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Map Editor
MicroGIS Editor
Features MicroGIS Editor:
1. Creation of digital vector maps and plans for the navigation software and GIS
2. Creating charts and plans for water bodies.
3. Create maps from raster images (plates, satellite imagery).
4. Creating a terrain contour according to the digital model (SRTM, DEM, DTED).
5. Creating maps with routing, taking into account the rules of the road.
6. Support full range of traffic signs.
7. Support lanes.
8. Support prohibition of traffic, including on the day of the week and time of action.
9. Support UNICODE.
10. Support different type sets (ALAN/HOLUX, GARMIN, TOPO)
11. Support custom types (Garmin TypSet).
12. Verifying a route taking into account the vehicle.
13. Convert tracks / routes / waypoints to popular formats.
14. Create maps for use in navigation devices and software GARMIN, ALAN, HOLUX,
City Guide etc.
15. Compilation maps in indoor mapping format (MGM), for use in MicroGIS Viewer.
16. Creating address database in maps.
17. Creating new objects from the known geodetic coordinates.
18. Correction maps for tracks.
19. Comparison of the maps with space images GOOGLE, Yandex, WikiMapia, Bing,
20. Adjust the position of objects on the maps by GPS (NAVSTAR).
21. Support NMEA-0183, GARMIN.
22. Automatic detection of connected GPS antenna.
23. The ability to use the editor in the preparation of maps as a subsidiary, an
intermediate, with subsequent export of the data obtained in the other map
formats. Example following the format ESRI Shape.
24. Working in an environment Microsoft Windows.
Fig. 1 Creating a digital, vector maps and plans.
Fig. 2 Creating constraints turns and lanes.
Fig. 3 Creating elements of the terrain.
Fig. 4 Working with digital elevation models.
Fig. 5 Work space images.
Fig. 6 Working with bitmaps.
Fig. 7 Handling of user routes, tracks and waypoints.
Fig. 8 Maps Preview 3D mode.
Supported data formats MicroGIS Editor
- Vector maps:
*.mp - Map Polish Format (Open mapping format)
*.ard - Alan map 600
*.crd - Alan map 500
*.lst - Alan map 500 list
*.img - Garmin MapSource map
*.ard - Holux MapRoute map
*.crd - Holux MapShow map
*.lst - Holux MapShow map list
- Raster maps:
*.ecw (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) – Open mapping format
*.jp2 (JPEG 2000) – Open mapping format
*.map – all formats supported by OziExplorer
- ON-LINE maps:
GOOGLE satellite imagery
GOOGLE relief
Yandex maps
Yandex satellite imagery
Bing (Virtual Earth) maps
Bing (Virtual Earth) satellite imagery
WikiMapia maps
Nokia Map Creator satellite imagery
- Elevation base:
*.hgt (SRTM) - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
- Tracks, waypoints, routes:
*.gdb (GDB2, GDB3) – database files to Garmin (tracks, WP, routes)
*.mps – Garmin MapSource files
*.plt - OziExplorer track
*.wpt – OziExplorer waypoints
*.rte – OziExplorer route
*.rt2 – OziExplorerCE route
*.tlg – Alan map 500 legacy track
*.trl – Alan map 500/600 tracks
*.trl – Alan map 500 OS 3x СА track
*.wpr – Alan map 500/600 waypoints
*.wrt – Alan map legacy waypoints
*.csv – GuardMagic track
*.rte – PCX5 routes
*.trk – PCX5 track
*.wpt – PCX5 waypoints
*.rgn – Garmin MapSource POI map
*.tdb – Garmin MapSource map index
*.tkl – Holux MapShow 305 track
*.trk – Holux MapShow track
*.wpo – Holux MapShow waypoints
*.wpt – Holux MapShow 305 waypoints
*.trk – Magellan MapSend track
*.wpt – Magellan MapSend waypoints
*.gpx – Garmin eXchange format
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