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MTH650/MTH800 Portable Radio
Audio Accessories
For shoulder worn terminal:
FTN6388: Earpiece with in-line Microphone and coiled
cord, short cable
For belt worn terminal:
FTN6306: Dual Pocket Desktop Charger (requires the use
of Travel Charger WALN4092)
*WALN4092: Travel Charger (including UK and Euro plugs)
WPLN4175: Multi Unit Charger 6 pockets – Euro Plug 220V
WPLN4177: Multi Unit Charger 6 pockets – US Plug 110V
RLN5643A: Wall mounting tray for multi-unit charger
NNTN4250B: Travel Charger – US Plug
RMN5042: Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) with
2.5mm jack socket
RLN4939: Earpiece, receive only, short cable for use with
Remote Speaker Microphone
*WADN4184: Breeze Headset with Boom Microphone and
in-line Push-To-Talk (recommended only for use in
indoor normal ambient noise)
NNTN4033: Personal Hands Free Kit (ear bud with in-line
microphone and Push-To-Talk)
FTN6304: Surveillance Kit – 3-wire earpiece with
separate Microphone and Push-To-Talk
*GMMN1105: Audio bundle kit (includes receive only
earpiece for radio FTN6388, earshells WADN4223/
4224 and voice tubes NTN8370/NTN8371)
The following accessories can be used to further
personalize your communication:
GMLN1081: Audio jack adapter (kit of 10 units) (side
connector with lock function for use with any audio
accessory that plugs into the terminal audio side
connector – allows more rugged connection)
HLN9714: Spring belt clip – long 2” (requires bracket
with U-slot FTN6302)
HLN9844: Spring belt clip – short 1.5” (requires bracket
with U-slot FTN6302)
HLN9767: Wrist Strap
8586381J11: New Whip Antenna 380-430 MHz with
integrated GPS antenna (MTH800 only)
8586381J10: New Helical Antenna 380-430 MHz with
integrated GPS antenna (MTH800 only)
*FAE5528: External Roof Antenna, 380 - 400 MHz
*FAE5529: External Roof Antenna, 410 - 430 MHz
8586381J03: Helical Antenna, 380 - 400 MHz
(MTH650 only)
8586381J07: Helical Antenna, 410 - 430 MHz (MTH650 only)
8586381J06: Whip Antenna, 380 - 430 MHz (MTH650 only)
*FKN4897: RS232 Data Cable
*FLN9636: Programming Cable
NNTN4007: USB Cable (MTH800 only)
MTH500 Portable Radio
*SNN5705: 800 mAh – Lithium Ion (requires the use of
standard battery door 0102709K05)
*NNTN4655: 1500 mAh – Lithium Ion (requires the use
of extended battery door 0102709K08)
0102709K05: Standard battery door (for use with
standard battery SNN5705)
0102709K08: Extended battery door (for use with
extended battery NNTN4655)
For use with FTN6304 and FTN6388:
NTN8371: Acoustic Tube for low noise environments
(clear voice tube with rubber ear tip)
NTN8370: Acoustic Tube for extreme noise environments
(clear voice tube with foam earplug)
WADN4223: Ear shell, large with grommet insert
WADN4224: Ear shell, small with grommet insert
Carry Accessories
Shoulder Worn:
In-Vehicle Solutions
FTN6307: Digital Car Kit (kit includes cradle, junction
box, remote visor microphone, remote Velcro PTT,
external 5W speaker, installation cables, user
guide and installation manual)
*FLN9469: Vehicle Power Adapter
FTN6355: Shoulder Wearing Device (bracket with stud –
to use in conjunction with Sew-On
Dock GMDN0386A)
GMDN0386A: Sew-On Dock (from Peter Jones Ltd) The
Shoulder Wearing Device interfaces with all
female docks from Peter Jones Ltd, but is
particularly intended for use with the above
Sew-On Dock, sewn onto the uniform/clothing.
FTN6031 800 mAH Li-Ion standard with battery door
0186613T01 Standard battery door
0186239T01 Extended battery door
FLN9468 Dual Pocket Desktop Charger
In-Vehicle Solutions
FLN2850: Digital Car Kit with External
PTT (including remote
speaker, microphone and
PTT, requires separate
external antenna)
FLN9569: In-Car Passive
Cradle, with RF
connection (requires
separate external
Carry Accessories
MTP700 Portable Radio
FLN9476 Soft Leather Carry Case
FHN6246 Belt Clip
Belt Worn:
RLN4892: Hard Leather Case with swivel 3” belt loop
RLN4891: Soft Leather Case with swivel 3’’ belt loop
FTN6302: Bracket with U-slot (to use in conjunction with
belt clip HLN9714 or HLN9844)
Audio Accessories
IMPRES ™ System
FLN9568 Earbud with inline Microphone
The new Intelligent Motorola Portable Radio Energy
System consists of an IMPRES™ battery and an
IMPRES™ charger. Together they provide an automated,
intuitive, self-reliant and self-sufficient battery
maintenance system.
* Shared for MTH800 / MTH650 / MTH500
The information contained in this document may be
subject to change without further notice.
MOTOROLA, the Stylized M logo, and all other trademarks indicated as such herein are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.
All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2004.
Further significant advantages include:
• Maximizes the number of battery charge
and discharge cycles
• No “memory effect”
• Maximizes battery operating time between charges
• Batteries cover a wide range of duty cycles, from
standard to extended shifts
• Precise prediction of “end of battery life”
IMPRES ™ Single Unit Chargers
IMPRES ™ Batteries
(contain MTP700 battery adapter RLN5211)
Lithium Ion
• Approximately 30% lighter and thinner than Nickel
Metal Hydride batteries
• Environmentally friendly
• Operating temperature ranges: 0 to +45°C (while
charging battery) and -20 to +45°C (while using radio)
• Usage time per charge (assuming a 5/35/60 battery cycle):
PMNN4047: 1500 mAh Standard Battery (130 g):
up to 18 hours
WPLN4112 IMPRES Single
Unit Charger, Euro plug.
WPLN4117 IMPRES™ Single
Unit Charger, US plug.
IMPRES ™ Multi Unit Chargers
(contain MTP700 battery adapter RLN5212)
WPLN4120 IMPRES™ Multi
Unit Charger, US plug.
WPLN4109 IMPRES™ Single
Unit Charger, Euro plug.
Single Unit Chargers
(no battery reconditioning function)
WPLN4149 IMPRES™ Lite Single Unit Charger, US plug.
WPLN4150 IMPRES™ Lite Single Unit Charger, Euro plug.
Nickel Metal Hydride
• FM approved model for intrinsically safe
• Operating temperature ranges: +5 to
+45°C (while charging battery) and
-30 to +60°C (while using radio)
Usage time per charge (assuming a 5/35/60
battery cycle):
PMNN4048: 1200 mAh Battery (200g): up
to 16 hours
PMNN4049: 1150 mAh FM approved
Battery (200 g): up to 15 hours
MTP700 Portable Radio
Audio Accessories
A range of audio accessories brings key portable radio
functionalities directly to the user’s ears and fingertips,
simplifying radio communication and constantly keeping the
professional user in touch with the rest of the team.
Enhanced Remote Speaker Microphone
with 3.5 mm jack socket
Robust omni-directional microphone with
enhanced remote functionalities such as:
• Vibrating call alert
• Two programmable buttons
• Emergency button
• Push to Talk PTT
• Manual volume control
The microphone includes a 3.5 mm jack socket to allow for
the connection of discreet earpieces. With the earpiece
attached, Duplex Call answering (once programmed in radio)
provides the end user with simultaneous voice transmission
and reception. Without an earpiece, Duplex Call answering
requires the use of the PTT on the radio or the microphone.
RMN5011 with short coiled cord (approximately 35 cm)
RMN5012 with long coiled cord (approximately 70 cm)
Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5 mm jack socket
This noise-cancelling microphone is particularly suited to high
noise environments. With coiled cord (approximately 35 cm),
it is an economic and easy to use audio solution. The 3.5 mm
jack socket allows for the connection of discreet earpieces.
These remote speaker microphones can be used with the
following audio accessories:
Receive Only Earbud with 3.5 mm
jack and coiled cord
Very light and discreet, the earbud is extremely
comfortable. It can be worn for extended periods of
time, ensuring constant and private radio message
awareness without restricting head movements. Replaceable foam ear cushions are
available. Use with both enhanced remote
speaker microphone with 3.5 mm jack socket
(RMN5011 / RMN5012) and remote speaker
microphone with 3.5 mm jack socket RMN5013.
Earpiece with Separate Microphone and PTT
Ideal when radio communication requires
added covertness. PTT button fits easily
in the palm of the hand while the clip-on
microphone can be discreetly and
securely attached inside a collar. The
comfortable earpiece is best suited to
private listening in quiet environments.
ENMN4014 3-wire, black
ENMN4017 3-wire, beige
Acoustic Tube with Clear Voicetube
Compatible with the above mentioned discreet earpieces,
the acoustic tube provides enhanced covertness and
comfort. It is ideal for noisy environments, crowd control
and outside events. Replaceable foam and rubber ear tips
are available for enhanced hygiene. Use with earpieces
MDRMN4028/MDRMN4021, MDRMN4029/MDRMN4022
and ENMN4014/ ENMN4017
NTN8370 with earplug foam (extreme noise kit)
NTN8371 with rubber ear tips (low noise kit).
Can be further enhanced with clear ear inserts:
Right ear:
Left ear:
RLN4760 (small)
RLN4763 (small)
RLN4761 (medium)
RLN4764 (medium)
RLN4762 (large)
RLN4765 (large)
These comfortable earshells allow secure fitting around the
ear. They are compatible with all Motorola original
earpieces to provide smart and professional appearance.
WADN4223 large size (with grommet insert)
WADN4224 small size (with grommet insert)
Lightweight Headset with Boom Microphone
and In-line PTT
This light and comfortable headset has an adjustable
headband and padded earpiece. The reversible boom
microphone means it can be used on either ear while the
single earpiece allows permanent non-radio
communication awareness. It supports Duplex Call
answering once programmed in the radio.
Breeze Headset with Boom Microphone and
In-line PTT
This stylish headset, with its innovative flexible behind-thehead design, can be worn under a helmet. Light and
discreet, it supports Duplex Call answering once
programmed in the radio. The adjustable boom microphone
ensures unobtrusive two-way radio communication.
Receive Only Earpiece
Small and discreet. Particularly good when
transmission is occasional and permanent
radio message awareness is needed.
Ideal for public facing roles within the
community and hands free communications.
MDRMN4028 1-wire, black
MDRMN4021 1-wire, beige
Receive Only Earpiece with
Translucent Tube (3.5 mm jack)
For use with Basic and Enhanced Remote
Speaker Mics. Light and discrete acoustic
translucent tube. Constant and discrete
radio listening.
Earpiece with Combined Microphone and PTT
The earpiece, small and unobtrusive,
provides permanent radio message
awareness. The combined microphone/ PTT
can be concealed about the person e.g.
under a lapel, making it ideal for discreet
and comfortable radio communication.
MDRMN4029 2-wire, black
MDRMN4022 2-wire, beige
Carry Accessories
A range of carry solutions allows the MTP700 portable radio
to be used hands free and safely in the work place.
Hard Leather Case with swivel 3" belt loop
Widely used and popular, this carry case with swivel allows
quick and easy release for access to the radio’s keypad and
screen. Made from the highest quality leather, it is robust,
offering added protection for the radio.
Soft Leather Case
Cellular-style carry case, it is
very light and provides good
protection and direct access
to the radio’s screen and
keypad. Requires the use of
the belt clip HLN9714.
Belt clip for 3" belts
Slides and mounts on the back of all Motorola original
MTP700 batteries. It is a cost effective and light carry option.
Carry strap
Provides over-the-shoulder or across-the-body carrying
solution. Use with carry case PMLN4474.
MTM700 Mobile Radio
Desktop Solution
The following accessories allow mobile radio
customization over and above the standard mounting
solution. Suits professional end users’ needs and caters
for different vehicles and different dashboards. The
following accessories are required, with a choice of
mounting options available:
Offers a simple and easy-to-install “mobile in tray” option
suitable for local dispatching operations. The following
accessories are required:
High profile mounting trunnion
Provides a wide range of mounting positions.
Desktop tray without
Serves as a desktop base
unit, where the MTM700
mobile radio fits easily
and securely.
Low profile mounting trunnion
Ideal for mounting the MTM700 mobile radio in a more
confined space.
The desktop tray requires the use of an external speaker.
Remote mount kit
Allows mounting in confined spaces and offers the
possibility of disconnecting the control head from the radio
unit. The control head is mounted in a convenient and
easy-to-access location while the radio unit is mounted in
the available space in the vehicle e.g. the boot.
PMLN4492 Remote mount kit (3 m cable included)
PMLN4493 Remote mount kit (5 m cable included)
PMLN4494 Remote mount kit (7 m cable included)
PMLN4495 Remote mount expansion kit
(3 m cable included)
PMLN4496 Remote mount expansion kit
(5 m cable included)
PMLN4497 Remote mount expansion kit
(7 m cable included)
Remote mount cables are also available separately to
cater for various vehicles and mounting options.
RKN4077 Remote mount cable – 3m
RKN4078 Remote mount cable – 5m
RKN4079 Remote mount cable – 7m
External speaker 13 watts:
Ideal for receiving voice transmission in high noise
working environments. Ensures optimum acoustic
performance. Optional screw holes to allow for further
secure fitting if required.
Wrist strap
Attaches directly to the radio or to the carry case.
Use with carry case PMLN4474.
Nylon Accessories
Nylon Carry Case
Large Shoulder Harness and Case Kit
Small Shoulder Harness and Case Kit
Data Cable
Compact external speaker 5 watts:
New slim-line design. Ideal for receiving voice
transmission in standard noise working environments.
Ensures optimum acoustic performance. Optional screw
holes to allow for further secure fitting if required.
(Unsealed and not waterproof)
Required for the programming and customization of the
MTP700 portable radios.
RS232 Data Cable
Connects directly to the MTP700 portable radio. Used with
Customer Programming Software package (CPS) and for
data transfer.
Programming Cable
Programming Stand
Vehicle Accessories
These antennas provide clear and reliable communication
for all MTP700 portable radio users.
FAE6000: 380-400 MHz, 10cm helical antenna
(coded yellow)
FAE5520: 380-400 MHz, 16cm whip antenna
(coded yellow)
FAE6001: 410-430 MHz, 9cm helical
antenna (coded red)
FAE6002: 410-430 MHz, 13cm
whip antenna (coded grey)
NAF5037: 806-870 MHz, 18cm
whip antenna (coded red)
NAF5042: 806-870 MHz, 9cm
helical stubby antenna
(coded white)
Vehicle Adapter
The MTP700 vehicle adapter has been
developed specifically for users who
need to use their handportable terminal
while working inside and outside their
vehicle. Once the adapter is installed in
the vehicle, the MTP700 is transformed
into a virtual mobile radio providing invehicle battery charging, hands free
operation and extended coverage.
Vehicle Charger
Easy and quick to install. Includes
mountable pocket to insert radio and
vehicle power adapter.
In-Vehicle Solution
Key lock mount: Provides increased security by
preventing removal from the mounting bracket. Comes
complete with dashboard mounting screws and key.
Telephone style handset kit
Ergonomically designed for professionals seeking the
increased privacy of a slim line telephone style handset
with PTT. Supports both Duplex and PTT calling. Includes
two programmable buttons for added functionalities such
as: loudspeaker enable/disable and "request to send".
Comes complete with adjustable angle mounting bracket,
machine screws and hang-up cup.
Omni-directional Visor microphone
This visor microphone offers alternative operational
performance, especially designed to cater for installations
where wind outside the vehicle may blow across the
The visor microphone
requires the use of
one of the following
PTT buttons.
Remote footswitch PTT
Remotely activates the PTT function of the visor
microphone. Comes complete with mounting hardware
for the vehicle’s floor.
Push button PTT
Standard PTT button. Double-sided adhesive tape device
for convenient and flexible mounting. Comes complete
with dashboard mounting hardware.
Gooseneck PTT
Can be placed close to the steering wheel column or in a
convenient location on the vehicle’s dashboard. Enables
the user to remotely activate the microphone while driving.
Comes complete with dashboard mounting hardware.
Emergency footswitch PTT
Easily and secretly triggers emergency operation within a
Tetra system. Also remotely activates the PTT function of
the visor microphone.
Mounting of the mobile radio requires the use of one of
the following power cables:
GKN6270 12V power cable to battery with fuse (15A) - 3m
GKN6274 12V power cable to battery with fuse (20A) - 6m
HKN9327 Ignition Sense cable with fuse (3A) - 6m
The following antennas provide clear and reliable
communication for all professional users:
FAE5521 Rooftop mount 380-400 MHz
FAE6003 Rooftop mount 410-430 MHz
HAF4002 800 MHz antenna (requires BNC adapter
Specialized Accessories
GKN6272 External alarm relay
GLN7282 Buzzer kit
Desktop power supply:
Features battery revert facility in the event of mains failure
(battery not supplied).
Data Cables
Requires the use of one of the following power cables and
the DC power cable, if the MTM700 mobile radio is used
in the desktop tray.
NTN7373 Power cable (US plug)
NTN7374 Power cable (Euro plug)
Programming cable
Provides interface between the PC and mobile radio. To be
used with the CPS software.
DC power cable: Connects
the desktop power supply
to the MTM700 mobile radio
when mounted in the
desktop tray.
Desktop microphone
Suitable for local dispatch
GMNK4079 Mobile SB9600 cable
GMKN1022 Active Data Cable (for short and pocket
data transfer)
Fist microphone
Provides remote microphone and PTT for convenient onehanded mobile radio operation. Robust construction with
coiled cord for strain relief. Comes complete with hang-up
clip and mounting hardware.
Visor microphone
Slick new design, it caters for professionals working in
vehicles for extended periods of time. Comes complete with
three different mounting brackets: dashboard, sun-visor or
headlining as well as double-sided adhesive tape and
screw for enhanced stability. (Unsealed and not waterproof).
Junction Box
Connects to radio rear accessory. Provides additional
connectivity for microphones, packet and short data, KVL
keyloader, and external accessories.
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