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PUBLIC Front Rack Installation Instructions
Step four:
Mounting your new Public Front Rack on your bicycle
is easy. Our unique front rack has been designed to fit
on all public models… And on most any bike with a
wheel and 1”/22.2mm handlebar stem.
Undo the bolt holding the hinged handlebar stem
clamp together. Be careful, as the cylindrical nut attached to this bolt will fall out of the clamp. You can
use a small piece of masking tape to prevent this.
Place the open clamp around your handlebar stem.
Reinsert the fastener into the cylindrical nut and snug
up the clamp to the stem.
Here’s what you’ll need to install:
4mm Allen wrench
5mm Allen wrench
10mm open end wrench or small adjustable wrench
Step one:
First, attach the steel bracket to your rack. Using the
two long bolts and two nuts, attach the bracket (with
the two holes facing upwards) to the back of the rack
(the side that faces the bike), sandwiching the thick
spacers in between the rack and the bracket. Leave
these nuts loose for now.
Step six:
Position the rack so that the top platform of the rack is
as parallel to the ground as possible. Fully tighten the
two bolts attaching slotted bracket to your rack. Make
sure to not pinch any cables between the bracket
and rack. Now, go back and FULLY tighten ALL bolts.
There should be no side-to-side or fore-to-aft play in
the rack when correctly installed.
Final touch:
Step two:
Connect the hinged handlebar stem clamp to the top
of the bracket using the two medium-length bolts.
Tighten completely.
Step three:
Now mount the legs of your rack to your fork, using
the two short bolts. There are four holes (or eyelets, in
bike speak) on your fork where your wheel attaches.
Attach the legs of your rack to the eyelets on the front
of the fork. Snug these up, but do not completely
The remaining piece is to be mounted on the front of
the rack between the two springs. Unscrew the bolt
with the 5mm Allen wrench until you can slide both
pieces in to place tighten down. This piece enhances
the beauty of the rack as well as offers a mount point
for a single bolt light or reflector.
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