a pdf version of How to Strip Tile Floors

a pdf version of How to Strip Tile Floors
a floor machine equipped with a “PT2000” stripping pad. Work with a small
circular motion moving about the area
you are stripping.
The Proper Method To Strip Floors
To remove a floor finish when any of
the following occurs
The color begins to turn
The finish begins to build up
Mopping, Spray buffing, Burnishing
or recoating does not give the
Floor stripper “Pour N Peel”, “Onyx” or
“One Pass”
Floor finishes “Omega”, “Flex”
or “Ultimate II”
Small utility pail (applying finish)
Floor finish mop w/ handle
desired results.
1. Dust mop or sweep floor area and
Supplies and Equipment
Two mop buckets w/ wringers
Two mop handles w/ 20 oz. wet mop
Utility pad holder w/ black pad
Long handle scraper w/ blade
Putty knife
Wet floor signs
Cleaning cloths
Protective clothing; gloves, goggles
Floor stripping boots
Floor machine w/ pad driver
Black stripping pads “PT-2000”
Green scrubbing pads
Wet vacuum w/ hose, wand and
squeegee tool
remove any foreign debris, i.e. gum,
tar etc.
2. Place “Wet Floor” signs in easy to see
locations at entrances to area being
6. Recover all stripper solution with a wet
vacuum equipped with the proper floor
squeegee tool.
7. Alternate Rinse Process. After floor
has been completely stripped of all old
finish, change floor pad to a clean green
or black floor pad. Flood floor surface
with clean water (approximately 12’ x
12’) and agitate with floor machine.
Recover water with wet vacuum.
8. Rinse floor surface one last time
with a CLEAN mop and CLEAN
Check floor to be sure it’s ready for finish by
wiping your hand across a section of the
If a white powder comes up, the floor has
not been thoroughly rinsed and must be
rinsed until no white powder comes up after
the floor is dry.
Wipe all corners and edges prior to
Our recommendations concerning the
temperature of water is to use COLD water,
never HOT. The use of HOT will result in
accelerating the evaporation rate of the
stripper. Cold water reduces vapors from
your stripper solution.
3. Mix proper solution of stripper with the
correct amount of *COLD water in
your mop bucket with warm water.
4. Mop the diluted stripper over the area
to be cleaned (approximately 12’ x 12’)
and allow adequate time for
penetration of the stripper. Do not
allow stripper solution to dry on the
floor surface!.
5. After a period of proper chemical
reaction has passed (normally 10-15
minutes), agitate the floor surface with
How To Apply Finish
Inspect Floor: Make sure that the floor is
thoroughly clean and dry.
Prepare Area: Set up "Wet Floor" signs in
public areas.
Place a clean towel at your entrance/exit doorway.
This helps in reducing sand & grit from being tracked
onto your floor during the finish process.
Place a new trash liner in your mop bucket and allow
excess to drape over the side of the bucket, this will
line the inside of the mop bucket. This process will
save clean-up time and avoid contaminating your
floor finish.
How To
Strip and
Refinish Floors
Place your finish mop into bucket and GENTLY wring
out excess material. The most effective way to remove excess material is place the mop into the
wringer and push the mop down into the wringer.
This will remove all excess finish while eliminating
any foam build-up in the bucket. DO NOT PLACE MOP
IN WRINGER AND WRING OUT, This causes a great
deal of foam in the bucket which leads to bubbles in
the floor finish.
Apply a thin coat to the perimeter of the area to be
finished. It is not necessary to go to the baseboard.
We recommend no more than two (2) coats of finish
around the perimeter. It is a rare occasion when people walk around the perimeter and scuff the floor.
Begin applying the finish in a "figure eight motion".
The figure eight motion allows for a 20-25 percent
overlap; therefore leaving no missed spots.
The first coat should be applied in a north to south
direction and additional coats should be alternated in
east-west and vice versa on subsequent coats.
This will eliminate any "missed" spots on the floor.
Allow floor finish to dry; approximate dry times vary
between 20-25 minutes between coats of
A general rule of thumb is, apply enough even coats
so the floor "Looks Wet When It’s Dry". This can usually be accomplished with 3-5 coats of
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