Epson 10000XL Specifications

Epson 10000XL Specifications
Epson Expression 10000XL
Scanner Parts
Software and Accessories
The scanner is sold in two versions: GA (Graphic Arts) and
Photo. The Photo version includes the transparency unit
(TPU) and LaserSoft Imaging™ SilverFast.®
Document cover
Included Software
The following software is included with the scanner:
Document table
❏ EPSON Scan
❏ ABBYY® FineReader® Sprint
❏ Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 2.0
❏ Monaco Systems® MonacoEZColor®
❏ LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast (Photo version of scanner
Optional Accessories
Ready light
These optional accessories are available:
Error light
❏ Transparency unit (B12B813362)
Start button
❏ Automatic document feeder (B813212)
❏ Network Image Express interface card (B12B808393)
You can purchase supplies and accessories from the
Epson Store™ by calling (800) 873-7766 or online at (U.S. sales only). In Canada, please call
(800) 463-7766 for dealer referral.
Power button
Optional network
card slot
USB port
FireWire port
Scanner type
Flatbed, color
Color CCD line sensor
Effective pixels
29280 × 41280 pixels (at 2400 dpi)
Color depth
48-bit internal/48-bit external
Grayscale depth
16-bit internal/16-bit external
document size
12.2 × 17.2 inches (310 × 437 mm)
2400 dpi (optical)
Maximum hardware resolution
(for ADF and TPU)
AC inlet
Transportation lock
2400 dpi (main scan); 4800 dpi with
Micro Step Drive™ (sub scan)
Output resolution 50 to 12800 dpi
Epson Expression 10000XL - 1
Epson Expression 10000XL
Maximum interpolated resolution 12800 dpi
Color: 8.0 ms/line
Grayscale: 2.7 ms/line
Line Art: 2.7 ms/line
* 1200 dpi, reflective documents
Color separation
Input voltage
90 to 132 VAC
Rated frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Rated current
1.2 A
RGB color filters
Reading sequence Monochrome: One-pass scanning
Color byte sequence: One-pass scanning
(R, G, B)
Color line sequence: One-pass scanning
(R, G, B)
Operating: approximately 45 W
(55 W with ADF or TPU)
Standby: approximately 6 W
(without ADF or TPU)
Operating: 41 to 95 °F (5 to 35 °C)
Storage: –13 to 140 °F (–25 to 60 °C)
Operating: 10 to 80%
Storage: 10 to 85%
No condensation
50 to 200% in 1% increments
Command level
Pixel depth
16 bits per pixel input, 1 to 16 bits per
pixel output
7 levels
Line art settings
Fixed threshold
TET (Text Enhancement Technology,
enable/disable selectable)
Safety Approvals
Digital halftoning AAS (Auto Area Segmentation,
enable/disable selectable)
3 error diffusion modes (A, B, and C)
4 dither patterns (A, B, C, and D) for
bi-level and quad-level data
(2 downloadable dither patterns)
Color correction
USB 2.0 (Type B connector)
IEEE 1394 (FireWire®)
10Base-T/100Base-TX, optional
100,000 cycles of carriage movement
Width: 25.8 inches (656 mm)
Depth: 18.0 inches (458 mm)
Height: 6.2 inches (158 mm)
Approximately 31.9 lb (14.5 kg)
2 - Epson Expression 10000XL
UL 60950 (2000)
CSA C22.2 No. 60950 (2000)
FCC part 15 subpart B class B
CSA C108.8 class B
Interface type
1 type for CRT display
3 types for printer (available in color
byte sequence mode and color line sequence
1 type user-defined
Xenon gas cold cathode fluorescent lamp
USB Interface
2 types for CRT display
3 types for printer
1 type user-defined
Light source
Ordinary office or home conditions. Avoid
dust, direct sunlight, and strong lighting.
Universal Serial Bus Specification, Rev. 2.0
Electrical standard Full speed mode (12Mb) and High speed
mode (480 Mbps) of Universal Serial Bus
SpecificationRevision 2.0
Connector type
One receptacle (Type B)
IEEE 1394 (FireWire) Interface
Interface type
IEEE 1394-1995 compatible
Data transfer
Half-duplex Data/Strobe differential serial
Clock synchronization with DS-Link
Logic level
3.3 V
IEEE 1394-1995 compatible
Power class
Power class code 100
No power supply from external sources
Repeat function with bus power
Epson Expression 10000XL
Transparency Unit (B12B813362)
Film types
❏ Microsoft Windows®-compatible Pentium-II processor, 266
MHz or faster
scan area
35 mm strips or slides
Medium format (120/220) 6 × 18 cm
4 × 5 inch film
transparencies up to 12.2 × 16.5 inch
❏ Preinstalled Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, or XP
❏ USB (1.1 or 2.0) or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port. To use the
scanner’s optional network card, your computer must be
connected to an existing network using TCP/IP.
12.2 × 16.5 inches (309 × 420 mm)
Width: 25.8 inches (656 mm)
Depth: 18.1 inches (460 mm)
Height: 1.6 inches (40 mm)
11 lbs (6 kg)
24 VDC, 1.3 A
5 VDC, 0.3 A
USB 1.1 and 2.0 require a preinstalled Windows operating
system; USB 2.0 works with Windows XP and 2000 only
IEEE 1394 requires Windows Me, 2000, or XP; card must
be IEEE1394a-2000 compatible and OHCI compliant
❏ 128MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended)
❏ 300MB available hard disk space
The TPU comes with two film holders of each type. Each film
holder can hold the following number of images:
Film type
Quantity per holder
35 mm slides
35 mm strips
Medium format (6 × 18 cm)
4 × 5 inch film
❏ CD-ROM drive
❏ VGA color monitor with 800 × 600 resolution (1024 × 768
or higher recommended)
❏ 16-bit, 65K-color display adapter card (24-bit display
adapter card with millions of colors recommended)
Automatic Document Feeder (B813212)
❏ Macintosh® PowerPC G3; Power Mac® G5 with 500 MHz
or faster processor recommended
Paper input/
❏ OS 9.1 to 9.2 or OS X 10.2.x to 10.3.x
Load face-up; eject face-down
Paper quantity
100 pages (55 g/m2 paper, max. total
thickness under 0.48 inches [12 mm])
100,000 sheets (load/eject MCBF)
10 ppm (monochrome, draft mode at
200 dpi)
Width: 23.8 inches (606 mm)
Depth: 19.2 inches (488 mm)
Height: 5.3 inches (134 mm)
Approximately 28.7 lb (13 kg)
24 VDC, 1.5 A
5 VDC, 0.4 A
Note: Check the Apple web site for any updates to your
operating system. Fast User Switching is not supported for
Mac OS X 10.3 users.
❏ USB (1.1 or 2.0) or IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port. To use the
scanner’s optional network card, your computer must be
connected to an existing network using TCP/IP.
USB 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.2.7 or later
IEEE 1394 requires IEEE1394a-2000 compatible and
OHCI-compliant interface card; make sure FireWire 2.1 or
later is installed on your computer
❏ 128MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended)
❏ 300MB available hard disk space
❏ CD-ROM drive
System Requirements
❏ VGA color monitor with 800 × 600 resolution (1024 × 768
or higher recommended)
This section lists minimum system requirements. For
optimum performance, a faster processor and more memory
are recommended. When scanning high resolution images,
you need more than the minimum available hard disk space.
❏ 16-bit 65K-color display adapter card (24-bit display
adapter card with millions of colors recommended)
Note: Color and tone reproduction are subject to the display
capability of your computer system, including the video card, monitor,
and software. See the documentation for these products for details.
Epson Expression 10000XL - 3
Epson Expression 10000XL
Transporting the Scanner and TPU
Cleaning the Scanner
Lock the scanner’s transportation lock before transporting it or
storing it for an extended time.
Follow these steps to clean the scanner.
1. Press the . power button to turn the scanner off, and
unplug the power cord.
1. Turn on the scanner and wait about 30 seconds for it to
initialize. When the Ready light stops blinking and remains
on, turn the scanner off.
Caution: Always unplug the scanner before cleaning.
2. Use a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent to clean the outer
2. Unplug the AC power cord, and then push down the
transportation lock on the back of the scanner to the Lock
Caution: Be careful not to spill liquid or let water get into the
scanner mechanism or electronic components. This could
permanently damage them.
Never use alcohol, thinner, or corrosive solvent to clean the
scanner. These chemicals can damage the scanner
components as well as the case.
3. Clean dust and smudges from the document table glass with
a soft, dry cloth (a microfiber glass cleaning cloth is
recommended). You can also use compressed air spray
3. Place the scanner in its original box, or use equivalent
packing materials.
To remove grease, use pretreated lens or scanner wipes, or a
small amount of glass cleaner on a soft cloth. Dry the
document table glass afterwards.
Transporting the TPU
Caution: Never spray glass cleaner directly on the document
table. Always spray it on a cloth first and then wipe the
Before shipping or storing the transparency unit (TPU), follow
these steps:
1. Use a coin to turn the transportation lock to the Lock
Never use a harsh or abrasive brush or cleaning product to
clean the document table. A damaged glass surface can
decrease the scanning quality.
Avoid leaving photos on the scanner glass for an extended
period of time, or residue from the photos may adhere to the
2. Disconnect the TPU cable from the OPTION port on the
back of the scanner.
3. Remove the TPU from the scanner and place it in its
original box, or use equivalent packing materials.
4 - Epson Expression 10000XL
Epson Expression 10000XL
Scanner Lights
Scanning with EPSON Scan
You can diagnose some problems by checking the scanner’s
The EPSON Scan software offers three scanning modes:
❏ Home Mode makes scanning quick and easy, and provides
excellent results for all types of documents. Use when
advanced control over image quality settings is not required.
Error light
❏ Office Mode is ideal for scanning business documents
containing text or graphics, with or without color. Choose
this mode to scan multi-page documents on the optional
automatic document feeder, or when scanning for OCR
(optical character recognition) to create editable text.
Ready light
a Start button
❏ Professional Mode gives you the greatest control over image
color and quality. Lets you manually adjust any setting,
including the histogram setting, tone, color depth, balance,
saturation, brightness, and contrast.
. Power button
Scanner Status
Ready light is on
or flashing.
The green Ready light is on when the scanner is
ready to scan. It flashes when scanning is in
You can open EPSON Scan from any TWAIN-compliant
imaging application, such as Photoshop Elements (included
with the scanner); this lets you scan images into the
application. Or you can use EPSON Scan in “standalone”
mode to scan directly to a file on your computer’s hard drive.
Error and Ready
lights are both
Make sure your scanner is connected to a working
outlet, then press the . power button.
Placing the Original Document
Error and Ready
lights are both
The scanner has received an incorrect command
from your scanner software. Try scanning again. If
the problem persists, try reinstalling your scanner
Follow these steps to position a photo or single-page document
for scanning. (If you want to scan several photos at a time, a
multi-page document, or film or slides, see the User’s Guide.)
Error and Ready
lights are both
If you’re using the automatic document feeder,
there may be a paper jam. Clear any jammed paper,
then close any open covers.
If this doesn’t solve the issue, there may be a
problem with the fluorescent lamp, or another
problem. Contact Epson as described in the User’s
1. Raise the scanner cover and place the document face down
on the document table. Place it in the upper-left corner,
aligning it with the edges of the glass.
2. Close the cover, being careful not to move the document.
Tip: If the edges of the document don’t scan, move it in
about 1/16 of an inch (1.5 mm) from the edges of the glass.
You can raise or remove the document cover if you need to
scan a thick item—such as a photo in an album—that
doesn’t fit under the cover. Simply lift the back of the cover
straight up. When you reattach the cover, line up the hinge
pins with the positioning holes and lower the cover into
Epson Expression 10000XL - 5
Epson Expression 10000XL
Scanning an Image
5. Click the Preview button to see a preview of your scan.
First, place your document on the scanner as described on
page 5. Then follow these steps to start EPSON Scan and scan
an image into an application:
1. Turn on the scanner, and wait about 30 seconds for it to
initialize. The green Ready light stops flashing and stays on.
2. Open your imaging application, then choose the Import (or
Acquire) option in the application and select Epson
Expression 10000XL.
Note: If you are using Windows XP and choose WIAEPSON Expression 10000XL, certain features won’t be
The EPSON Scan dialog box opens.
Choose a mode
Note: The Thumbnail preview screen is shown above.
Depending on your selected mode, you may see the Normal
preview screen instead. To switch between preview
screens, click the arrow next to the Preview button and
choose Thumbnail or Normal.
In Home Mode, you can click the Auto preview checkbox to
make the preview screen open automatically whenever you
launch EPSON Scan.
6. Click and drag within the preview image to select the area
you want to scan.
Note: Image quality adjustments are automatically applied
to the selected area, unless you’ve turned off the
Continuous auto exposure setting (click the Configuration
button, then click the Color tab to access this setting). For
best results, select only the part of the image you want to
7. If you’re previewing your image as a thumbnail (as shown
above), click the
button to rotate the image, if needed.
Click the
button to mirror the image.
3. Choose a mode from the Mode list at the top of the
EPSON Scan screen. (See page 5 for a description of the
8. Click Scan.
4. Adjust any settings in EPSON Scan, as needed. For
example, if you’re using Home Mode, select the Document
Type, Image Type, and Destination settings that are
appropriate for your image and how you want to use it.
6 - Epson Expression 10000XL
9. When scanning completes, click Close to exit EPSON Scan
and view the scanned image in your imaging application.
Epson Expression 10000XL
Scanning to a File
Scanning With the a Start Button
You can use EPSON Scan in “standalone” mode to scan
directly to a file on your computer’s hard drive. First, place
your document or photo on the scanner. Then follow these
You can press the a Start button to open EPSON Scan—or
if you’re running Windows, you can set the button to open
another application of your choice.
1. Start EPSON Scan:
❏ Windows: Click Start, open the Programs folder, open
the EPSON Scan folder, and then click EPSON Scan.
a Start
❏ Macintosh OS X: Open the Applications folder, and
then click EPSON Scan.
❏ Macintosh OS 9: Open the Apple menu, then select
Note: You cannot assign a different application to the a Start button
on Macintosh systems.
Note: If you have multiple scanners installed, you are
prompted to choose your scanner. Click EPSON Expression
10000XL and click OK.
Assigning an Application to the a Start
Button in Windows
2. Choose a mode from the Mode list
at the top of the EPSON Scan
Follow the steps in the section for your operating system to
assign an application to the a Start button.
3. Make any appropriate settings for the document you are
Note: If you set the a Start button to open Photoshop Elements,
EPSON Scan launches automatically after Photoshop opens. If you
choose another program, wait for it to open, then start EPSON Scan
4. Click Scan. You see this screen:
You can assign multiple applications to the a Start button, but you’ll
have to decide which program to launch after pressing it. To avoid
doing this, do not assign more than one application to the a Start
Windows XP
Follow these steps to set up the a Start button in Windows
1. Click the Windows Start button, then click
2. Right-click the Expression 10000XL icon, and then click
5. Type a name for your file in the Prefix field, then choose an
image type and click OK.
Note: If you’re saving the file in JPEG format, be sure to
select an appropriate compression ratio for your image. For
details on file format settings, click the Help button.
Epson Expression 10000XL - 7
Epson Expression 10000XL
3. Click the Events tab. You see this window.
3. Click the Events tab. You see this window.
4. Make sure the Start Button is selected in the Select an event
4. Make sure Start Button appears in the Scanner events box,
then deselect any applications you don’t want to use in the
Send to this application list. Leave checked only the
application(s) you want to assign to the a Start button.
5. Click Start this program, select a program from the list,
and then click OK.
5. Click Apply, then click OK to close the Epson Expression
10000XL Properties window, then click OK again to close
the Scanners and Cameras Properties window.
Note: If the program you want to use is not listed, open it
and then follow these steps again. If it is still not listed, it
cannot be opened using the a Start button.
Note: You can disable the a Start button by clicking the Disable
You can disable the a Start button by clicking the Take no
action checkbox on the Events tab.
device events checkbox on the Events tab.
Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows 98
Related Documentation
For all Windows users except XP, follow these steps to set up
the a Start button:
1. Double-click the Scanners and Cameras icon in the
Windows Control Panel.
2. Select Epson
10000XL and
click the
8 - Epson Expression 10000XL
Epson Expression 10000XL Start Here
Epson Expression 10000XL User’s Guide
Scanner Software CD-ROM (includes
HTML Reference Guide)
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