Rockwell CompactLogix Brochure

Rockwell CompactLogix Brochure
Logix Operating System
The advanced, multi-discipline control engine
The Logix control engine included in all
Logix5000 controllers, is the result of
Allen-Bradley’s three decades of leadership
in programmable control technology.
Packed with revolutionary features never
before available in commercial programmable
controllers, the Logix control engine simplifies
development, integration and operation of all
control applications, from simple dedicated
controls to large, multiprocessor architectures
with 1,000s of controlled points.
Logix features include:
Advanced memory model
Multidiscipline instruction set
Advanced development tools
Over 180 advanced instructions to address
the most challenging applications with
sequential control, regulatory process
control, precision position control and coordinated speed control
● Complex applications require less
instructions, resulting in shorter programs
that are easier to apply and execute faster
● A single Logix controller can do the job of
multiple dedicated PLC, motion or process
controllers with better performance and
reduced costs
● A single development environment for
● Tag-based memory structure, with tag
database managed in real-time by the
operating system
● Full support of IEC data structures, including
user-defined data types – to reflect the
equipment being controlled, thereby reducing
abstraction efforts and improving maintainability
● Transparent OPC data access to the
entire tag database
sequential, process, drive and motion
control applications. Tasks, programs
and routines are represented in simple,
graphical tree views, with IEC-61131-3compliant user interface
● Advanced Ladder Diagram, Function Block
Diagram, Sequential Function Chart and
Structured Text editors provide a standard,
intuitive, easy to use programming interface
● Drag-and-drop support to move instructions,
lines of code, routines and even complete
programs simplifies reusability of code
The most complex control algorithms are
easy to develop and debug with the next
generation Structured Text Language.
Advanced ladder diagram for efficient development and
management of Boolean logic.
Everything in the system is
easily accessible via the
graphical Controller Organizer.
Use your own data
structures to simplify
application development
and improve data access.
Develop sophisticated process
and speed control loops with
the high-performance Function
Block Diagram editor.
Describe the sequential
operation of machines or
processes with no effort
using the most flexible SFC
editor on the market.
The strategy for seamless, reliable communications – from shop floor to top floor
Our NetLinx open architecture provides unprecedented efficiency and performance that is
easily tailored to specific applications.
CIP’s Wire Independence,
a Worked Example
NetLinx encompasses all the components necessary to provide seamless communications
throughout your enterprise – from plant floor devices, to manufacturing control systems,
to business systems and the Internet.
A large manufacturing facility has three main
areas: a process area, packaging hall and
warehousing. The different plant areas are
connected together on an Ethernet network.
There are multiple controllers within each
area connected on ControlNet. The control
engineers have responsibility for the entire
control system and therefore want to be able
to monitor different parts of the plant from a
central point. The powerful communications
structure of our Integrated Architecture allows
them to browse around the control system
and monitor PLC programs and even detailed
device parameters like acceleration time on
a PowerFlex drive. Through configuration of
a single message instruction, the control
engineer is also able to extract the same data
from the drive, without caring whether it is
connected to an EtherNet/IP, ControlNet or
DeviceNet segment! The data is addressed
the same way in the same place in each case.
NetLinx is ‘wire-independent’
With NetLinx you can select hardware and software components and media according to your
specific application. NetLinx brings together these outstanding communication technologies,
into a single integrated system:
● EtherNet/IP extending your ethernet for information and control
● ControlNet for robust and deterministic control and configuration
● DeviceNet for networking plant floor devices
CIP Application Layer
Devices operate consistently
whatever wire they are
connected to.
Application programming
quicker and simpler through
consistent organisation of data.
Application Object Library
CIP Data Management Services
Explicit Messages, I/O Messages
CIP Message Routing
Reduced installation costs
with control, collection and
configuration on a single wire.
Connection Management
Physical Layer
Phys. Layer
Phys. Layer
Common Industrial Protocol provides a common object model and Device Profiles for
EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet.
Seamless bridging and routing
provides transparent access to
all the information from
everywhere in the system,
at any time, without complex
programming or configuration
of proxies or gateways.
NetLinx has a common object model
Whichever network you choose, the device profile remains the same – a valve is a valve.
Similarly, a message is a message because exactly the same objects are used.
Both application and product developers maintain
a consistent user experience across all
NetLinx ‘wires’
Rockwell Automation is committed to
open, vendor-independent solutions.
NetLinx makes full use of technologies
from ControlNet International, ODVA
and OPC Foundation.
CompactLogix System
The CompactLogix system provides
all the power and ease of integration
of the Logix family of controllers to
small and medium size applications
requiring cost effective
control solutions.
With a user memory of up to 1.5Mb,
integrated serial, EtherNet/IP or ControlNet
channels, modular DeviceNet communications
and local I/O capacity of up to 30 I/O
modules, CompactLogix inherits all the
advanced features of the latest generation
of Logix controllers, including:
EtherNet/IP Port
The integrated 10/100 Mbps EtherNet/IP
channel in the L32E and L35E processors
supports up to 32 simultaneous high-speed
EtherNet/IP connections for distributed I/O.
Sensors and actuators, such as PowerFlex
drives and real-time data, interlock with
other EtherNet/IP controllers such as
ControlLogix or FlexLogix and share
high-speed data with HMI systems such
as PanelView or RSView. This simplifies
the immediate integration of
CompactLogix-based applications in large
scale manufacturing architectures.
● High-performance Logix CPU with
integrated floating-point coprocessor for
exceptionally fast control and information
Rich multi-discipline instruction set for
high-speed sequential, process, motion
and drives control
Multi-tasking real-time operating system
Tag-based, IEC-61131-3 compliant, memory
model that supports user-defined,
multi-dimension data structures
RSLogix5000 development environment
with state of the art implementations of
the IEC-61131-3 Ladder Diagram,
Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text
and Function Block Diagram languages
Compact Flash Port
Removable CompactFlash
memory card for
non-volatile storage of
application code and data
The EtherNet/IP channel can also be used for
high speed upload/download of data, online
configuration and TCP/IP web services such
as remote diagnostics and email messaging.
For applications requiring higher level of
determinism, the L35C processor features a
redundant 5Mbps ControlNet port that
supports scheduled communications to other
Logix controllers, distributed I/O and other
plantfloor devices and peer-to-peer messaging
for program editing, upload/download of
programs and data exchange with other
controllers and computers.
Compact I/O
CompactLogix is equipped with Compact I/O –
a “PLC®-style” expandable I/O platform that lets users
take advantage of the modularity of larger control platforms
in a low-cost platform. The modular and rackless design of the
CompactLogix controller makes it DIN rail or panel-mountable, providing
space savings of 20 to 40 percent over traditional mounting styles. The Compact I/O
high-performance serial bus allows for very fast 1 millisecond I/O updates, providing
the throughput required in high-speed manufacturing applications
DeviceNet Scanner
The 1769-SDN DeviceNet
scanner modules provide
connectivity to the wide range of
DeviceNet-compatible products form
multiple vendors. Each 1769-SDN module supports up to 64 DeviceNet
nodes with advanced features like ADR (Automatic Device Replacement)
and remote configuration and data collection from the EtherNet/IP and
ControlNet networks
Serial Port
CompactLogix processors also
feature a rugged RS-232 serial
port (two in the L31 model)
allowing connection using
DH-485, DF1 or ASCII
protocols to devices such as
programming terminals,
modems, barcode readers,
weigh scales or printers.
The CompactLogix Family
CompactLogix Processors 1769-
User Memory
Task per processor
Communication ports
Channel 0 Interface
RS-232 protocols
Baud rate
Channel 1 Interface
RS-232 protocols
Baud rate
Distributed I/O support
Drives support
Display devices support
DeviceNet Local
512 Kb
8 (1 continuous, 7 periodic)
750 Kb
8 (1 continuous, 7 periodic)
Other networks(3)
Local I/O support
Maximum local I/O modules
Maximum I/O banks
Distributed device support
NetLinx bridging & routing
Non-volatile memory
On-line edit run time
Programming software
Programming languages
Data model
Instruction set
Compact 1769 I/O (2)
Discrete modules
1,5 Mb
8 (1 continuous, 7 periodic)
RS-232 Sub-D 9 pins
DF1, DH-485, ASCII
Up to 38.4 Kbps
RJ45 or 10BaseT
10/100 Mbps
1,5 Mb
8 (1 continuous, 7 periodic)
RS-232 Sub-D 9 pins
RJ45 or 10BaseT
Redundant BNC
DF1, DH-485, ASCII
Up to 38.4 Kbps
10/100 Mbps
5 Mbps
Yes, multiple using the 1769-SDN scanner
Yes, multiple using
Yes, multiple
Yes, multiple
using the 1788-EN2DN
using the 1788-EN2DN
using the 1788-CN2DN
Profibus DP, AS-i: Modbus, Hart (not L31): DNP, Modbus TCP, IEC60870-5-104 (L32E, L35E only)
Compact 1769 I/O
16 modules
16 modules
30 modules
30 modules
Any I/O or device compatible
Any I/O or device compatible Any I/O or device compatible
Any I/O or device compatible
with DeviceNet
with EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet with EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet with ControlNet or DeviceNet
Yes, removable CompactFlash
Yes, multi-user
RSLogix5000, V12 or later
IEC-61131-3: Ladder diagram, structured text, sequential function chart, function block diagram
IEC-61131-3: Real time tag database
Boolean, math & trig, motion control, drives control, file/word/bit management, process control, string management,
statistical, filter, select/limit, program control, communications
8, 16 & 32 points
24 VDC, 110/220 VAC
2, 4 & 8 channels
Current, voltage, thermocouples, resistance, RTD
8/14 bits plus sign
Individually configurable channels, on-board scaling, on-line configuration, over/under range
detection, selectable power supply, direct output device operation during an abnormal condition,
auto calibration of inputs, selectable input filters, selectable response to a broken input sensor,
input modes both single-ended or differential
High speed counter, DeviceNet scanner, DeviceNet adapter, scanport module, ASCII module
Profibus DP scanner/adapter, AS-i scanner, resolver, strain gauge, stepper, RIO adapter
Special Modules
3rd Party modules(3)
Available 2nd quarter 2004
I/O Points
I/O Points
Analogy modules
Check availability before purchase
Available through 3rd party companies
In a point-to-point connection
Corporate Headquarters
Rockwell Automation, 777 East Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1400, Milwaukee, WI, 53202-5302 USA, Tel: (1) 414.212.5200, Fax: (1) 414.212.5201
Headquarters for Allen-Bradley Products, Rockwell Software Products and Global Manufacturing Solutions
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Europe/Middle East/Africa: Rockwell Automation SA/NV, Vorstlaan/Boulevard du Souverain 36, 1170 Brussels, Belgium, Tel: (32) 2 663 0600, Fax: (32) 2 663 0640
Asia Pacific: Rockwell Automation, 27/F Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Tel: (852) 2887 4788, Fax: (852) 2508 1846
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Americas: Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, SC 29615-4617 USA, Tel: (1) 864.297.4800, Fax: (1) 864.281.2433
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Asia Pacific: Rockwell Automation, 55 Newton Road, #11-01/02 Revenue House, Singapore 307987, Tel: (65) 6356-9077, Fax: (65) 6356-9011
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