Apple | PowerBook (FireWire | Thank you for choosing to upgrade your Apple PowerBook G3

Thank you for choosing to upgrade your Apple PowerBook G3 FireWire “Pismo” with
Newer Technology! We are very proud that you have chosen us to upgrade your Apple
PowerBook G3 FireWire “Pismo”, and as PowerBook owners ourselves, we know that your
expectations are at the highest level. We will meet and exceed those expectations in the
service that we provide, and in the quality that you will see when you power up your Newer
G4 Pismo PowerBook.
Please follow these instructions on how to dispatch your PowerBook for upgrade:
Inside the padded shipping container you will find four items:
1. This information sheet.
2. A preprinted/prepaid Airborne Express shipping label. You will need to fill out the sender
information on the airbill. Please fill out your your company name (if applicable), your
name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone number. In the billing reference area, please
put your invoice number from your Other World Computing invoice. The invoice number is
vital for tracking your upgrade. NOTE: This is for US Domestic customers ONLY!
3. Two foam padding inserts. You will need to place your PowerBook between these inserts
to properly package your system for shipment.
4. A tamper proof label to affix on the box over the end seam to guard against theft during
transit. Please tape the box securely to avoid any possible damage to your PowerBook.
Important Information:
• You will need to fully charge your PowerBook’s battery before shipping it to us. The
only items that you will be returning are your PowerBook (in functioning order), one charged
battery and your CD-ROM drive, all installed in the system.
• If you require a password to start your system up, please either disable it or provide
it to us so that we may fully test your system upon completion of the upgrade process.
• As a precautionary measure, please be sure to back up your hard drive before
shipping it out to be upgraded. Newer Technology is not responsible for any
accidental loss of data during the upgrade process or during transit.
Time In Processing:
Please be aware that from the time you ship your PowerBook G3 FireWire “Pismo” out for
upgrade, it will typically take between 3 and 5 business days for the upgrade process to be
completed and your newly upgraded system returned back to you. For any inquiries pertaining
to the status of your PowerBook during the upgrade process, please contact Other World
Computing at (800) 275-4576 and have your invoice number available.
Other World Computing, Inc.
1004 Courtaulds Drive Woodstock, IL 60098
For status of your upgrade please call (800) 275-4576
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