510-0041 billet alum ra kit for xwedge
Instruction 510-0041
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Installation Instructions: Billet Aluminum Rocker Arm Kit
for X-Wedge® Engines
P/N 900-0213
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and toxic when breathed. Do not smoke. Perform installation in a well
ventilated area away from open flames or sparks.
•• If motorcycle has been running, wait until engine and exhaust pipes
have cooled down to avoid getting burned before performing any
installation steps.
•• Before performing any installation steps disconnect battery to eliminate
potential sparks and inadvertent engagement of starter while working
on electrical components.
•• Read instructions thoroughly and carefully so all procedures are
completely understood before performing any installation steps.
Contact S&S with any questions you may have if any steps are unclear or
any abnormalities occur during installation or operation of motorcycle
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disassembly and reassembly procedures for any parts that need to be
removed to facilitate installation.
•• Use good judgment when performing installation and operating
motorcycle. Good judgment begins with a clear head. Don’t let
alcohol, drugs or fatigue impair your judgment. Start installation when
you are fresh.
•• Be sure all federal, state and local laws are obeyed with the installation.
•• For optimum performance and safety and to minimize potential
damage to carb or other components, use all mounting hardware that is
provided and follow all installation instructions.
•• Motorcycle exhaust fumes are toxic and poisonous and must not be
breathed. Run motorcycle in a well ventilated area where fumes can
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properly so as to not cause further damage and be returned prepaid to S&S
with a copy of the original invoice of purchase and a detailed letter outlining
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the time of failure. If after an evaluation has been made by S&S and the part
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(1) S&S shall have no obligation in the event an S&S part is modified by any
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(4) S&S parts are designed exclusively for use in Harley-Davidson® and other
American v-twin motorcycles. S&S shall have no warranty or liability obligation
if an S&S part is used in any other application.
The safety of the motorcycle rider is dependent of proper installation of this product. If you are not certain of your capabilities or do
not have the correct tools for this installation, please consult a shop to have it done. Improper installation of this product could result
in injury or death to the rider.
Kit Contents:
X-Wedge® Billet Aluminum Rocker Arm Kit Part Number 900-0213
Part Number
Tools needed:
Billet Aluminum Rocker Arm
•­­­ 1/4" Allen wrench
Rocker Arm Stud
•­­­ 5/32" Allen wrench
Pushrod Set (4pcs)
•­­­ 3/8" 12 point socket
Rocker Arm Pedestal Stand
•­­­ 7/16" 12 point wrench
Adjusting Screw 5/16" cup
•­­­ 1/2" socket
Jam Nut 5/16" 12 point
•­­­ Ratchet
Jam Nut 3/8" 12 point
Loctite® 262 Red 5mL
•­­­ Stud remover/installer
•­­­ Ft.-lb Torque Wrench
NOTES: The intake pushrods may need additional clearance to the cylinder head. Follow steps 1 thru 14 to mock up the rocker arm assembly to determine if clearance is required. If the engine is still in the chassis, secure the motorcycle on a suitable work stand or lift. Disconnect the negative
battery terminal and secure away from the battery. Remove the fuel tank and necessary bodywork to gain access to the top of the engine. If
the engine is out of the chassis, bolt the engine to a work stand and secure to the bench.
1. Remove the spark plugs.
2. Remove the rocker box covers
3. Starting on the front cylinder, rotate the engine so that both valves are in the closed position (TDC compression).
4. Remove the two 5/16" nuts and washers that secure the steel rocker arms. See Picture 1, below left
5.Remove the rocker arm supports, rocker arms, rocker arm alignment channel and pushrods. Only the alignment channel will be re-used.
See Picture 2, below right.
Picture 1
Picture 2
6.Using a suitable stud remover, remove both studs from the cylinder head. See Picture 3.
Picture 3
7.Apply Loctite® 262 to the 7/16" threads of the new studs and install using a suitable stud installer. Torque to 30 ft-lbs.See Picture 4, below
left. Make sure that there aren’t any of the 7/16" diameter threads showing above the surface of the rocker arm pad. See Picture 4a, below
right. This situation will cause the rocker arm alignment channel to not sit flat on the head.
Picture 4
Picture 4a
8. Place the rocker arm alignment channel over the studs. Make sure it is sitting flat against the head. See Picture 5 below.
Picture 5
9.Place a rocker arm pedestal on each stud. Make sure the pedestal sits flat in the channel (A). If the pedestal does not fit, carefully remove
small amounts of material from the sides (B) of the pedestal until it fits squarely into the groove. See Picture 6 below.
Picture 6
10.Install the new pushrods into the pushrod tubes making sure they seat properly into the lifters. See Picture 7 below.
Picture 7
NOTE: The tapered end of the pushrod faces up toward the rocker arms. The new intake and exhaust pushrods are the same length and can be installed
in any location.
11.Install the adjuster screws into the rocker arms. Thread the adjuster screws all the way into the body until the adjuster cup end contacts the
rocker arm body. See Picture 8, below left.
12.Install the intake and exhaust rocker arms onto the studs, the flat portion of the rocker arm fulcrum should be pointing up and the curved
lower surface will sit against the pedestal. Make sure the pushrod end is under the adjusting screw.
13.Install the 5/16", 12 point nut to temporarily fasten down the rocker arms. See Picture 9, below right.
Picture 8
Picture 9
14.Tighten the adjusting screw to remove lash in the rocker arm. See Picture 10 below.
Picture 10
15.Confirm the clearance between the intake pushrod and the cylinder head. See Picture 11, below left. It may be necessary to remove some
material from the cylinder head to gain additional clearance. See Picture 12, below right. If this procedure is necessary, remover the rocker
arms, pedestals, alignment channel and pushrods. Place a rag down the pushrod tubes to block metal shavings and sufficiently cover the
rest of the engine.
Picture 11
Picture 12: Close up of clearance cut made for intake pushrods
16.Thoroughly clean the area when finished.
17.Re-install the pushrods, alignment bar, pedestals and rocker arms.
18.Apply Loctite® 262 to the 5/16", 12 point nut and install on the stud. Tighten to 30 ft-lbs.
19.Tighten the adjuster screw until the lash is removed. After this point, tight the adjuster screw an additional 2 full turns.
20.Install the 3/8" 12 point to lock the adjuster screw and torque to 26 ft-lb.
21.Allow the lifters to bleed down for 15 minutes before rotating engine.
22.Repeat procedure for rear cylinder.
Picture 13
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