TC-3000 Thermal Cycler Industry Leading Warranty... 4 years or 80,000 cycles

TC-3000 Thermal Cycler Industry Leading Warranty... 4 years or 80,000 cycles
TC-3000 Thermal Cycler
Industry Leading Warranty...
4 years or 80,000 cycles
TC-3000 Thermal Cycler
The TC-3000 thermal cycler is unrivalled as a
reliable low cost personal cycler. Designed for
research and teaching, the TC-3000 offers the
ultimate in low cost solutions where ease of
use is high on the priority list.
Technical Specification
Sample capacity (0.5ml)
TC-3000 cycler
Competitor cycler
Graph showing the typical uniformity across the block at 50ºC set
point on a Techne thermal cycler compared to competitors’ cyclers
Techne TC Thermal Cyclers enjoy a well-earned reputation
for accuracy and reliability and are used in laboratories
around the world. Compact, robust and versatile, the range
includes models to suit every application and budget.
The TC-3000 is one of the smallest, lowest cost units on the
market. It is available as a stand alone unit in 25 x 0.2ml or
20 x 0.5ml microtube interchangeable block formats.
Sample capacity (0.2ml)
User interchangeable blocks (tool required)
Heating rate
Block uniformity at 50°C
Temperature range
4°C to 99°C
Temperature set point precision
Selectable heated lid temperature
100°C - 115°C
Heated lid enable/disable
Over-temperature cut-out
Number of programs
Password protection
Programming / display
4-line alphanumeric
Peltier elements / blocks
• Unparalleled block uniformity: typically +/- 0.1°C
at 50°C, ensuring optimal reproducibility.
Dimensions L x W x H (inches)
13 x 7 x 7.5
Connection to PC (RS232)
Yes (via Gensoft)
• Fast heating rate: up to 3.6°C/sec for quick PCR cycles
230V / 120V
• Small footprint: at only 91 in2, the TC-3000 is even
economical on space.
Ordering information
• Fast and intuitive programming with large memory,
features quick dial and password protection.
• Versatile heated lid, with selectable temperature range
from 100°C to 115°C, is designed to fit both 0.2ml
domed and 0.5ml flat top tubes and can be enabled
or disabled.
Thermal cycler TC3000, 25 x 0.2ml capacity
Thermal cycler TC3000, 20 x 0.5ml capacity
Accessory blocks
Block, 25 x 0.2ml
Block, 20 x 0.5ml
Techne Inc. 3 Terri Lane, Suite 10 Burlington, New Jersey 08016
Toll free: 800-225-9243 Web:
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