Manual - EDA-PDA Barcode Reader Dolphin 6100 - Quick Start - English

Manual - EDA-PDA Barcode Reader Dolphin 6100 - Quick Start - English
DolphinTM 6100 Mobile Computer
Quick Start Guide
Dolphin 6100 Mobile Computer
Out of the Box
Verify that your carton contains the following items:
Dolphin 6100 mobile computer (the terminal)
Main battery pack (3.7v, Li-ion)
AC power supply
Localized plug adapters
Note: Be sure to keep the original packaging in case you need to return the
Dolphin terminal for service; see page 5.
Dolphin 6100 Front Panel
Touch Screen
Display (screen
installed at the
Scan key
Navigation keys
Keyboard (28-key
Power key
Reset key
Dolphin 6100 Back Panel
Image Engine
Hand Strap (with Stylus)
Dolphin 6100 Right and Left-Side Panels
Headset Jack
Right Side
Left Side
Dolphin 6100 Bottom Connectors
DC Power Jack
I/O Connector
Step 1: Install the Main Battery
Ensure all components are dry prior to placing the battery in the terminal. Mating
wet components may cause damage not covered by the warranty.
We recommend use of Honeywell Li-Ion battery packs. Use of any non-Honeywell
battery may result in damage not covered by the warranty.
The 6100 is shipped with the battery packaged separate from the unit.
To install the battery, release the hand strap, remove the battery door by
turning the locks upward, insert the battery with the labels facing upward,
and replace the battery door.
Cover Locks
Main Battery
Step 2: Charge the Batteries
Dolphin terminals ship with both the main battery pack and internal
backup battery significantly discharged of power. Charge the main
battery pack with the Dolphin charging cable for a minimum of 4 or 6
hours depending on your battery before initial use.
We recommend use of Honeywell peripherals, power cables, and power adapters. Use
of any non-Honeywell peripherals, cables, or power adapters may cause damage not
covered by the warranty.
Step 3: Boot the Terminal
The terminal begins booting as soon as power is applied and runs by
itself. Do NOT press any keys or interrupt the boot process.
When the boot process is complete, the Desktop appears and the
terminal is ready for use.
Resetting the Device
Soft Reset:
Hard Reset:
Using the stylus press and release the Reset button.
This resets RAM and reloads the OS.
Using the stylus press and hold the Reset button and
then press and release the Power button. This resets
RAM, reloads the OS, and resets the Real Time Clock.
Available Dolphin 6100 Peripherals and Accessories
Dolphin HomeBase™ Device
Dolphin QuadCharger™ Device
Dolphin eBase Device
Dolphin USB Communication Cable
Technical Assistance
Contact information for technical support, product service, and repair
can be found at
Limited Warranty
Please refer to for the
warranty information.
User Documentation
Refer to for detailed user documentation or for
localized versions of this quick start.
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