Office 2016 Fact Sheet

Office 2016 Fact Sheet
The all-new Office 2016
Do your best work—anywhere, anytime and with anyone.
Modern desktop productivity
New versions of classic
Do your best work,
anywhere, anytime
Made for teamwork
Easily share, present, and work
Windows desktop
Access your docs from
together on projects with built-in
applications—Word, Excel,
any device, whenever and
collaboration tools—it’s easy to
PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook,
wherever you need them, with
get everyone on the same page.
Publisher, and Access—built for
OneDrive cloud storage.
maximum productivity.
Powerful new features
Collaboration made easier
Tell Me saves you the time of looking for a
specific function in the Ribbon—just type what
you want to do.
Simplified sharing and collaboration so you
can invite others to review and edit your
docs, manage who has access, and see who
you’re working with, all in one place.
Pick up where you left off no matter which
device or app you’re using.
Natural input using touch gestures, and digital
ink so you can jot notes or use annotations.
New themes to give Office apps a fresh look or
provide an experience that’s easier on the eyes.
Improved version history allows you to
browse or go back to earlier drafts as your
team edits or changes your docs.
Your favorite applications
just got better!
Real-time co-authoring lets you
see everyone’s edits as they happen.
Smart Lookup lets you fact check
or look up terms without leaving your
Six new modern charts and graphs let
you explore and tell stories with your
data, and Recommend Charts makes it
easy to select one that best matches
your data.
One-click Forecasting to visualize future
trends with one click
Make great looking slides with Smart
Guides and the eyedropper tool for
perfect alignment and colors.
Improved conflict resolution simplifies
Modern attachments makes it easy to
attach and share files from your PC or
OneDrive and automatically configure
permission for recipients.
Clutter saves you time by moving lower
priority messages out of your way and
into a new Clutter folder.
People suggestions in search make
finding mail easier by recommending
people you communicate with regularly.
How to get it
Goes where you
go for all your
Home & Business
All the latest
Excel, PowerPoint,
OneNote, Outlook, and
Install Office on all
your devices—
Windows, iOS and
Home & Student
Modern productivity for one device.
1 TB One Drive
cloud storage so
you can store all
your stuff and access
it anywhere.
The latest
Excel, PowerPoint,
OneNote, Outlook.*
Install on one
desktop or laptop.
*Outlook only with Home & Business
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