Epson | Subli-Print 4450 | CorelDRAW X5 Color Setup and Printing with the EPSON 4450

CorelDRAW X5 Color Setup and Printing with the EPSON 4450
CorelDRAW X5 Color Setup and Printing with the EPSON
4450 Sublimation ICC Profile
Corel Draw’s color space needs to be set to the working space of which the sublimation ICC
profile was created. This then allows for a more accurate screen display of your images. The
accuracy of the displayed image on your monitor will highly be dependent on the quality of
your monitor and more importantly a calibrated monitor ICC profile.
Open the ‘Color Management’ window as shown below: Tools  Color Management
Default Settings…
Note: You must have an image or blank page on-screen to select this option.
Here we will configure Corel’s default color space and ICC profiles.
The green arrows and numbers correspond to each phase of the setup process which are
detailed on the following page.
Select ‘Adobe RGB (1998)’ from ‘RGB:’ under ‘Default color settings:’.
Select ‘RGB’ from ‘Primary color mode:’ under ‘Default color settings:’.
Select ‘Perceptual’ from ‘Rendering Intent’ under ‘Deault color settings:’.
Select ‘Microsoft ICM CMM’ from ‘Color engine:’ under ‘Color conversion settings’.
Check ‘Preserve pure black’ under ‘Color conversion settings’.
Select ‘RGB values’ from ‘Spot color definition’.
Select ‘Assign default color profile’ from ‘Open’, ‘RGB:’ under ‘Color management
8 Select ‘Convert to document color profile’ from ‘Import and paste:’, ‘RGB:’ under ‘Color
management policies’.
9 Click the save icon and enter an appropriate name e.g ‘Dye_Sublimation’.
Corel’s color space is now set to use the same space that the sublimation ICC profiles were
created. You can now work with an image as normal.
Note: The ‘CMYK’ and ‘Grayscale’ options can be left as the default options because this will not affect the output
as the ICC profiles are created in RGB mode.
Printing with the 4450 Sublimation ICC Profile in CoreDRAW X4
When your image is ready to print open the print window: File  Print
1 Select the appropriate printer from the drop down list.
2 Select the ‘Color’ tab.
Select ‘Print Composite’.
Select ‘Use document color setting’.
Select ‘CorelDRAW’ from ‘Color conversions performed by:’.
Select ‘RGB’ from ‘Output colors as:’.
Select the appropriate sublimation ICC profile from ‘Correct colors using color profile:’.
Select ‘Perceptual’ from ‘Rendering intent:’.
Select the ‘General’ tab.
1 Click ‘Preferences…’ to open the ‘Printer Properties’ dialogue.
Select the predefined options that have already been created for the appropriate paper
size and orientation that you are using.
Click ‘OK’ to return the ‘Print’ dialogue.
Click ‘Print’ and Corel will now print your image using the sublimation ICC profile combined
with the configured Epson Print Driver.
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