Dodge | 2010 Viper SRT10 | Dodge Viper SRT-10 Non-Invasive Radium Engineering Catch Can

Dodge Viper SRT-10 Non-Invasive Radium Engineering Catch Can
Dodge Viper SRT-10 Non-Invasive Radium Engineering Catch Can Mounting Bracket
Dodge Viper SRT-10 Non-Invasive Radium Engineering Catch Can Mounting Bracket:
This bracket is a lightweight and convenient solution to allow you to
mount a Radium Engineering competition catch can without otherwise
modifying your 2003-2010 Viper.
Non invasive: No drilling.
Clamps around the frame, padding reduces marking or damage
to the frame.
Easy and quick installation, two screws install the bracket.
Adjustable location. Allows Catch can to be moved laterally as
necessary to adjust for plumbing or other clearance.
Lightweight, pocketed design; billet aluminum.
Durable anodized finish.
Radium catch can with the DSE non-invasive mounting bracket
6061-T6 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Hardware
Black anodize, type III hardcoat
Radium Engineering Competition Catch Can
Package Contents:
1 x top bracket
1 x bottom bracket
2 x stainless steel socket cap screws
Package contents include brackets and stainless steel hardware
Ordering Information:
SRT-10 Non-Invasive Catch Can Mounting Bracket
P/N: DSE-VP-CC-001
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Doug Shelby Engineering
Viper SRT-10 Owner / VOA Member and Sponsor
Installation Guide:
Test fit the bracket and catch can to determine the best
location on the frame. Ensure the can clears all hoses and
other engine components.
Install the bracket starting with the bottom. Fit the front
edge first to allow the protective tape to slide up the frame
without being removed.
Install the top bracket with the same bias toward the front
Tighten both bolts down loosely (to allow for bracket
location adjustment as needed).
Determine the best rotation orientation for the catch can
and install with the screws included with the Radium catch
can kit.
Plumb the catch can as necessary (installation will vary
based on model year and modifications).
The Radium Catch Can has female size -10 AN fittings. The
following fittings were used with the pictured installation
[2008 Viper with Gen V Intake Manifold]:
Catch Can Outlet:
o Mopar 05038618AD HOSE. PCV. Includes Clamps
[Gen V OEM, fitting ends twisted for alignment]
Summit Racing SUM-220758B Hose End, TwistTite, Straight, Aluminum, Black, Male -10 AN to -10
AN Hose Barb
Catch Can Inlet:
o Fragola Performance Systems 873010 Hose, Parker
Push-Lok, Synthetic Rubber, Black, -10 AN, 3 ft.
o Summit Racing SUM-220703-B Fitting, Hose End,
Straight, -10 AN Hose Barb to Female -10 AN,
Aluminum, Black Anodized
o Earl’s AT949010ERL Ano-Tuff Adapter; Special
Purpose; 90 deg. Male AN To Male Swivel AN; Hose
End Size -10
Tip: Dip Hose end in near-boiling water for several minutes to allow it to soften for easier insertion onto the fittings.
Disclaimer of Liability:
Doug Shelby Engineering assumes no liability expressed or implied for the improper installation or use of this product or its components. Doug
Shelby Engineering is NOT responsible for any damage, consequential or otherwise for equipment failure after installation.
Vehicle Modification:
Modification of your vehicle with the parts identified above may alter its stock performance; the buyer hereby expressly assumes all risks
associated with any such modification.
Disclaimer of Warranty:
Seller disclaims any warranty express or implied with respect to the parts sold hereby whether as to merchantability, fitness for particular
purpose, or any other matter.
Doug Shelby Engineering
Viper SRT-10 Owner / VOA Member and Sponsor
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