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QX 700
Tap to Self-Service
The QX 700 is a secure, versatile contactless and NFC-enabled
payment device for vending machines and other self-service, hightransaction volume environments such as on-street parking
meters, petroleum pumps and ticketing machines. With a
powerful 32-bit RISC processor and advanced software
architecture, QX 700 provides rapid transaction speeds for all
card types, including public transportation, stored value and
other value-added applications.
32-bit ARM RISC microprocessor
Flexible Integration
MasterCard PayPass (M/Chip & mag-stripe)
Visa payWave (MSD & qVSDC)
American Express: expresspay
Discover Network Zip
Interac Flash
Mifare, Mifare+, Mifare Clasic, DESFire
Isis Smart Tap
Google Wallet
Pass-Through Mode
Card emulation mode
eets the stringent requirements of integration into vending
machines and kiosks in all market segments
an be used in all types of indoor and outdoor machines,
including vending, parking and ticketing and multimedia kiosks
odular design is highly flexible, allowing easy integration of
contactless technology to all existing VeriFone self-service
products like the Artema Modular, VX 700, MX 700 or MX 760
Speed And Ease Of Use
• Tap card or smartphone and pay instantaneously
• Intuitive, customer-friendly interfaces and LEDs drive positive
user experiences
• Approved EMV kernel reduces time to market
ultiple configurations options, including contactless only,
contactless + chip and contactless + chip and PIN
Easy Interfacing
an be connected with a single serial line using electrical
power supplied by VeriFone products
power-saving mode allows reader to be used for solar and
battery-operated applications
• Remote downloads and firmware updates
Designed for Outdoor Environment
eather-proof, scratch-resistant, UV-rated plastic enclosure
provides top-level protection against dust, liquids and other
harmful substances
• Anti-vandalism enclosure to withstand impact of up to 10 joules
w w w.v e r i f o n e . c o m
Contactless Interface
EMV Level 1 approved
ISO 14443, 13.56MHz, Type A/Type B
ISO 18092, Near Field Communication (NFC)
Connection Interface
1 x RS-232 interface including Power Supply,
compatible to VeriFone unattended products
User Interface
Illuminated contactless logo
4 green LEDs,
LED Traffic light configurable (bi-color LEDs)
Front side: 72 x 60 x 18 (WxHxD mm)
Back side: 78 x 126 x 32 (WxHxD mm)
Power Supply
8 – 43 V DC
In operation @12V: 0.24 mA (typ.), 4.3W (max)
In power saving mode: < 1.1mW
Operating Temperatures
-20° C ... +70° C (10 to 90%, non-condensing)
Antenna Housing Environment
Weather-proofed, UV-rated plastic enclosure
Protection Class: IP 65 at the outside (proper
mounting assumed)
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