observing upwards direction of module’s antenna. Prepared active SIM card with Pin number
1234 insert to card reader placed on bottom side of the module’s board and then install the board in the case on the wall with interface cable oriented downwards. Properly inserted module board will latch lock in the bottom case. The interface cable can now be
connected to GSM socket on board of the CB32 panel. Separated from the interface socket wire is the parametric (1kOhm – see
manual of the CB32 panel) tamper switch sabotage protection wire intended for connection to TAMP terminal of the CB32 panel.
Included with the module external antenna with SMA type connector should
now be screwed to antenna socket provided on top of the upper cover.
Before top cover of the module case is finally installed and screw protected
internal battery must be connected by inserting its connector to battery socket
on module’s board. As soon as the battery is on the Elmes GSM module starts
procedure of automatic logging to cellular network. This is indicated by fast
flashing green LED of the module. Once the module is logged to GSM network, the LED’s flashing slows down to approximately once in every five
seconds. While in the logging procedure that can last between 30 to 60 seconds
depending on network operator, the cable interfaced CB32 panel may indicate
“connection with GSM module” failure with flashing red LED. This should be
neglected as the signalling disappears as soon as the module is logged to GSM
Programming the contents of the SMS notifications and CLIP calls is performed in the CB32 control panel according to instructions contained in section 7th of the Service Settings “Alarm notification & monitoring by GSM
phone or module” described in CB32 manual.
IMPORTANT! In the “Phone Type” menu (subcl. 7.6 of S.S.) select “Elmes
GSM”. Selecting any other phone type may result in the module’s overheating, improper operation or failure.
Full 900/1800/1900 Band Approved Embedded GSM Module SIM300C
(CE declaration and test report attached),
Communication with CB32 panel via AT commands (RS232 – TTL 3,3V) over cable interface,
Internal cellular battery charged by CB32 panel (5VDC/300mA),
Indoor operation with temperature range: 0 up to +40ºC,
External dimensions: (L/W/D) 96/63/28mm, without antenna Mast.
Manufacturer: ELMES ELECTRONIC, 54-611 Wroclaw - PL, ul. Avicenny 2, tel. (071) 784-59-61, fax (071) 784-59-63
Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty:
Elmes Electronic alarm & security products carry two years manufacturer’s warranty as from the date of purchase. The warranty is
limited to the replacement of faulty original parts or repair defects of improper manufacture. Damage, faulty use or improper handling by the user or installer as well as any changes in product’s hardware or software caused by the user violets the warranty and
all due repair costs will be charged. Elmes Electronic shall not be responsible for any human or material damage caused by its
products failure to operate correctly.
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