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Nutanix MapReduce Deduplication Capacity Summary
Achieve up to 10x Capacity Optimization
with MapReduce Deduplication
MapReduce Deduplication is a powerful post-process deduplication capability that can significantly boost the effective capacity of a
cluster. Unlike deduplication in traditional storage arrays, MapReduce Deduplication is highly distributed and automatically runs on all
nodes in the cluster. As nodes are added to the cluster, the deduplication functionality also linearly scales out.
Data is rapidly fingerprinted at the time it is written with a strong SHA-1 hash. The hashing process leverages performance acceleration
offered by Intel processors for SHA-1. All nodes in the cluster run a background task scanning for fingerprints stored in their local
cluster metadata. Through use of MapReduce redundant copies of data is eliminated in the storage capacity tier. MapReduce
Deduplication, together with real-time performance deduplication already available in the system for the performance tier makes the
Virtual Computing Platform ideal for persistent virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments and private cloud workloads.
Deduplication Results
Deduplication ratios vary based upon the type and nature of data.
The chart shows typical results expected with the Virtual Computing Platform.
Deduplication Ratios
All results assume that light to mediums workloads are being used for each use case.
We also assume no 3rd party products\API’s are being used to optimize space like
linked clones or VAAI across a common operating system.
Use Case
Assumed VM Density per Node
75 - 125
Private Cloud Workloads*
30 - 60
*Private Cloud sizing taken from
Benefits of Scale-Out Deduplication
Unlike traditional storage solutions that can be bottlenecked at the controller level, Nutanix N-Controller model isn’t impacted as the
cluster grows in size delivering many benefits:
• No ripping and replacing controller heads as the dataset grows.
• Low overhead through only scanning metadata instead of the whole dataset.
• Provides the benefits of clones for environments where cloning wasn’t an option and eliminates
the complexity and support of maintaining 3rd party options.
• Intelligently focusing on OS and Application data that yields high results.
• Reduce the impact and time of Physical to Virtual & Virtual to virtual machine migrations.
• Hypervisor agnostic
Nutanix MapReduce Deduplication Capacity Summary
Efficient Use of Resources
Contrary to traditional approaches which utilize background scans, requiring the data to be re-read, Nutanix performs the fingerprint
in-line on ingest. Duplicate data in the capacity tier the data does not need to be scanned or re-read, essentially duplicate copies can
be removed.
Write I/O
Streams of data are
fingerprinted for efficient
dedupability and stored in the
cluster metadata. Fingerprints
are used for Inline and
MapReduce Deduplication.
VM 1
Read I/O
Only a single instance of
the shared VM data is pulled
into the cache upon read.
Persistent Storage
Figure 1 - One Nutanix node creating and saving fingerprints for MapReduce Dedupe
Frequently changing data even if it has the corresponding fingerprints computed will not be deduped until it’s hasn’t been written to for over
an hour. This eliminates under undo stress on repeating work that will not have much value. Deduplication jobs also are throttled so running
workloads are not affected.
MapReduce Deduplication is available in Pro and Ultimate editions and compliments inline deduplicaion from the Starter Edition. Simply by
tuning MapReduce Dedupe on the cluster you can start to work where inline dedupe left off and achieve up to 10X more capacity.
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