Coway | BA08-AE | Coway BA-08 Bidet Remote

Coway BA-08 Bidet Remote
‘Simple to Use’
Easy Guide to your BA08 Remote Control
Stop button
Rear cleansing
and bottom wash
Change spray from
narrow to wide
Air dryer function
selection button
Front cleansing/
ladies wash
Seat temperature
adjustment button
Wide function indicator
Nozzle position indicator
Air+ function
selection indicator
Battery status indicator
Water pressure/air dryer
temperature indicator
Warm water temperature
adjustment indicator
Nozzle position button
Warm pressure/air
dryer temperature
adjustment button
Water temperature
adjustment button
Seat temperature
adjustment button
Move function
selection button
Air+ function
selection button
Power on/off (Please note
- Do not turn off as machine will
go on to power saving mode)
Auto cleansing
function selection
If you are not getting an adequate
e clean
please check your LCD screen, it should show:
‘BA08 Remote Control Functions’
Once your BIDET is set to your preferred temperatures,
you only need to press 2 buttons.
First press the ‘Rear Cleansing’ or ‘Front Cleansing’ button, the machine will then
provide your chosen wash for one minute.
Then press the ‘Dry’ button and the BIDET will provide a stream
of air set at your preferred temperature. If it doesn’t dry you
immediately, just press the ‘Dry’ button again or you could
soak up the large drops with a large piece of toilet paper.
Function Buttons Explained - What they can do for you
Stop ceases all or any functions.
Activates nozzle for 45 seconds and cleansing runs for approximately 45 seconds.
Changes the width of the spray pattern from a single line point to a wider fan spray.
Press arrow up to increase air temperature. Press down to decrease air temperature.
This function can only be activated when the Air Dryer is operating. Temperature
shown on screen in the horizontal bars in the bottom left.
Activate nozzle for front ladies wash. Front cleansing runs for approximately 45 seconds.
Press arrow up to increase water pressure. Press down arrow to decrease water pressure.
Indication is shown by left horizontal bars on the bottom left screen.
Press arrow up will move the nozzle further into the toilet bowl. Press the down arrow will move the nozzle back
towards the toilet seat. 5 positions of these are shown on the right hand side of the screen.
Press the ‘Move’ function during rear or front cleansing to make the nozzle move forwards and backwards to
wash across an area for a more thorough cleansing.
Adjusts the water temperature to 3 heating settings or off. Shown on the screen as a thermometer, empty
thermometer indicates off. 1bar=Mild 2bars=Medium 3bars=Warmest
Adjusts the seat temperature to 3 heating settings or off. Shown on the screen as a toilet seat, empty seat
indicates off. 1bar=Mild 2bars=Medium 3bars=Warmest
An additional pressure setting, adding air to the water stream creating a gentler feel with increased cleansing
power. This is indicated by a forth bar on the pressure setting Air+.
Activates the rear cleansing nozzle at all of settings shown on the screen for 45 seconds. The air dryer will
automatically start and dry for approximately 2 minutes with a single touch.
This function is rarely used. Please do not touch as when the remote is not in use, it goes into sleep mode
(power saving mode) and the screen goes blank. Remote can be ‘woken’ by pressing the function you require.
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