Cisco | TelePresence SX20 Codec | AVZ-CA-DOC-RN-05_12152014_Avizia CA700 V2.02 Release

CA700 Release Notes V2.02
December 2014
Summary of New Features, Fixed Issues, Security Enhancements, and Known Issues
New Features
Changed name to “Avizia CA700” in the alert message windows.
Dual monitor mode (if enable) is no longer set back to Single monitor mode when the CA700 is restarted.
The “Serial Port > Login Required: Off” command is now part of the initiation setup, when the CA700 is powering on.
If the SX20 codec is restarted independently from the CA700 system, the WIL modules will reinitialize to sync with the SX20 codec.
Factory defaulting the SX20 codec will set serial port login required to “Off” and automatically restart codec within 60 seconds to
ensure setting and the WIL modules will reinitialize to sync with the codec.
Supports Cisco Telepresence SX20 codec software TC6.3.0.3d8e7d1, TC7.1.x to TC7.2.x.
NOTE: Cisco SX20 TC6.3.1, TC6.3.2, and TC6.3.3 software are not recommend for the CA700.
Please refer to Avizia support portal for the Avizia User Installation Guide (AVZ-CA-DOC-UIG-04) and Firmware
Upgrade Instructions on the CA700.
Information on the Cisco Telepresence SX20 codec software please refer to the TC7 release notes at.
Fixed Issues
When the CA700 is in Main Video Mode and Presentation is selected from the remote control, the main camera and the presentation
video source are transmitted. Main Video Mode is still available when a video source is selected from the interface panel on the CA700
or from the video source softkeys on the top of the remote control.
When the Avizia Horus Scope is connected to the USB port for charging the WIL-A module LED will now flash four times. It no longer
flashes constantly.
Security Enhancements
Known Issues
The system will not start if the battery is missing or battery voltage falls below 10V.
The Cisco SX20 requires 30 seconds to save the single / dual monitor mode settings. If the system is restarted within 30 seconds, the
single / dual monitor settings will not be saved.
To ensure full functionality of the Avizia products when registering to Cisco UCM (CUCM) the following settings must be configured
when adding an Avizia system to CUCM. When adding a new phone in CUCM, set the “Serial Port Login Required” to “Off” under the
“Serial Port Settings.” This is required for the Avizia products to operate correctly; CUCM has this setting to “On” by default.
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