Epson | TM-C3400A | Graphical Logo

Graphical Logo
The Graphical Logo offers UPS
customers the ability to print high
resolution images at the top of their
shipping label. The Graphical Logo in
this guide was created using Microsoft
Office Programs. Other photo editing
software can be used, but you must
still adhere to the guidelines in the
Notes and Content pages.
Although the set up process is similar to the shipment
label header, it is important to note the key
differences between the two formats.
1. The Graphical Logo will only be associated with a shipper,
NOT a profile.
2. The Graphical Logo uses a much larger pixilation ratio, so
make sure you are using high resolution images.
3. The Epson TM-C3400A’s Media Type must be set “Fine
Media” with the Printing Preferences of the driver.
4. The Maximum Pixel Ratio is 1400x679 for Graphical Logos,
instead of 350x175 like Shipment Label Headers
5. The Graphical Logo requires setting up a separate printer
configuration within Worldship.
Worldship You will NOT need a
separate TM-C3400A
C3400A to switch between Graphical Logos and
Shipment Label headers. You can set up multiple printer
configurations within Worldship for a single printer.
6. The Graphical Logo Image prep may require photo editing
software like photoshop powerpoint,
powerpoint paint, or picture
manager to design more complex designs. This guide will
show you how to make a high resolution Graphic Logo with
multiple images using powerpoint,
powerpoint picture manager, and
1. Image Prep
A. Design- Design and create a Graphical Logo using Microsoft
B. Resizing- Crop and resize the newly created Graphical Logo Design
to fit within the 1400x679 pixel framework using Microsoft Picture
C. Formatting- Load the newly created Graphical Logo Image into
Microsoft Paint and save the image as .BMP file to compatible
with World Ship 2013.
2. Graphic Logo Printer Setup in World Ship 2013
A. Adding Printer- create a new printer option within system
preferences editor specifically for Graphical Logos.
B. Printer Setup- Properly configuring the printer to print Graphical
3. Enabling Graphic Logo Image in World Ship 2013
A. Shipper Editor- Modifying the preferences within the Shipper
Editor section of World Ship 2013.
Graphical Logo Image
1. Open Microsoft Powerpoint
2. Click on Design Tab
3. Click on Page Setup
4. Make the page 13.25” Width x 6.5” Height
5. Delete title and text fields. Then Drag and drop the
images you would like to use for your Graphical Logo design.
6. Resize the images and move them to wherever you’d like
to fit within the page layout.
7. Insert Text Boxes to create messages.
8. View the Image in as a slide show and Take a Screen Shot
9. Add a New Slide (Blank).
10. Right Click and Paste the screen shot on that blank new slide
11. Without resizing the image, save it to your desktop by right
clicking on the image and selecting “save as picture”
12. Open the image in microsoft picture manger
13. Click on “Edit Pictures”
14. Click on “Crop,” and adjust the frame to 1400 width x 679
15. Click Ok
16. If you would like to give your Graphic Logo some margins
around the edges, then click on resize and adjust the image size to
1325 width and 643 height. (Note: resizing is not needed, but it
helps center the logo)
17. Click Ok, and click save
18. Open the newly cropped and resized image in paint,
then Save it as a .BMP file to your desktop.
19. Finished and ready for loading into Worldship
Graphical Logo Printer Setup
1.Open WorldShip to the main shipping page
2.On the Tools menu, click System Preference Editor.
3. Click the Printing Setup tab
4. On the Printing Setup tab, Enter a Printer ID
GraphicalLogo and ensure Printer Type is Label
5. Click the Add button
6. Click on Printer Setup click the Change Label Printer
button and select your Epson printer and click select
7. Under the cancel button on the Label Printer Setup screen,
select box to indicate a Generic Thermal Printer
8. Under Label Configuration, click the down arrow in the
Label Stock Dimensions box and select Thermal 4x8 or
9. Click the down arrow in the Extended Area Usage box
and select Graphical Image (Company Logo) Click the
Apply button
10. Your new printer should be highlighted on the list,
select the Default printer box in the center under the list
box and then select the Update button to set the
EpsonGraphical as the default printer.
11. Select OK on the confirmation screen and select OK to
exit the System Preference Editor.
Enable Graphical Logo Image
1.Open WorldShip to the main shipping page.
2.On the Tools menu, click Shipper Editor
3. Select the Shipper Number of the account you would
like to modify.
(for security purposes during this guide, we have
blocked out our shipping numbers, and the account
information associated with them.)
4. Click the Modify button
5. Click the Preferences tab
6. Click the Select Image… button. Find the file you wish
to use and click the Select button where the image is
located (you may need to change the file type from .pcx
All Files to see your file).
7. Click the OK button and then close the Shipper Editor
8. Finished!
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