MGD-2002 Multi-Gas Leak Locator Brochure

MGD-2002 Multi-Gas Leak Locator Brochure
Model MGD-2002
Multi-Gas Leak Locator
Leak detection made easy is the premise behind the
Dielectric MGD-2002 Multi-gas Detector. Through the use
of a common tracer gas such as Helium or Hydrogen,
leaks in most pressurized systems can be located with
pinpoint accuracy.
Proven successes have been demonstrated for many
disciplines such as Telecom’s, Municipalities, Building
Contractors, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, Tank
Inspectors and many more.
Whether you’re identifying leaks in underground tanks,
pipes, cable or tracing a leak in almost any pressurized
system. The MGD-2002 has the sensitivity you’ll need to
accurately and efficiently locate the leak. The MGD-2002
performs equally well with either Helium or Hydrogen*
used as a tracer gas.
Helium is non-polluting, non-reacting and safe to use,
making it the ideal tracer gas when applied to critical
systems. In addition, the sensitivity of the MGD allows
Helium to be mixed with ambient air in large volume
systems further reducing the cost of use.
Convenient and easy to use, the MGD-2002 is designed
for one-handed operation of all functions. Equipped with a
tactile membrane keypad, all selections are easily
confirmed with a distinctive “click” and the backlit display
can be viewed in all light conditions. The MGD-2002 is
supplied with a built-in headphone jack for use with the
audio indicator.
The MGD-2002 is equipped with a rechargeable Ni- MH
battery pack that provides over 8 hours of use per charge.
Operating life can be further extended with an additional
battery, available as an accessory that can be installed in
seconds. In addition, the Multi-Gas Detector can be
recharged with the AC or car adaptors included in the kit.
With only a 30 second Power-On Self Test the Multi- Gas
Detector is ready to go when you are!
Model MGD-2002
Multi-Gas Leak Locator
Pinpoint accuracy with sensitivity from 25 PPM up to 100% concentration
Operates in automatic (survey) mode or manual mode
Utilizes either Helium or Hydrogen* as a tracer gas Field
replaceable moisture removing cartridge in wand
Lightweight, telescoping ground probe with boot
Rapid charging Ni-MH battery with AC and car adaptors
Leak Locating Applications
Industrial Air/Gas/Liquid Piping Systems
Welds, Joints, Seams, Gaskets
Aircraft Oxygen Systems
Electronics Chip Doping
Medical Device Testing
Tactile Membrane Keypad
Backlit LCD Display
Moisture Indicator in Wand
Field Replaceable Battery
Headphone Jack for Audible Monitoring
Time-lapse Bar Graph Display
Serial Port Output (optional)
Refrigeration System
Under Slab or Buried Piping Systems
Secondary Containment Systems
Buried Water Services
Radiant Heat Flooring
Direct Buried Telephone Cables
Underground Ducted Cables
Ordering Information
Part No.
MGD-2002 Multi-Gas Detector
Complete Leak Locating Kit with Case
Replacement Moisture Trap Cartridge
Spare Battery
Headphones (Not Contained in Kit)
Air Pipe Systems
Splice Cases
Municipal Water Systems
Dielectric warrants that this product shall be free
from defects in workmanship and materials for one year.
For details please see our warranty statement.
* Dielectric recommends Helium as a tracer gas since the molecular size of Helium is not significantly larger than
that of the diatomic Hydrogen molecule and Helium does not react with any other substances. However, if Hydrogen is
to be used as the tracer gas a ready-made Hydrogen dilution that is well below the OSHA approved LEL (flammability)
limit MUST be used.
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