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The Qt Room Control can be used to adjust the sound masking
level with six discrete level selections (including off) for an
individual room or space with 2-8 emitters (e.g. Patient Rooms,
Private Offices or Conference Rooms). This wall mounted
volume control unit is designed to work with any QtPro sound
masking control module. It installs easily in new or existing
construction and fits in any standard single gang electrical box.
The Qt Room Control can easily be added to an existing CSM
Sound Masking installation to provide room based volume
control. For more information, refer to the Qt Room Control’s
Installation and Operations Guide.
All QtPro control modules support 60 emitters per run. When you add Qt Room Controls to control
the masking volume in any room you reduce the number of emitters allowed on the run - 1 less
emitter for each Qt Room Control added. E.g. a single run can support 20 patient rooms - each with
2 Qt emitters and 1 Qt Room Control for a total of 60 connected devices. When using Qt Room
Controls, each run can support up to 60 connected devices (emitters or Qt Room Controls). The
QtRC features a six position switch that adjusts the sound masking volume nominally in 2.5 dBA
decrements from the room's maximum sound masking volume setting. Specifically, from left to right,
the switch positions are as follows: -12.5 dBA/off, -10.0 dBA, -7.5 dBA, -5.0 dBA, -2.5 dBA, and 0.0
dBA. 1
Dimensions: W x H x D
1.6” x 4.1” x 3.0”
(4.0 cm x 10.4 cm x 7.6 cm)
5.6 oz (158.75 grams)
Power Requirements
Input/Output Wire
CAT 3, 5, 6 cables
Impedance Protection
Protects up to 8 emitters
Mounting Configuration
Standard single duplex electrical box
Volume Increments
Nominally in 2.5 dBA decrements
from -12.5 dBA to 0.0 DBA
3x RJ45 jacks (3x RJ45 Jacks.
INPUT (from control module or
previous room) : Use IN/ODD
OUTPUT to next room : Use
OUT/EVEN Connect Emitters in
Room : Use ROOM)
Price List Code
The Qt Room Control installs in a single gang box with a stainless steel faceplate and silk screened graphics.
All power is supplied from the control module, so only CAT cables in and out are required. There are no
special grounding requirements for this unit.
The switch on the back of the Qt Room
Control (shown above) controls the lowest
volume setting the knob on the front is able
to produce. Depending on which direction
the switch is toggled, the lowest setting on
the knob is either 12 dBA or completely off.
This switch must be toggled prior to
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