Service Level
Service Level
One World Technologies, Inc.
Product – R841150, R841151 RIDGID 18 Volt Hammer Drill
Identification – RIDGID 18 Volt 1/2” Chuck Hammer Drill – R841150 “T”
Handle design, R841151 Rear Handle design.
Condition – If the R841150 or R841151 18 Volt Hammer drill is serviced
due to no power from the battery pack(s), replace the variable speed switch
before operating the tool with a known good battery.
Remedy – Remove and replace the variable speed switch. Replace the
battery as needed. Do not open the battery in an attempt to repair it is a nonserviceable item.
Service Components Required
1 ea. Variable Speed Switch ---------------------------- pt. # 270018090
Service Procedures
Remove the battery. Remove the T-20 torx screws in the end cap, housing
and gearbox. With the data plate facing upward, remove the housing
exposing the switch assembly. Rotate the switch exposing the motor leads.
Using a solder gun, remove the motor “+” lead (red wire) from the switch
and solder it to the new switch routing the wire through the eyelet from the
back side of the terminal. Duplicate the process with the motor “-“ lead
(black wire). Reposition the switch and battery terminal into the housing and
reassemble ensuring the wiring harness is routed through the guides of the
housing. Note: The white insulator must protect the wiring harness
between the motor and the housing. A replacement insulator is supplied
if needed. Reattach the end cap, and housing test full operation of the
Submit warranty claim using warranty code -------- R5051SWH0904
Warranty claim compensation -------------------------------- $25.00
For technical assistance contact RIDGID technical support at 866-539-1710
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G. Pena
R5051SVB1 - 090904
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