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Strantrol® 887 HRR®
Control System
Product Data Sheet
The Strantrol® 887 High Resolution Redox® control system
dramatically improves disinfection monitoring and control
in industrial process and cooling water applications.
Comprised of our industry leading sensor technology,
innovative sample flowcell, unique control algorithms,
and on-site service and support, the Strantrol® 887
controller is the benchmark for ORP monitoring and
control worldwide.
The second relay can be configured to control a second
feeder at an alternative setpoint, or to perform an automatic sensor wash function.
The third relay can be set as a master alarm reporting
high, low, or overfeed conditions.
Each unit is equipped with three relays that can be
configured in any combination for control, alarm or
sensor wash.
The unit’s (4) 4-20mA outputs may be used for direct
data recording or transmitting data to a computer or
distributed control system.
In a typical installation, the first relay is set to On/Off or
Time-Based Proportional (TBP) control. Time-Based
Proportional control enables simple chemical feeders to
mimic the accuracy of more complex PID control.
Additionally, the Strantrol® 887 controller provides an
external interrupt to accept a signal from a timer or sample stream flow switch, and a triggered input to accept a
signal from a contacting water meter.
Benefits of the Strantrol® 887
Controller Include:
Accurate and Reliable Redox Control
Optional Sensor Wash and Flow
Switch for Peak Performance and
User-Programmable Feed Modes to
Meet Application Needs
Sensor input:
Sensing accuracy:
Isolated HRR® sensor
-500 mV to +1000 mV
± .1% per year
1 mV
Digital Inputs:
Contact Closure
(Totalizer & ChemFeed trigger)
Sample Flow Switch
(Blowdown & ChemFeed
Analog outputs: (4) Isolated fully rangeable
4-20mA up to 750 ohms with record and
control capabilities
Three programmable relays for chemical
control, alarm, sensor wash, or triggered
timer function.
120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Two 5 Amp, one 1 Amp
Resolution ± .5%
User Interface
ETL approved to UL® Standard 508A
CE approved for heavy industrial use
Voltage: 120/250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Total Current: 12 amps
Display: 16 character backlit LCD display
shows real time sensor readings, alarms,
programming values and menus.
NEMA 4X (IP 66)
(H x W x D)
7.1” x 7.2” x 4.4” in
(180 x 182 x 111 mm)
2.1 pounds (0.95 kg)
UL® Listed
Keypad: 7 pressure sensitive keys for setting
calibration, control setpoint, alarms, 420mA, triggered timer, totalizer, and sensor
clean values. UP, DOWN, PREV, and ENTER
keys for scrolling through menu and
changing settings. CAL button for single
point calibration. SETPOINT for changing the
control value. MENU for more detailed
Sample Flowcell
Design ensures sensor remains wetted at all
times. Flowcell comes complete with fittings,
including two isolation valves and a sample
tap. Flowcell cover is clear permitting on-line
inspection of sensor tip.
Schedule 80 PVC
Tested to 100 psig
(6.8 bar)
1200F (48.80C) (Max)
Clear Polycarbonate
Automatic sensor washing: Recommended
for high TDS applications such as recirculated
cooling water. On-line sensor washing is
available by requesting the optional
diaphragm pump and tank package (part no.
Sample flow switch: The optional sample
flow switch assures that when the sample
stream is interrupted for any reason, the
feed of chemicals is halted. This is a valuable
safety device as well as a way to prevent
overfeeding of chemical due to a trapped
“dead” sample.
4 7/8”
4 3/8”
Strantrol® 887 HRR Controller
7 1/8”
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