Oct 18 - 2011 - LOREX Technology unveils the LIVE CONNECT Wireless Video Monitor with Skype Internet Remote Viewing

Oct 18 - 2011 - LOREX Technology unveils the LIVE CONNECT Wireless Video Monitor with Skype Internet Remote Viewing
LOREX unveils the LIVE CONNECT Wireless Video Monitor with
Skype™ Internet Remote Viewing
New Home Monitoring System lets you easily keep an eye on loved ones,
pets, and more, around the house or across the world.
TORONTO, ON – (October 18, 2011) – LOREX Technology Inc. today announced the latest innovation in their line of
plug & play home video monitors, the LOREX® LIVE CONNECT. The first in its series, the LIVE CONNECT (LW2031)
is an easy-to-use portable home monitor that features remote viewing over the Internet using Skype. Users can log
onto Skype and access the camera from anywhere in world. This breakthrough product is the first of its kind to carry
the Plugged Into Skype™ designation. The LIVE CONNECT is a unique monitoring solution for home and away use,
and is positioned to have instant appeal to the massive worldwide user base of Skype – if you can use Skype, you can
With LIVE CONNECT, there’s no need to leave your local computer on or have Skype running in order to access your
camera from another location. When the Lorex LIVE CONNECT Gateway is plugged into your home router it
automatically connects to the Skype server. The Gateway and connected cameras now become a Skype “contact.”
Users simply login to Skype and place a free call to the camera, similar to how they would connect to another Skype
user. Connect via Skype from PC, Mac, iPhone™, iPad™, or iPad 2™.
When at home, the LIVE CONNECT system also includes a convenient handheld monitor. Video and audio
transmission between the camera and handheld monitor is private, secure, and will not conflict with other household
wireless devices. At those magic moments, LIVE CONNECT enables families to take snapshots and record video
using the handheld monitor, which can then be copied to a computer and shared on popular social networking sites.
“The LIVE CONNECT is a groundbreaking leap in simplified home monitoring,” said Reuben Klein, chief executive
officer of LOREX Technology Inc. “It lets users see and connect with their home environment easily through the power
of Skype. Simply connected, simply aware, parents can check on their children while at work and grandparents out-oftown can see their grandchildren at any time. LIVE CONNECT offers real monitoring features and can bring families
and friends closer together.”
The LOREX LIVE CONNECT Wireless Video Monitor is a recipient of the Design & Engineering Innovations Award at
the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. It includes a portable wireless color camera with automatic night vision, an
expandable 4 channel gateway, and a compact 2.4” LCD handheld monitor. The system will be available on
Amazon.com and other major online retailers. For more information, visit www.lorextechnology.com .
About LOREX Technology Inc.:
LOREX Technology Inc. (TSXV:LOX) offers connected video security camera systems that are ideal for home and
business owners, parents, caregivers, and anyone else who needs to watch over the people and property that matter
in their lives. With a heritage of industry firsts, the company pioneered do-it-yourself video surveillance systems that
deliver awareness and peace of mind. Our LIVE and VANTAGE lines of video surveillance and monitoring systems
are available at thousands of retail stores across North America and online at major e-tailers.
LOREX subsidiaries include; LOREX Canada Inc., LOREX Corporation and Strategic Vista Corporation Limited, Hong
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